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In 1969, just a few months before humans completed the moon landing initiative, Zenith launched the world’s first integrated self-winding chronograph movement, El Primero. In the same year, a team of world-renowned rock bands also took a new step on their glorious journey. To commemorate this meaningful year, ZENITH specially launched the new El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones to pay tribute to the Rolling Stones watch.

ZENITH pays tribute to the Rolling Stones with the new El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones

ZENITH innovative design, leading the way
In 1865, three thousand farmers were living a peaceful life in the small Swiss town of Le Locle in the mountains of Neuchâtel. In the winter season, they will change and engage in different watchmaking tasks to ensure income. The young Georges Favre-Jacot is an outstanding entrepreneur. Although he was only 22 years old, he had already conceived a new concept: bringing all watchmaking techniques under the same roof to create a complete watch production chain to simplify the production process. That’s how he founded the world’s first truly modern watch factory in just a few years. Georges Favre-Jacot has a forward-looking vision, revolutionizing the tradition of measuring time in a revolutionary way, and deeply infecting every employee of the brand with infinite creativity. This idea then became one of ZENITH’s traditional characteristics: the spirit of innovation. Guided by this spirit, the Zenith Watch Factory has won more than 300 patents, launched more than 600 movements, and won 2,333 timekeeping awards in the next century and a half. . It is also with this innovative spirit that the watchmaker developed the first integrated self-winding chronograph movement at 36,000 times per hour in 1969-El Primero. To this day, it is still an industry classic. This movement not only creates a series, but also brings endless power to many watch masterpieces. The sincere friendship between ZENITH and The Rolling Stones is only manifested through a legend in the history of contemporary watchmaking. In the light of the stars, the brand designed the new El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones to pay tribute to the Rolling Stones, limited to 1,000 pieces.

 El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones pays tribute to the legendary band-The Rolling Stones

When the stars gather
 One is a watchmaking star that created the El Primero movement in 1969, and the other is a well-known British rock star. The two stars met here, and each other regretted it. Who said that watchmakers and rock stars couldn’t have the same idea? Pleasant, fearless, orthodox, these three concepts launched the legend of the watch factory in 1865, and created the band’s glory in 1962. Five young musicians walked together and the legendary band was born. Talent is the foundation of the band: Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts quickly entered the music scene with unique genres. Times made heroes, and in the early 1960s, pop music and rock music swept England. Later, rock music was in an alternative style, forming a strong contrast with pop music, and the band was evenly divided with The Beatles. The uniqueness of the band’s work also played an important role in their success: songs such as ‘I can’t get no (satisfaction)’ released in 1965 and ‘Angie’ released in 1973 have become popular Classic tracks. The band quickly gained worldwide fame and the legend began. Even if more than 50 years have passed, the classics will never go out of style. The Rolling Stones will hold a total of 15 North American touring concerts this year, 14 of which will be performed in the United States. It will be the first to kick off in San Diego on May 24, and will be held in Quebec, Canada Terminal.
A watch full of rock style
El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones pays tribute to the classic watches of the watch factory 40 years ago: it not only adhering to the brand’s unique style elements, but also subtly adds a modern sense And rocky deep shades. The simple and masculine design of the watch is the crystallization of the essence of ZENITH watchmaking. The titanium case is coated with DLC, and the hollow lugs are inspired by another classic model of this series-the El Primero Lightweight watch. Like all models with a skeleton design, this watch is equipped with an El Primero 4061 self-winding chronograph movement that has been certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC). The skeleton design at 11 o’clock will The watch’s speed-regulating device shows off. Launched in 2003, this design has become a classic of the brand. To match the unique design of the El Primero series, the watchmaker re-engineered the movement structure, moving the balance wheel and hairspring to the side of the watch. In addition, The Rolling Stones pays tribute to the Rolling Stones watch’s escapement fork and escapement balance with innovative materials such as silicon. In fact, silicon is stronger and lighter than steel, has excellent durability, does not absorb too much energy, and therefore has a smaller coefficient of friction. Silicon is also anti-magnetic, avoiding all kinds of problems related to lubrication. The shape of the pointer resembles the neck of a Fender Telecaster guitar used by band member Keith Richards, and the brand’s guitars are well known. The watch’s chronograph dial is decorated with a snail-shaped pattern. The 30-minute and 12-hour disc-shaped chronograph dials are located at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively, reminiscent of vinyl records, creating a perfect sense of harmony for the watch. In addition, El Primero Rolling Stones pays tribute to the Rolling Stones. The watch still retains accurate chronograph functions. The bezel flange is printed with 300 scale indicators, which can accurately time in one-fifth of a second. The central seconds hand is decorated with a star-shaped counterweight. Like the chronograph hands and the small seconds at 9 o’clock, the end of the central seconds hand is also embellished with bright red to ensure clear reading.
El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones The Tribute to the Rolling Stones watch also reproduces another major feature of this series: the bezel is delicate and elegant, and cleverly surrounds the surface. The curved crystal glass is slightly protruding, allowing the light to be projected obliquely to the surface, making reading more clear and convenient. The rubber strap is covered with Barenia calfskin and the black tri-fold clasp with PVD coating. The watch is decorated with the unique colors of the band and its country: the artisan uses hot stamping to print the band’s logo (tongue shape) on the leather and the pattern of the British flag.

 El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones with El Primero 4061 self-winding movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC)

The pendulum seal engraved the band’s famous red tongue logo and the words ‘The Rolling Stones Edition’. Through the transparent crystal glass case back, the pendulum movement posture can be seen at a glance. The watch box includes a lining box embellished with the band’s handwritten logo and the ZENITH logo, and a box covered with leather and decorated with a red tongue tag. The box is also designed in red, which echoes the main colors of this piece. El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones Tribute to the Rolling Stones Limited edition of 1,000 pieces.
El Primero calibre
On January 10, 1969, ZENITH launched the world’s first integrated self-winding chronograph movement. Although the birth of the El Primero movement originated from a simple concept, it has been in the market for seven years, and has created two major innovations worldwide. It is not only the first chronograph movement with a non-modular design concept, but also the most accurate movement in the world. It has a high vibration frequency of 36,000 times per hour, which reflects accurate timekeeping in tenths of a second. The performance of this movement echoes its name perfectly, and it quickly became a classic of contemporary fine watchmaking. In addition to these outstanding performances, it also has an extraordinary quality that can adapt to various extreme environments: whether it is fixed on the landing gear of a Boeing 707 aircraft flying from Paris to New York, or free fall from the stratosphere with Felix Baumgartner to break the speed of sound It all passed various tests perfectly.

El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tribute to The Rolling Stones limited edition 1,000 pieces

In addition, the El Primero movement has two other outstanding technical features that are rare in contemporary times. Its design concept is based on the high-quality chronograph component-the column wheel-that was introduced in the nineteenth century: it can handle the start, stop and zeroing of the chronograph at the same time by pressing a button. The guide post wheel consists of a ratchet (gear) with a triangular saw tooth and a guide post. It is made of extremely hard steel and has a hard texture that can effectively resist the wear caused by daily operations. The second major feature of the prototype movement is its unique lubrication technology. Under the influence of the high vibration frequency of the balance wheel, the lubricating oil of the escapement is centrifuged, which will adversely affect the normal operation of the machine. To solve this problem, the movement uses unique dry lubrication technology for the first time.
It has been beating continuously in ZENITH’s El Primero series and many other series, and it has also evolved with the times. It has won numerous awards over the years by adding a variety of complex functions and mechanical mechanisms. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the brand, in order to demonstrate the brand’s unwavering conviction of excellence, all El Primero movements used with skeleton designs or tourbillon models will pass the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) certification . In addition to the rigorous standards of the ZENITH watch factory, this independent agency also carefully tests non-assembly movements through a number of testing procedures and standards. After passing the test, the oscillating weight of the movement will be engraved with ‘Certified Chronometer’.

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