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Why Did Montblanc Release The 1858 Series After The Villeret Series?

Not long ago (October 20th), Richemont Group brand Montblanc has launched a brand new series-1858 Collection, which is a brand created by Minerva in 1858. ) The second series specially created by the movement factory for high-end watchmaking tradition can be seen from the fact that Montblanc values ​​the watchmaking tradition and Minerva plays an important role for the brand.

Montblanc 1858 series (chronograph is also available in steel)

   Since 2006, when the Minerva movement factory was taken over by Montblanc, Montblanc’s road to fine watchmaking finally has a solid backing, which has also greatly enhanced Montblanc’s status as a ‘river’. However, it is slightly strange that Montblanc has previously released the Villeret series (intriguingly, the original name was Villeret 1858 and later changed it) in order to inherit the excellent watchmaking craftsmanship and tradition of the Minerva movement factory. Want to set up a new series in a similar direction?
Respect for heritage

Montblanc Le Locle Watch Factory
   Montblanc has two watch factories, one in Le Locle and the other is the Minerva movement factory located in the small town of Villeret in the Jura Valley. (Note: The movement factory has been renamed Villeret movement factory since its incorporation into Montblanc. To Minerva Movement Factory). The two work separately and cooperate with each other. The Lelock watch factory is mainly engaged in the assembly of watches and movements, the production of movements and parts, and the inspection of watches. The Villeret movement factory is mainly engaged in the development and production of advanced movements and watches. Of course Le Locle Watch Factory also develops and produces advanced and complex movements, such as Montblanc’s Nicholas Kies series watches, but the main force responsible for the development of advanced movements is still the Villeret movement factory, and this is the key to Montblanc’s rising status Where. From this point of view, Montblanc specially sets up a series that inherits the watchmaking tradition and precision technology of the Minerva movement factory, which is very necessary.

Former Minerva Movement Factory
   As we all know, the Minerva Movement Factory was established in 1858, but the name was changed to Miverva (the name of the goddess of wisdom Athena in ancient Greek mythology) was in 1929, after undergoing multiple name changes in the middle. In 1902, the watch factory began to involve the watch design and the production of most key components. In 1909, the first watch was released, so Minerva was not actually a mere movement factory. What made Minerva famous is the No.20 mechanical chronograph movement released by the watch factory in 1923. This movement has a column-wheel chronograph structure, and its performance has been greatly recognized. Since then, the watch factory has become famous. Yuan Yang became the official timepiece of the Winter Olympics in 1936. In the following historical trends, Minerva movements have been favored, including Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe and other well-known first-line brands, as well as some brands that no longer exist. Therefore, it is not surprising that whenever we mention Minerva, we can’t help but think of its chronograph movement.

Minerva chronograph movement used by Panerai

Continuing aesthetic standards
    Of course, there are reasons for the popularity of Minerva movements. From the perspective of the movement itself, there are two reasons: good structure and good workmanship. From the many antique watches equipped with Minerva chronograph movements appearing on the auction market, we can find many traces. The structure of Minerva’s manual chronograph movement is full of layers. The splint and pusher are rich in lines. The entire movement does not have a large large splint to block the beauty of the movement. In addition, the timing control is smooth and accurate. Even the movements developed by many brands today cannot be compared with them in terms of aesthetics or structure. This is also why watches equipped with NOS (New Old Stock) Minerva chronograph movements are so popular, and good-quality antique watches are one of the reasons. In terms of craftsmanship, the Minerva movement is exquisitely crafted. These beautiful arcs were not made by the lathe at that time. Many of them had to be modified by time-consuming and manual polishing to achieve the ideal arc. This is exactly why it is not only liked, but also respected and treasured.

Manually adjusted hairspring

Watchmaker at Villeret
   When the Minerva movement was included in the Richemont Group, every brand in the group had the opportunity to fight for the factory to be owned by it, and after a period of competition, it finally fell into the hands of Montblanc. The facts have also proved this measure Great success. Today, the Minerva movement factory still maintains the original excellent watchmaking tradition. There are only a few CNC machines in the watch factory to stamp the prototype parts. After that, the most important processes are still completed by hand. For example, the hairspring is only used by machinery. The operation is controlled to 85% of the correct size, and the remaining 15% is processed by hand. The end curve of the hairspring is manually completed by its watchmaker. Therefore, it can achieve details that cannot be achieved by mechanical processing, achieving a high balance of quality and aesthetics. . Each year, the factory produces only a few hundred watches (only 250 in 2009), each of which is a masterpiece of master craftsmanship, which also gives us the opportunity to experience the mechanical essence of Menela again.

Montblanc 1858 chronograph

   As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the essence of Minerva’s watchmaking spanning 157 years has been perfectly reflected in the Villeret series. So what is the new 1858 series? In fact, the focus of the Villeret series is not to show the sense of history of Minerva (Villeret movement factory), it pays more attention to the distinctive timepieces and outstanding mechanical achievements, while the 1858 series is to reproduce the classic In addition to inheriting the superb watchmaking skills of Minerva, the doctrine style focuses on the design and aims to give consumers a more classic timepiece experience. The new 1815 series of four timepieces all use the eye-catching design of the 1930s pilot watch, large Arabic numerals, snake hands, luminous coverage, modern and classic, perhaps this is the original intention.

Iwc Darwin Scientific Station Love The Earth For 50 Years

‘September 17, 1835. I encountered two giant turtles while walking on the island, each weighing at least 200 pounds. One of them was eating a piece of cactus, and when I approached it, Staring at me for a while, slowly crawling away. The other one made a deep hissing and retracted his head. ‘This text is from Charles. The voyage diary written by Darwin two days after arriving on the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Berger survey ship. During a five-year, 40,000-mile voyage, Darwin stayed in the Galapagos Islands for a month, and his many observations on the island laid the foundation for his epoch-making evolutionary theory and also made Gala The Pagos Islands are world-renowned as one of the most fascinating and richest areas in the world.

The Galapagos Islands are world-renowned as one of the most fascinating and richest areas in the world

Almost 180 years later, the Galapagos Islands, located 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, is still a breathtaking natural paradise. According to Darwin’s doctrine of natural selection, due to the different environments on each island, unique species of plants and animals have never been found elsewhere on the planet. About 40% of the wildlife on the archipelago are endemic, including marine iguanas, the famous Darwin’s finches, and of course the giant turtle that was not friendly to the young scientist. Over the past 55 years, the Charles Darwin Foundation has actively carried out research to provide a scientific and theoretical basis for the protection of the island’s ecosystems. In 1964, the Foundation took a crucial step and established a research station on the islands. At present, the research station has more than 100 scientists, college students, teachers and volunteers who are dedicated to the research of flora and fauna in the Galapagos Islands to protect this unique ecosystem from permanent damage.
In the 50 years since the establishment of the Darwin Scientific Research Station, it has played an important role in protecting the famous Galapagos giant tortoise and played a decisive role in establishing a marine nature reserve of 135,000 square kilometers. Since the early 1970s, research stations have also sought funding and other assistance to provide research scholarships to more than 1,300 university students in Ecuador. 95% of the native species of the Galapagos Islands survive, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Darwin Research Station.
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Darwin Scientific Research Station. This anniversary is even more significant given the economic woes that lasted until three years ago. Three years ago, due to the impact of the global financial crisis and poor fund management, both the scientific research station and the Galapagos Islands seemed to have a promising future. Fortunately, the 36-year-old German investor Swen Lorenz came to the island for a holiday. After seeing the severe situation here, he gave up the high-paying work and comfortable life in London to the islands and worked full time as the chief executive officer of a scientific research station. Since then, he has used professional financial management skills to manage scientific research stations and turn them into losses. At present, the annual budget of scientific research stations is 3.5 million US dollars. The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the Darwin Scientific Station was kicked off at the Geneva International High-end Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH) in January this year. A series of new initiatives at this year’s research station-In addition to opening a new tourist route, a cafe and shop will be put into operation in June; a gala dinner will be held in Quito at the end of the year to invite celebrities and dignitaries from around the world Show them what the scientific research station has achieved over the past half century.

The special edition of the Oceanograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ is the first IWC watch made of bronze with a Darwin portrait engraved on the back of the case

Guests will also learn how Swen Lorenz turned to IWC for support during the dinner to help scientific research stations survive the difficult times. This well-known Swiss watch factory carefully selects public welfare projects to provide funding worldwide. Its strong sense of social responsibility has a long-standing reputation, and it is naturally the only choice for Swen Lorenz to seek cooperation. In addition to the Darwin Foundation, IWC also has long-standing relationships with the Lawrence Sports Foundation and Anthony. The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (d’ Agay Foundation) and other non-profit organizations have cooperated to help vulnerable children. The company is also actively responsible for environmental protection. Since 2007, the headquarters of IWC in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has used environmentally friendly hydropower to meet the company’s entire energy needs, and has achieved carbon neutrality.
The collaboration between IWC and the Darwin Foundation began in 2009, at the time of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birthday. Since then, the brand has donated a considerable amount of money to the foundation’s research stations each year to support its research work. As IWC Chief Executive Georges Kern said, ‘As a world-leading watchmaker, IWC has spared no effort to fulfill its social responsibilities. Based on this, we have decided to support the work of the Darwin Foundation over the long term. Do your best to help protect that beautiful natural environment. ‘Taking the opportunity of the fiftieth anniversary of the scientific research station, IWC launched a new series of marine timepiece divers watches, three of which are especially tribute to the charming Canadian Lapagos Islands-special edition of the chronograph ‘Galapagos Islands’, the case is made of stainless steel with rubber coating, and the back is engraved with the island’s unique iguana pattern; Chronograph chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition with luminous blue hands and hour markers; Ocean Chronograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ special edition is the first IWC watch to use bronze A watch that creates a case with a Darwin portrait engraved on the back of the case.
‘Only a handful of regions on the planet have such rich and fascinating land and marine species that can rival this archipelago,’ explains Georges Kern. ‘Our marine timepieces are demanding on land and underwater. The best companion for adventure activities is even more like a fish in this natural paradise. But we are also very aware of the increasingly serious threats facing natural heritage today. ‘

Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition with Luminescent Blue Hands and Time Scale

Christian Knoop, the creative director of IWC, is responsible for the development of the new marine timepiece series. The challenge he faces is to inherit the tradition of marine timepieces and to embody both the technical and aesthetic innovations in the new design. ‘We combine the traditional simple appearance of marine timepieces with a unique and easy-to-operate rotating bezel system,’ Christian Knoop said. ‘Choosing softer colors and functional designs is a tribute to the first marine timepiece launched in 1967. We have also drawn from the blue waters of the Galapagos Islands, weather-beaten brown vegetation, and gray rocks of various shapes. Get inspired, and create a special case of the Darwin Adventure in Bronze from a study of the HMS Berger logbook-a large number of parts on this ship are made of bronze. I am personally very pleased that through the use of bronze, IWC has added another charming and durable new member to the case material library. ‘
Since cooperating with the Darwin Foundation, IWC has become one of the foundation’s most important sponsors, and the annual commendation funds have helped a series of scientific research projects in different fields have made significant progress. For example, the latest shark tracking project to be launched in July 2014. Scientists will install 123 satellite positioning tags on sharks living in the waters near the Galapagos Islands to better observe their living habits and migration behavior. As Swen Lorenz puts it: ‘Sharks have been added to the list of the world’s most endangered animals due to overfishing, and the Galapagos Marine Reserve is one of the world’s largest shark sanctuaries. IWC’s funding is heavily Facilitates the development of the Galapagos Shark Research and Conservation Project. These studies will help us better understand the habits and migrations of sharks in and outside the Archipelago Marine Protected Area to provide them better The most common shark is the tiger shark. As a top carnivore, the survival status of the tiger shark can perfectly reflect the health of the entire ecosystem. However, so far, there is no official record of the survival status of the tiger shark. ‘
Funding from IWC will also be used to install tracking tags for whale sharks. The whale shark, as the largest fish on the planet, is extremely attractive to diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, and thus has become a major source of income for the Galapagos Islands. In the near future, IWC will also provide funding to help the research center strengthen the protection of precious birds such as Darwin’s finches, mockingbirds (also known as parrots) and vermilion birds, and two-thirds of the islands. Research work in the underwater world. More projects are also being planned, such as the Shark Baseline Population Assessment project, which aims to assess the effectiveness of the Galapagos Marine Reserve since its establishment in 1998, and Identification of exotic aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna that threaten native species in the Archipelago and surrounding waters. Work on protecting birds from parasitic flies is also about to begin. In addition, research and development of innovative technologies will be initiated to re-introduce some plant species on a large scale without increasing water use.
‘Since we started working with the Darwin Foundation five years ago, Swen Lorenz has injected new vitality and professionalism into the foundation. We are convinced that every IWC investment in the foundation will be properly utilized.’ Kern concluded, ‘The ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands is unique, but if it is not carefully managed, this natural paradise will soon disappear. IWC’s participation can do its part to avoid this tragedy. Strength, I am personally proud of it. ‘
To support the Darwin Foundation, IWC also uses the Internet as a platform to publicize the projects carried out by the Foundation. On the IWC website, you can see a detailed introduction to the current shark tracking project, and you can also learn more about the partnership between IWC and the Darwin Foundation. In all this, IWC will continue to keep its global enthusiasts concerned and support the great contributions of the Darwin Foundation.

Treasures Join Hands With The Antique Watch Association To Spend The Night Of Time And Space Across London

On Thursday, October 29, Breguet and the Antique Watch Association held a special evening to explore treasures of Breguet’s timepieces in London boutiques.

   That night, two of the most recognized industry experts, Andrew Crisford (author of Abraham-Louis Breguet, Master Watchmaker and Master Marketer) and Jonathan Betts (Vice Chairman of the Antique Watch Association) also came to the scene as guest speakers for VIP The VIP and members of the Classical Watch Association explained the past and present of Breguet timepieces.

   In the evening, guests enjoyed the ancient and the modern, while exploring the beautiful Breguet modern watches, and at the same time watching the Breguet antique watches from private collections. Accompanying the exhibition was a certificate written by Master Abraham-Louis Breguet in the early 18th century. As one of the anti-counterfeiting signs, Breguet timepieces became even more precious.

Lange A.Lange & Söhne’s New Training Year Has Now Begun

Lange A. Lange & Söhn’s new year training course has begun on August 19, 2013. Seventeen young students from different regions of Germany have passed pre-qualification. They will learn more about the mysteries of Lange’s watchmaking skills in the next three years. The watch factory trains two mold craftsmen at the same time. Lange currently has 41 students who specialize in making watches and molds.

Lange is training 41 young students

But why are young people of this generation aspiring to be watchmakers? In fact, they are mostly technological ‘fanatics.’ Others are inspired by relatives and friends in the industry. Someone originally wanted to be an actor, but found that the workbench for making a movement with a diameter of 30 mm was the stage for their talents. Laura Schreiber is one of them. One day, she attended a professional exhibition. In front of the Lange booth, she picked up a piece of metal and started assembling. From that moment, she clearly found her life goal. This year is the third year of Laura’s apprenticeship with Lange. She will share with us her past training experience and her outlook for the future.
 ‘We can think of a mechanical movement as a complex three-dimensional puzzle consisting of up to 500 parts with a diameter of 3 cm. Many of these parts weigh only a few milligrams and can only be seen under a magnifying glass. However, when you complete This jigsaw puzzle, the entire complex device instantly breathes life into it, it feels very wonderful. One of the fascinating aspects of watchmaking is that you can see the results you have built with your own hands.
 However, I also have a long way to go to make a fully functioning watch. It all started at the Lange Watch School. On the first class day two years ago, Katja König, the principal instructor, explained to us the content of the course. I couldn’t believe that I would learn so much about watchmaking in three years. The first week passed quickly. I met future colleagues in various departments. In the teaching studio, I personally tried basic metalworking techniques such as filing, sawing, turning, drilling, and taking theoretical classes at the vocational school in Glashütte.

Laura. Schreiber (middle) and Chief Instructor Ka Jia. Koenig and student Stefan Schulze

 Six months later, we finally had access to the coveted timing device. Initially, the instructor used a clock movement to show us the mechanical components and explain the functions one by one. Before the end of the first year of apprenticeship training, the instructor asked me to see the work of other watchmakers in the watch factory. Within three weeks, I went to different production departments to gain experience and met many new colleagues. This was the first time I felt I became a real watchmaker.
 In the second year, we gradually started making watches. First of all, we need to understand the design, function and repair process of pocket watches, which has been the starting point for all things Lange has done for 165 years. For me, the most important thing is to build your first watch.
 During the mid-term test of apprenticeship training, I demonstrated everything I learned at the time by operating the perfect components. I was very successful that time!
 This year is the third year and I have entered the final stage of the training! I have a lot to learn, such as self-winding watches, big calendars, chronographs and other extra watch functions. In addition, I was selected to participate in the exchange program at the Danish School of Watchmaking in Ringsted. I will work with a colleague from Denmark to complete a watch. I will personally polish and decorate the surface of all parts. I also personally adjust the amplitude of the watch to make the time display accurate to the second. Training in Ringsted is not only important for clocks, but fluent English is also important. Fortunately, Lange offers language courses throughout the apprenticeship program, giving me the confidence to get everything done smoothly.

Laura. Schreiber (left) and student Stefan Schultz (right)

 For Lange apprentices, one of the special challenges of the third year was participating in an international competition for future watchmakers. This is a great opportunity to showcase creativity and craftsmanship. Former students of Lange have won the competition twice.
 Final exams are getting closer. If I get good grades, I meet the requirements agreed at the beginning of the apprenticeship and can stay at Lange full-time. I really look forward to it. ‘

Zhang Ziyi’s Trip To The Toronto International Film Festival Hublot Is Elegant And Confident.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi shined as the judge of the film festival competition at the 41st Toronto International Film Festival, and attended the dialogue with ‘Dialogue Zhang Ziyi’ on September 15, 2016. She raised her hands and radiated irresistible. Charming self-confidence. The new mother made her debut at the International Film Festival, showing her graceful and proud temperament, becoming a charming goddess of photographers from all over the world.

  After losing her gorgeous dress, Ziyi’s confidence, gentleness and elegance between her hands and feet were fixed by the HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang pop art watch worn on the wrist! After becoming a mother, Zhang Ziyi became more gentle and moving, moving between family and career. Her stronger and restrained temperament also made her more confident and charming, and complemented the HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang pop art watch she wore.

   Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, has always been unique in the field of women’s watch design. It adheres to the belief of “becoming the first, becoming the only, and becoming different”. The brand has always been committed to breakthrough innovation, Don’t forget to pay tribute to traditional craftsmanship. Hublot pushes the ‘art of fusion’ to a new climax. In 2015, the first Big Bang embroidered watch was the best representative of the new era of women’s self-confidence and tenderness, as well as independence and style. Best Ladies Watch ‘award. From the self-confidence of the Big Bang cowboy sapphire watch to the fresh vitality of the Big Bang linen watch, or the independent self of the Big Bang “one-click” Pop Art watch, the brand image of HUBLOT fashion pioneer And the outstanding women’s watch design is further emphasized and sublimated through a women’s watch.

HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Watch

   The Big Bang Pop Art Watch continues the iconic 41 mm diameter design of the Big Bang. The bezel of the dazzling purple watch is set with amethyst. The dial is equipped with colorful chronograph small dials, which evoke people’s memories of the painter’s palette. . At the same time, the colored alligator leather strap is lined with contrasting natural rubber to provide skin-like comfort and flexibility.

The Beauty Of The Dial The Starry Charm Is Blooming Among The Circles

Starry sky-mysterious because of deepness, dazzling because of starlight. Looking up at the starry night sky, I am very moved by the vast galaxy, the fleeting meteor, and the ever-changing day and night. The same touch also came from the bright starry sky blooming on the dial. The watchmaker carved a brilliant starry sky in that square, and then came to appreciate the beauty of the dial and the starry charm that bloomed on the dial.

 Audemars Piguet Star Watch

 Audemars Piguet created the Millennium Starry Series as a tribute to the beauty of the sky. The collection currently contains two watches dedicated to the deep night and a watch that celebrates the glory of the day. Audemars Piguet gives the watch its poetic temperament and continues to celebrate the theme of ‘oval time’. The oval or white gold case with full or partial diamonds gently supports the eccentric dial on the right, like a dark blue night sky, dotted with stars. Five star-studded diamond-marked stars reflect the beautiful blue large Arabic numerals.

 A meteor illuminates the starry sky, and the gradual trajectory subtly hints at the power reserve display function: a rose gold shiny polished three-dimensional faceted small hand facing the meteor indicates the power reserve status of the watch’s winding.

 At 6 o’clock, there is a pointer date display. The Arabic numerals are marked as a brilliant gold ring around the city. The wavy hands in the center indicate the date with a golden star-shaped tip.

 On the left side of the surface is a crescent moon with white mother-of-pearl or diamonds, with Roman numerals on it, emitting a crescent-like glow.

 Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series new starry sky watch

 The 18K white gold case presents the beauty and charm of the watch in a roundabout way. The watch shines like a starry sky, with dazzling diamonds extending from the case to the crown and bezel, and finally placed on the corolla composed of digital hour markers. The dial embodies the beauty of rare craftsmanship without affecting the clear display of time and function. The slender and graceful digital hour markers have become one of the series’ logos. Its pure contemporary style echoes the round crescent engraved curve of the dial. It originates from the ancient tradition of pure hand-carved patterns covered with transparent blue paint. The arc-shaped hour circle presents a beautiful and mysterious picture of the sky, and the precious and deep-grained lapis lazuli plate is marked with a constellation icon. There is also a meteor flying in the poetic starry sky: a beautiful diamond is set upside down on the second crown, and by simply rotating it, you can rotate the starry sky to personalize the constellation.

 Patek Philippe Sky Moon

 Patek Philippe Sky Moon’s built-in panoramic view of the sky, the most dazzling starry sky in the northern hemisphere, with a unique three-layer glass (respectively have a transparent dial driven by the same 365-tooth gear, sky chart dial and galaxy chart dial) with different Rotating at speed, it produces a breathtaking depth of field and the trajectory of the moon, which accurately displays the panoramic view of the vault of the stars and the moon moving in the night sky. Inside, there is an elliptical line, which can frame the sky range visible in Geneva, showing the complex watchmaking process of 100 Philippe, for you to pay more attention to new rewards.

Hermes Cosmic Star Enamel Watch

 The Arceau Attelage Céleste watch is a beautiful star map. Against the glittering starry sky, the iconic carriage pattern of Hermes is still unique. The senior craftsmen of the Hermès workshop use their clever hands to infuse the dial with the ancient large flame metal paillonné enamel craftsmanship that few people can control today, while injecting vitality into the dial, and also exquisite craftsmanship tradition passed down from generation to generation pay tribute. The craftsman first carved the pattern from the Hermès jewelry box on the gold dial, then filled it with transparent blue enamel powder, and then repeatedly fired it in a kiln close to 800 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the craftsman made the star-shaped gold flakes himself. During the firing process, they are embedded one by one in the enamel surface, making the picture of the night blue sky more deep and three-dimensional. The watch is equipped with the H1928 self-winding movement, which is exclusively developed by Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier. The solid gold oscillating weight is decorated with the H-mark texture dedicated to Hermès, and its exquisite workmanship can be seen from the crystal glass back.

The leather strap is made by the Hermes watchmaking workshop in Biel, Switzerland. The padding and saddle stitch front line are in line with the fine tradition of the brand’s saddle manufacturing process.

Long Qin Watch Carefully Selected Tanabata Couples Watch, Set A Sweet Time, And Witness Firm Love

Over time, can the relationship be as beautiful as ever? Time, as a witness of love, can just sublimate love, and accompany lovers to pursue the firmness and enthusiasm when they first met. When the romantic Qixi Festival is approaching, Longines, a famous Swiss watch manufacturer, adhering to the sweet prayer of ‘a romantic life, harmony and harmony’, selected the founder series, Jialan series and famous craftsman couples to watch with elegant design and excellent quality , Freeze the romantic time, accompany the couples to go hand in hand with firm love.

  The Longines Jialan series watches use classic design to interpret the elegant attitude. The light and smooth ultra-thin shape creates iconic features. The pure white dial symbolizes the purity of love. Rose gold material and diamonds shine a gentle luster, just like precious fragments worthy of eternal collection in love. Without extra decoration, Jia Lan’s series of gift-giving love is the most authentic look, and the companion lovers will be as firm as ever after the test of time.

  The Longines Masterpieces series watches, following the 186 years of pure watchmaking tradition of Longines, witness the innocence and love. The famous master series moon phase chronograph watch, with the change of the moon phases on the wrist, blends every bit of love into time. The entire series is equipped with mechanical movements, engraving time with ingenious craftsmanship. There are no shortcuts in love. Only by putting in the true heart can you last long.

  The Longines Pioneer series of watches, all models have been certified by the Swiss Observatory for precision chronographs, and uses a single crystal silicon spring in the movement to resist the interference of temperature, magnetic fields or air pressure to ensure accurate and reliable travel time performance. Just like the lover in time, transcend obstacles and strengthen the original heart.
  Watch description

Longines Jialan Watches Watch Number: L4.755.1.91.7 Suggested Retail Price: RMB 10,600
  The Longines Jialan collection embodies the ancient watchmaking aesthetics of the Longines brand, known for its flying wing hourglass logo. The ultra-thin case creates classic elegance. The 36-mm-diameter white dial is embossed with 12 Roman numerals and features a quartz movement. This model features a stainless steel rose gold bracelet with a tri-fold safety clasp and a push-open mechanism.

Longines Jialan Watches Watch Number: L4. Suggested Retail Price: RMB 13,000
  The Longines Jialan collection embodies the ancient watchmaking aesthetics of the Longines brand, known for its flying wing hourglass logo. The ultra-thin case creates classic elegance. The white mother-of-pearl dial with a diameter of 24 mm is set with 12 top Wesselton VS-SI diamonds and is equipped with a quartz movement. This model has a stainless steel rose bracelet with a tri-fold safety clasp and a push-open mechanism.

Longines Masterpiece Stainless Steel Moon Phase Chronograph Watch Reference: L2.673.4.78.6 Suggested Retail Price: RMB 25,400
  A Longines masterpiece stainless steel moon phase chronograph with a self-winding L678 mechanical movement that swings 28,800 times per hour. The watch is 40 mm in diameter and has a barley grain pattern on the silver surface. Hours, minutes, seconds are displayed, and the half-moon-shaped central hand indicates the date. The 24-hour dial at 9 o’clock; the moon phase display function and the 12-hour cumulative dial at 6 o’clock; the 30-minute cumulative dial at 12 o’clock and the day and month display windows. The transparent case back gives a glimpse of the subtle movement. Equipped with a stainless steel bracelet, waterproof to 3 bar.

Longines Masterpiece Series Watch Number: L2. Suggested Retail Price: RMB 14,800
  The Longines Master Series watches have a built-in L595 / 592 automatic mechanical movement, which swings 28,800 times per hour. The diameter of the model is 29 mm. The dial is embossed with silver grains. The hours, minutes, and seconds are displayed with striking blue steel hands, and the date is displayed. The stainless steel bracelet is equipped with a tri-fold safety clasp and a push-open mechanism.

Longines Pioneer Series Watch Number: L2.821.4.11.6 Suggested Retail Price: RMB16,500
  The Longines Pioneer series has a diameter of 40 mm and its white matte dial is decorated with 12 Roman numerals. Its L888.4 self-winding mechanical movement, which contains a single crystal silicon spring, is matched with the balance wheel to ensure stable running time performance. All models of the Longines Pioneer series have been awarded the ‘Precision Chronometer’ certification by the Swiss Observatory. This watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet.

Longines Pioneer Series Watch Number: L2.320.0.87.6 Suggested Retail Price: RMB 32,100
  The Longines Pioneer series watch features a 26 mm diameter case with diamonds and a white mother-of-pearl dial with 12 diamond indexes. The L592.4 self-winding mechanical movement is equipped with a single-crystal silicon hairspring, which cooperates with the balance wheel to ensure stable running time performance. All models of the Longines Pioneer series have been awarded the ‘Precision Chronometer’ certification by the Swiss Observatory. This watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet.

The 2014 Munich Time Clock And Watch Fair Ended Successfully

From October 31st to November 2nd, 2014, the Munich Time Clock and Watch Fair was held at the Bayerischer Hof in the city center for the sixth consecutive year, with a distinguished and elegant design style in Bayerischer Hof. The hotel provided an excellent stage for the appearance of major brands of fine watches. The three-day watch exhibition attracted about 11,000 watch enthusiasts to visit, once again demonstrating the importance of the Munich Time Watch Show in the hearts of German watch enthusiasts.

   A number of participating brands ushered in important milestones at this year’s Munich Time & Clock Fair: the 20th anniversary of the Lange Lange 1; the Bulgari celebration of the 130th anniversary of the brand; Coopers and Austrian independent watch brand Habring² both As we celebrate the 10th anniversary celebration, the entire watch exhibition is full of joy and joy.

   The celebrities participating in the watch exhibition include the famous German presenter Thomas Gottschalke, the 2014 World Cup champion coach German national team coach Loew, and of course the legendary watchmaker Walter Lange (Modern Lang (Founder of the Ge brand) and Gerd Rüdiger Lang (founder of Ruibao). Many well-known representatives in the watchmaking industry not only participated in the opening party, but also came to help out in the following weekends, including the CEO of Lorenfi Sylvère Demonsais, the founder and co-manager of Italo Fontana, Cooper Fuss Operator Stephen Forsey, CEO and co-manager Oliver Ebstein of Ruibao, and Roland Schwertner, founder and co-manager of Nomos Glashütte, etc.

Iwc Launches Unique Pocket Watch With Hours And Minutes Displayed In Numbers

Schaffhausen, January 15, 2018 – IWC Schaffhausen launches pocket watches with time-of-flight digits at the SIHH in Geneva as a unique feature of the anniversary series Highlights to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the company. ‘IWC pays tribute to Po Weber’ pocket watch limited edition of 50 pieces, this is the first pocket watch with digital display of hours and minutes after the discontinuation of IWC’s historic Po Weber pocket watch in 1890. Shang’s first new pocket watch in the 21st century.

IWC pays tribute to Powell’s ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition
(Model: IW505101)
 In 1884, IWC produced the first Powell Parker pocket watch. These innovative timepieces display hours and minutes in large numbers on a rotating display. On this 150th anniversary, IWC launches
IWC pays tribute to Powell’s ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition (Model: IW505101)
pay tribute. Limited to 50 pieces, this unique pocket watch is paired with an exquisite hand-engraved 18K red gold case, 18K red gold bracelet, white lacquered dial, white display dial and small blue seconds hand. For
To pay tribute to the historic design of Beauvais watches, and to commemorate the founder and American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones of IWC. The digital display window is marked with ‘Hours’ (small
Hours) and ‘Minutes’. The two windows on the hairspring cover display the hours and minutes, so the hour can be read even when the front cover is closed. The back of the case is also equipped with a sealed dust cap.

 The IWC-manufactured 94200 movement advances the display through its independent gear train with a barrel. In fact, in the main gear train, the transmission of energy operates independently, which ensures the highest accuracy and a 60-hour power reserve.

IWC pays tribute to Powell’s ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition
(Model: IW505101)

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The Never-ending Lange Will Hold A Watch Exhibition In Shanghai Flagship Store

Lange will hold ‘Never Stand Still Lange Watch Show’ at Lange’s flagship store at 812 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, from October 1st to November 30th, 2012, displaying Lange A full range of products, including many rare brands and new products in 2012, and the latest publication at the same time, the simplified Chinese version of Lange’s legendary masterpiece ‘Langer-Saxony’s outstanding watches’. Lange-Saxony’s Outstanding Watches
    Only those who never stop can create unique masterpieces. ‘Never stop’ is to shape the spirit of unremitting pursuit of perfection based on the ideals and traditions of Saxony craftsmanship. Today, this spirit is still imprinted in the business philosophy of Saxony’s traditional watch brand Lange. Long history and traditional craftsmanship have made Lange a pioneer and king of precision watchmaking. Lange was in the brand’s founder Ferdinando in 1990. Adolf. Under the leadership of Walter Lange, Lange’s great-grandson, he has made a comeback, and has continued to make great contributions to the world.
GRAND LANGE 1 as part of Lange’s 2012 new products will be displayed at the ‘Never Stand Still Lange Watch Show’ in Shanghai.
    The ‘Never Stand Still Lange Watch Show’ will be held at the Lange flagship store at No. 812 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai. It is a must-watch for collectors, connoisseurs and watch lovers who love high-end watches. The exhibition will showcase the full range of Lange watch masterpieces with Saxony’s excellent pedigree and famous, including LANGE ZEITWERK, LANGE 1 and SAXONIA series. The focus of the show was its collection of rare Lange treasures, including the RICHARD LANGE TOURBILLON ‘POUR LE MÉRITE’ with built-in sesame chain transmission and tourbillon, and the world’s first 31-day power reserve and constant power escapement. LANGE 31 of the system; In addition, the brand new products of the year will also be displayed at the same time. Lange’s masterpieces of watches and clocks have confirmed the brand’s never-ending spirit, and strive for excellence and create immortal masterpieces year after year, which will surely surprise watch collectors and connoisseurs. The ‘Never Stand Still Lange Watch Show’ is the best stage for Lange to show the spirit of this brand to the world. Simplified Chinese version of Lange-Saxony’s Outstanding Watches is now available.
    Reinhard Meis, the prestigious watch and clock book writer, edited and introduced the great work of Lange, the traditional Saxon watch brand in the early eight years: ‘Langer-Saxony’s outstanding watch’. The simplified Chinese version was grand during the exhibition. roll out. The first volume of this book is called ‘The Great Century-Glashutte Watch Industry from 1845 to 1945’, which briefly describes the early history of Saxony’s precision watches and reproduces the Saxony watchmaking industry from Lange Watch Factory. A flourishing facet since its establishment in 1845; the second is called ‘Langer-Dresden Watchmaker’, which made Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s life story into a watchmaker From the beginning of the establishment of the first watch factory in Glashütte, to the story of the fourth generation of the brand’s founding family, Walter Lange re-established the watch factory in the name of Lange Uhren GmbH, one by one, witnessing Lange becoming 21st century Europe The pioneering history of watchmaking culture. The latest Chinese version has enabled Lange enthusiasts and collectors in China to better understand the legendary history and superb craftsmanship of this Saxony traditional watch factory, and understand the ideals and traditions of Lange’s Saxon craftsmanship to shape the pursuit of Perfection never stops. Therefore, the simplified Chinese version of ‘Langer – Saxony’s Outstanding Watches’, which was grandly released in the ‘Never Stand Still Lange Watch Show’, was limited to 300 sets, with a commemorative certificate signed by Mr. Walter Lange himself. ,Precious. About Lange
    Lange adheres to the tradition left by the founders of the German precision watch industry and insists on producing only the ‘best watches in the world’, so it limits the annual production to thousands of pieces, and all works are made of gold or platinum cases. Nowadays, most watch brands have sales as their main goal. Lange is one of the few brands focusing purely on quality. It can be seen from the dual assembly process, unparalleled craftsmanship and decorative art of each timepiece. Fanfan. Since making a comeback in the 1990s, Lange has developed 43 of its own movements, providing endless power for its outstanding works. In the brand’s success story, there are classic masterpieces such as the first watch series with a large calendar LANGE 1, and the first LANGE ZEITWERK that can accurately and clearly display data in the form of skip words. As the successor to the glorious watch kingdom, Lange in the new era has won the applause of the industry with his outstanding works. So far, he has won more than 160 international awards, and his status as a master watchmaker is indestructible.

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