The Words Are Endless And The Meaning Is Endless Montblanc’s Spring Festival Ceremony For You

One year old in the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sends warmth to Tu Su. In the Spring Festival, what returns is the warmth of the home, and it tells the sincerity of love. Implicit traditional expressions allow some emotions beyond words to remain in the heart, flowing in a warm festive atmosphere. Montblanc selects the Chinese New Year gift to convey the endless warmth of words and bring the engraved impression.

隽 Eternal blessing under the nib
Draw up a volume of congratulations, wishing family to get together every year
Book a vision, hope twilight dynasty love peace.
The nib writes down the emotions that are usually neglected to express, and the heart is the love and care accumulated all year round.
Blessings beyond words, thoughts that cannot be expressed, are depicted by the tip of the pen
Remain on paper, gift for the new year, forever

At this New Year’s Eve, Montblanc presents a warm New Year blessing with ingenuity and sincerity. Montblanc Zodiac series Haizhu limited edition writing instruments draw inspiration from the New Year’s zodiac, and perform a beautiful and luxurious New Year’s gift. The hand-carved hai pig pattern on the silver cap is vivid and exquisitely portrays the meaning of the born pig: good luck, success, wealth, and toughness. The stylus and accessories are crafted in finely engraved champagne gold to create a striking contrast with the sterling silver cap. The 18K pure gold nib is engraved with the beautiful Hai pig pattern. The conical pen tip is inlaid with a dazzling ruby, representing the birth stone of the zodiac pig, adding a bit of luck and beautiful meaning to the traditional New Year.

Montblanc Zodiac Series Hai Pig Limited Edition Writing Tool 512

Send you a touch of warm red in the New Year, let happiness be with you. Montblanc M series red special writing instruments were designed by the famous contemporary designer MarcNewson, which realized the ingenious fusion of design aesthetics and practical functions. He boldly selected red to highlight his unique aesthetic taste, and used a subtle design at the closure of the cap, connecting the cap and the pen with a magnet, which improved the stability and closure between the two. The designer outlines the pen with lines, creating a continuous visual effect, and the overall shape is simple and smooth. Montblanc’s signature hexagonal white star pattern made of precious resin is perfectly engraved on the unique natural half-face shape at the end of the pen barrel by ultrasonic technology; the platinum-plated pen holder is embedded in the cap to make the whole work as one. At this holiday season, Montblanc is in touch with you, and conveys warm blessings with the unique red charm of the M series.

Montblanc M Series Red Special Writing Instrument

A journey about ‘home’

Warm spring day, go hand in hand.
I am willing to walk with you every inch of traffic in a busy city
After all, no more words than the journey accompanied by memories.

Montblanc sends the most intimate love for its happy Spring Festival travel, letting love follow. The hand-made Montblanc # MY4810 suitcase made in Italy combines German mechanical design, Japanese high-performance technology and Italian superb skills. It uses a blend of lightweight polycarbonate and cut elegant leather lines to create a stylish look that highlights the modern style of urban walkers. : 360-degree rotating roller made in Japan to ensure the comfort and stability of travel; telescopic handles originally from Germany that can be adjusted to any height; lightweight polycarbonate and high-quality leather perfectly blended with the ingenuity of Italian design, a new look charm. Wanbaolong # MY4810 The suitcase is transformed into an intimate and stylish travel companion, accompanying you and your family through every scenery, carrying the warmest holiday memories.

Montblanc # MY4810 Suitcase

Endless words, warmth follows

May your festival be lit in the warmest colors
I put the temperature of love in it and go with you
There is always some concern in my heart, there is always a blessing I hope you understand

Put the shiny embellishments of the Spring Festival on your wrists, adding a unique memory for the moment of reunion. Montblanc’s RED bracelet expresses different styles and charms for fashion gentlemen. It is made of red braided leather. The three removable rings on the polished stainless steel round tube add fashion to this bracelet and light up the Spring Festival; Montblanc RED cufflinks are a gentleman’s luxury companion. They use stainless steel and red resin to create a timeless and exquisite accessory design, and create a warm and chic look for your loved ones.

Montblanc RED bracelet

Montblanc RED cufflinks

A love song written with time

Companionship is the most confession
I look forward to sitting with you and watching the world, and more eager to spend time with you
From this moment, make every minute count into eternity

Let every minute and second be your companion to become the most affectionate confession. On the occasion of the festive season, take time as a pen and life as a picture book. The Montblanc Star Collection full calendar watch is designed with outstanding aesthetics, recording time with simplicity and elegance. The new timepieces fully demonstrate the design specifications of the Montblanc Star Collection, including: Arabic numerals, blue willow-shaped hour hands, radial Montblanc’s signature hexagonal white star engraved pattern, rail-shaped minute scales, and filetsauté 玑Corrugated. With the new blue halo-coated alligator leather strap from the Montblanc Pelletteria leather workshop in Florence, Italy, it perfectly matches the silver-white dial to create the most elegant look for the loved one.

Montblanc Star Full Calendar

Feelings of the pulse, blooming between the wrists

Decorate loved ones with bright colors
If joy is beyond words, it is revealed in small details
With your hands raised, love blossoms

Thousands of words, less than the true feelings. Montblanc Bohème calendar self-winding watch in stainless steel for extraordinary charm. The silver and white mother-of-pearl dial of the timepiece is engraved with a shell engraved ripple pattern, with blue hands, hour markers and blue dot minute scales, date Elegantly presented through a unique oval window at the ‘six o’clock’ position. The bezel is surrounded by 72 diamonds. The Montblanc Bohème calendar self-winding watch can be selected with a new red strap to show the warmth and warmth of the season, and add a true charm to the loved one.

Montblanc Bohème Calendar Automatic

Stay with you all the way and stay ahead

How big the heart is, how big the world is
Jump out of the origin, get rid of the bond, just to break through self
On the way to exploration, never stop
Just to accompany you all the way forward to stay ahead

Montblanc aims to accompany you to start every new year’s exploration and challenge. Montblanc’s new smart watch SUMMIT 2 is designed for business travellers, urban explorers and fitness enthusiasts, allowing users to stay ahead of the curve in their lives. It uses digital technology to interpret the charm of high-end watchmaking. It combines design specifications of Swiss traditional precision timepieces, luxurious materials, and brand new technology. SUMMIT 2 is equipped with Wear OS, the latest Google smartwatch operating system, and supports both iOS and Android phones; it has unparalleled exclusive travel features including the new Timeshifter * application and watch face, based on the user’s sleep mode, sleep type and flight plan , Provide personalized recommendations to ensure that users’ jet lag response is minimized. No matter everyday life or travel fitness, Montblanc will create beautiful memories with every moment.

Montblanc’s new smart watch SUMMIT2

Updated: 14. July 2020 — 2:34
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