The Significance Of The Existence Of Zhou Power Watch

Before I start, I would like to explain ‘Zhou Power’-this fictional word I made is for my convenience to summarize the watch with a power reserve of five days to eight days. If it is very Broadly speaking, it can be counted as ten days. In the current terminology of watches and clocks, we generally refer to watches with more than three days of power as long-powered watches, but there is no clear term to include seven-day, eight-day, ten-day, thirty-day or even fifty-five day power , So I was very polite to invent one, I hope not to mind, just a meaning, easy to describe.

When it comes to weekly motivation, I ca n’t help but the first reaction is IWC Portugal 7

   In the development of watches, the issue of power has always been very important. The invention of the automatic movement is basically to keep the watch full of power at all times, so as not to wind up frequently. In the early watches, the power was about one day, so it was wound every day, and then it developed to 36 hours, 42 hours, and 48 hours that we are familiar with, and to 72 hours and 80 hours that are very common today. The increase in demand for power is due to the change in the role of watches in life. In the era when it was a tool for watching time, people wore watches every day and developed the habit of winding on a fixed time. Limitations, so generally only one or two days of motivation. Today, the watch is a ‘high-end toy’, we no longer need to wear it every day, so long power has become a new demand. I hope that it can still go when the watch is not often worn, otherwise It is troublesome to adjust the time each time I pick it up. Therefore, Zhou Power has become the direction for some watch factories to develop new categories.

   This is not groundless. I once chat with friends. They usually do n’t like to wear watches when they work, because sometimes they are too uncomfortable to wear at work, but they also like watches, so they often take them on weekends. Come out and wear it. This situation is contrary to many people’s understanding. Some of the long-powered official propaganda we often see are this: The watch has a three-day power reserve, and even if it is idle on the weekend, it is still accurate when picked up on Monday. But this group of people just don’t wear watches at work, wear watches on weekends and leisure. This finding is very interesting. In this case, ordinary long kinetic energy can’t meet their needs, so Zhou Qiang has become their best choice. Because an automatic or manual watch is worn for two days, the power is fully adjusted. When I wear it next weekend, it’s still going, which is really good.

   Another situation is that I had a doubt earlier, why an automatic watch needs to be made a week’s power length, because in the general concept, an automatic watch is enough for three days, usually wear your own charge, There is not much need to make a week’s motivation, after all, this will make the watch larger and thicker, and the price is high. However, we found that when you have more than one watch, you need to change it frequently, so if the power is short, it is easy to stop, it is often troublesome to adjust the time. But if there are too many watches, you need a shaker. So in fact, the automatic movement is equipped with a week of power for nothing more than convenience.

Baume & Mercier Eight Days Chain

   This is from a practical point of view, but in fact such a crowd is not enough to allow so many brands to develop weekly power watches, so it may have a reason. In the market, because ETA has launched an 80-hour power movement and it has become very popular, then a high-end brand that wants to be a long-term power but only a three-day power, can not reflect how many technical advantages come, you are welcome Say, a watch with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour can reduce the vibration frequency to 21,600 vibrations / hour, and the power can be increased from 48 hours to 60 hours. The current technology level is not difficult to do three days of power. Therefore, how to form a technical difference with ordinary watches, Zhou Power is a practical and not so difficult thing to do. We found that the long-term power of high-end brands on the market is generally concentrated in 100-hour, 120-hour (five days), seven-day, eight-day, and ten-day power. Less than ten days are not so much. For consumers, most watches are less than 100 hours of power, and my watch can do a week, then it’s different. At the same time, in order to get in one step, simply buy a week of power, and you don’t need to worry about power every day. There is a problem.

Oris 110 movement 10 days power single barrel

   Of course, under the same conditions, Zhou Deng’s watch must be more expensive than ordinary power length watch, because it does have higher technical requirements. We all know that the mainsprings used today are basically ‘S’ type, and the power is relatively stable, but once the weekly power is achieved, the ordinary clockwork design is not enough. Generally speaking, watchmakers will Using two barrels, and some using only one barrel, are quite different. In the case of a double barrel, it is power superposition, while a single barrel requires a longer barrel. If it is a tourbillon, a harder barrel is used, so the barrel is larger. No matter which one, the movement will be different from the basic movement, the cost is higher, and it is natural to be expensive.

   At present, there are several very hot watches on the market. There are several of them. The first is the hottest IWC 7-day chain, then the Panerai eight-day chain, and Blancpain’s 6630, 6639, Patek Philippe 5100, and 5200. . The Portuguese 7-day chain of IWC is undoubtedly the evergreen model on the market, equipped with the 52010 movement. The 7-day chain movement also used in the pilot series is 51111. On this basis, IWC has superimposed the perpetual calendar. , Annual calendar, tourbillon and other complex functions. The heat of Portugal 7 has been around for many years, and the heat has not diminished. Even fake watches have a lot of imitation surfaces. Obviously, this is a formal watch with a distinctive IWC. The large dial plus the center symmetrical dial, three-dimensional standard, the movement is full. The entire back is visually very exuberant and exquisite. After a long-term market test, the quality and travel time are okay. It has a certain technical content, the price is stable, and the automatic movement is not thick. Obviously, it has sufficient reasons for its popularity. .

   There are two types of Panerai’s eight-day chain. One is a watch with a P.2004 movement, and the other is a watch with a P.5000 movement. Both are manual movements. Among them are more common models such as 564, 510, 560, luminor case, sandwich dial, equipped with 5,000 movement, Panerai’s own movement, most importantly, the official price of these watches is less than 50,000 , 560 is even just in the early 40,000, not to mention the price, the high cost performance is amazing. Radiomir shell, there are many options, such as 609. They are also long-powered. For the price of one IWC, you can buy two Panerai eight-day chains. How do you choose?

Blancpain 6630

   Blancpain is well-known for its long-term power. Most of its watches have a power reserve of more than 100 hours. Therefore, compared to other brands, Blancpain has more types of long-power movements, 120 hours, 192 hours, and even more. Blancpain has a long power. More importantly, Blancpain’s long-powered watch can be made thinner. Thin means elegant and easy to wear. But what needs to be known is that Blancpain’s weekly power watches only exist in precious metal models, and the power of steel models is basically 72 hours or 100 hours, which means that Blancpain’s weekly power watches will not be cheap. At present, there are two very hot watches, 6630 and 6639, one at the price of 200,000, and one at the 300,000 level. The platinum model is higher. But it’s worth the price, because in addition to the precious metal case, 6639 is a limited edition, big fire enamel dial, precious metal hour markers and hands, Blancpain’s self-produced automatic movement, gold oscillating weight, regardless of material, design and craft Both are extraordinary. The 6630 is not limited. It is also a gold label, a large open flame enamel dial, and Blancpain’s self-produced 1335 automatic movement. The difference between it and 6639 lies in the limitation and the complexity of the movement. Whether it is 6630 or 6639, there is also a common feature is that the movement is ultra-thin. In addition, although Blancpain is good at making long-term power, the watches with real power of 8 days or more are all precious metal models and expensive.

   Patek Philippe 5200 I do n’t need to say more. It is an alternative version of 5100. It has a square case and a square movement. It has 8 days of power. It is slightly more expensive than Blancpain 6630. It’s fate and luck.
Summary: Compared with the long-power army, there are still not many models that can achieve more than a week of power, but it is for this reason that it can form a technical advantage with ordinary long-power watches. Of course, many people also notice one thing. At present, most of the weekly power watches do not have a constant power device. Therefore, when the chain is full, you will find that the time is slightly faster and the energy is slightly slower. This is normal. Whether it is stable or not.

Updated: 15. July 2012 — 8:38
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