Sharp Wife Movie Edition Double Package, Mido Limited Gifts Free

Celebrate the movie version [Fierce Wife Final Return: Happy Man • Not Difficult] After the release on stage on 8/17, the box office opened a red disk. MIDO Mido Watch took the opportunity to share the exclusive Mido Watch online. Free movie package for two people. Xie An really said ‘I can’t go back’ and let her lay a foreshadowing in the TV version ending. The film ‘The Sharp Wife Finally Returns: Happy Man. It’s Not Hard’, wearing an elegant veil and a gorgeous smile, is really the right choice. Who? Just follow MIDO to enter the theater and taste this exciting journey of happiness together. From now on, in the Watchbus MIDO discussion area, publish your own photos and share articles of MIDO meters (3 photos, 200 words or more). If you pass the qualification, MIDO will randomly give away [The sharp wife finally returns: Happy Man • It’s not difficult] Many sets of limited gifts such as double pass or MIDO Swiss knife, watch storage box, etc.
    MIDO Mido sponsors [The Fierce Wife Finally Returns: Happy Man • Not Difficult] The hero and heroine in the play wear classic watch Multifort Pioneer series and Baroncelli eternal series, which caused a heated discussion. Many watch fans who like MIDO Mido recognize it In the play, Lan Tianwei, Wen Ruifan and Xie Anzhen wore watches. Among them, the multi-fort Chrono Valjoux Pioneer series super fast three-eye chronograph worn by Li Sheng, the black silver three-dimensional dial with three-eye chronograph function, the cold-cold metal has a modern style and the highest recognition; the brave chase in front of the camera. Tang, the bright smile coupled with the Baroncelli III Lady timeless series, the low-key and elegant watch design, also unexpectedly attracted the attention of female watch fans.

* Note: The main character in the play wears a watch:
Xie Anzhen (Sui Tang)-Baroncelli III Lady
Wen Ruifan (Wen Shenghao): Baroncelli Power Reserve
Lan Tianwei (Sheng Sheng): Multifort Chrono Valjoux Pioneer Speed ​​Three Eyes Chronograph