Seiko’s Watchmaker Won Huang Huangzhang

The Japanese government announced that Mr. Kazuo TAKEOKA has been awarded the ‘Medal with Yellow Ribbon’ yellow badge to reward him for his contribution to the watchmaking industry. This award is a reward for those who apply their professional skills to work through hard work and unwavering will, and set an example for the public.

   Since joining SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION in 1975, Mr. TAKEOKA has won many watchmaking competitions, including the 23rd WorldSkills International Competition in 1977, when he was the first winner from Japan. Today, he also teaches young watchmakers of SEIKO Seiko, so that the techniques and professions he learned can be passed on to the next generation of master craftsmen.
Mr. TAKEOKA, and his gold medal in the WorldSkills International Competition in 1977

   Kazuo TAKEOKA is SEIKO’s fourth master craftsman who has received Huang Zhizhang. He also joined Mamoru Sakurada in 2005, Kenji SHIOHARA in 2006, and Kiyoshi TERUI in 2007.

Updated: 7. October 2020 — 11:07
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