Seiko And Tianhai Yuxi Show The Queen Style

Grand Seiko, a high-end watch brand under the Japanese watchmaker SEIKO, takes the achievement of ‘the greatness in ordinaryness’ as the brand spirit, strictly adheres to the precision and practicality of top-level watchmaking technology, and has become the leading pioneer of oriental watchmaking. . In 2016, the Japanese drama queen Tian Haiyouxi was specially invited to act as the spokesperson for Grand Seiko. She also launched a special SBGW049 Tianhai Youxi suitable for women in the workplace. The model is based on the classic limited-edition watch of the Grand Seiko style in the early 1960s. It is appropriately blended into the feminine gentle and capable design. With the two-color crocodile leather strap selected by Tian Haiyouxi, you can always feel the replacement between the straps. Different charms perfectly interpret women’s charming charm full of intellectuality and confidence.

2016 Grand Seiko Actress Spokesman Yumi Tenkai

Grand Seiko and Tian Hai Youxi show the beauty of women’s confidence
   Observing that women’s style in the workplace is no less than men’s, Grand Seiko first used a female spokesperson, specially invited the Japanese drama queen Tian Haiyouxi to show their style for women’s watches, and shot the latest brand image advertisements. They also chose the origin of SEIKO Seiko -The well-known landmark of Ginza ‘Wako timepiece tower’ is used as the shooting scene. In the film, Yuki Tian stopped at the top of the Wako Chronometer, staring confidently at the Grand Seiko watch on the wrist, perfectly interpreting the most beautiful watch in Japan, showing the beauty of women’s nature. Grand Seiko also cooperated with Tianhai Yuxi to design a special watch SBGW049 that is best for women who are emerging in various workplace fields such as politics, business, and art. Dai Yu also showed the beauty of intellectual and self-confidence.

Tian Haiyouxi, the spokesperson for the Grand Seiko women’s watch brand, personally selected the color of the strap to show the confidence of women in the workplace.

Classic design aesthetics
   Adhering to the Seiko Style design philosophy of Grand Seiko, we hope to create watches with high accuracy, design aesthetics, legibility, convenience, and can accompany a lifetime. This time, Tianhai Youxi’s special SBGW049 creative idea was based on the limited edition models of the Grand Seiko classic style in the early 1960s. The time scale design was adjusted to a slim shape, and then it was matched with hand-sintered blue steel needles and a radial carved pattern on the face plate. , Perfectly presents the gentle and capable design taste unique to women in the workplace.

Looking down on the transparent back cover, you can see the rose gold lion coat of arms in surprise.

   With the burgundy red and regular navy blue alligator leather straps chosen by Tianhai Youxi, every working woman can change at any time on various occasions, and enjoy the different charm brought by the strap replacement, showing the most beautiful glory of women All can be stored in a special white watch case. In addition, unlike the previous masculine style of Grand Seiko, the logo of the Grand Seiko at 6 o’clock and the lion coat of arms on the back cover are specially made of soft rose gold, which delicately embellishes the personal charm of women in the details.

Grand Seiko SBGW049 stainless steel case, box-shaped sapphire crystal (anti-glare coating on the inside), 3 standard waterproof, see-through back cover, 37.3 mm diameter, 9S64 hand-wound mechanical movement, 28,800 rpm, 72 hours power reserve, gems count 24 stone, resting day difference + 5 ~ -3 seconds, crocodile leather strap, replaceable red alligator leather strap, limited to 200 pieces worldwide.

Extreme mechanical craftsmanship
   In addition to the wonderful design of the watch, the mechanical process of the movement is also profound. SBGW049 adopts 9S64 mechanical movement specially developed for Grand Seiko, and realizes ultra-precision machining of small parts with the most advanced metal forming technology, such as escapement wheel, escapement fork and other parts constituting the escapement system. Both degree and smoothness have been raised to unprecedented levels. The hairspring uses a new material for better impact resistance and magnetic resistance. In addition, the length, shape and thickness of the power spring have also been improved to achieve a power reserve of approximately 72 hours. SBGW049 is the perfect fusion of design aesthetics and superb craftsmanship. It is also the perfect presentation of Grand Seiko’s ‘pure craftsmanship and ultimate aesthetics’.

Tianhai Youxi special watch box