Rado Cooperates With The Internationally Renowned Industrial Designer Constantine Gogeki Ceramica’s New Series Of Ceramic Watches To Debut In Vienna Design Week

RADO, a famous watch brand, celebrates another milestone of the brand during this year’s Vienna Design Week: the new RADO Ceramica designed by internationally renowned industrial designer Constantine Gucec The overall ceramic series watch made a stunning appearance at the press conference held in Austria. The 2016 Vienna Design Week was held from September 30th to October 9th, and this year coincides with the tenth anniversary of this design event. Constantine Goceki has specially designed a new window for the Rado store in central Vienna. The exhibition celebrates. The brand will also showcase the design process behind Ceramica’s integrated ceramic collection watches and other works designed by Goceki in an exhibition at the Vienna Festival Centre.
Ceramica watch series-classic rebirth

 A masterpiece of classic timepieces with a minimalist design is reborn: The Rado Ceramica monolithic ceramic series is renowned for its striking streamlined appearance and visionary use of high-tech ceramic materials. Today the famous industrial designer Konstantin Grcic gives it a new design. As one of the brand’s most well-known high-tech ceramic watches, the RADO Ceramica overall ceramic watch has been given a modern interpretation in its new design ingenuity, while retaining the classic geometric shape of the watch. Like the classic Ceramica overall ceramic watch, the new series is undoubtedly the high-tech ceramic watch preferred by those who love modern minimalist aesthetics. The streamlined bracelet of the prototype model has now evolved into a more classic watch bracelet shape, and the curved edges of the integral case are particularly eye-catching. The advancement of technology is complemented by the design vision of Constantine Getchich, which achieves a high degree of fusion of watch shape and material, which is reflected in the ceramica’s 11 watches.
Reinterpretation of precision and modernity

 The Ceramica monolithic ceramic watch has attracted much attention for its shiny polished surface. Today, two men’s watches in the new Ceramica monolithic ceramic series are finished with a matte finish. The iconic watch designed by Constantine Goceki stands out with its velvety matte finish and creative layout of the dial, limited to only 701 pieces worldwide. ‘In my opinion, the matte finish can make the watch look more intense.’ Gecchich said, ‘The design of the watch dial is bold and clear. I take inspiration from the pilot watch, I I like the simple, clear appearance of these watches very much. ‘For fans of small dials, matte watches with small second dials can be selected. The chic gray scales complement the watch’s monochrome minimalist style. . Avant-garde women watch lovers have a wide range of models to choose from, including two diamond-set watches made from shiny black or white high-tech ceramics. Thanks to the silver details on the dial and four brilliant diamonds, the ceramica women’s overall ceramic watch has been reduced in size, but its charm remains the same.

 Just as its name suggests, the Ceramica watch series is made of high-tech ceramic material, which is favored by many high-end watchmakers for its outstanding characteristics. ‘Material is definitely the key.’ Goceki said, ‘The intelligent and economical use of materials is my understanding of good design. Ceramics are one of the most high-tech materials I know. They are lighter than steel, It feels warm when worn, and it is more resistant to wear. ‘
Constantine Goceki Installation
 During Design Week, Constantine Goceki’s installations will be displayed in three showcases at the RADO store in central Vienna. In these installation works, three new Ceramica monolithic ceramic watches are fixed on futuristic objects. A specially written black and white press release LED graphic pops up on the background wall behind the showcase. These highly geometric animations symbolize the elegant charm of time and timing, which in turn represents the precision machinery used in modern watchmaking.
About Konstantin Grcic
 Konstantin Grcic is one of the world’s leading industrial designers. He designs furniture, lighting, accessories and other household items for many well-known brands. His various design works have won many internationally renowned design awards. Known for its passion for technology and materials, Konstantin Grcic is well-deserved to be the perfect candidate for the new design of the 2016 Rado’s iconic Ceramica monolithic ceramic collection. Gucci is known for his minimalist product design, often referred to as the representative of minimalism, and himself tends to call himself minimalist.
RADO Swiss radar and design
 From the very beginning of the Vienna Design Week, RADO has been a partner in this project. In the development of its world-renowned iconic product, RADO has always ensured that design, innovation and technology go hand in hand. The brand’s unique industrial design style has always been praised by the design community. So far, it has won more than 30 international design awards. In addition, the brand is also actively holding ‘RADO Swiss Rado Star Competition’ to take advantage of this opportunity to help emerging design stars and support the vigorous development of the design industry.
 ‘RADO stands for innovative materials and unique and distinctive watch designs. We are brave to meet new challenges and enjoy our unconventional working methods. We can jointly develop the Ceramica integrated ceramic series with the internationally renowned designer Constantine Goceki. We are proud of the watch. ‘Said Matthias Breschan, RADO Global President,’ His new design introduces modern style, while retaining the unique geometric shape that makes Ceramica’s overall ceramic series into a classic press release. Design. As part of the 10th Anniversary of Vienna Design Week, we are pleased to be able to showcase Constantine Goceki’s visionary work in the window of the RADO store and in the RADO exhibition at this design event. ‘
New RADO Ceramica watch by Konstantin Grcic
The following products used in the shooting are all Gezic’s design works:

Passami il Sale series trays for Serafino Zani (2007).

Diana table for ClassiCon (2003/2016).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

Medici chair for Mattiazzi (2012).

Zig Zag shelves for Driade (2015) and Chair One for Magis (2004).

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