Preparing For The Perfect Wedding, Cartier To Achieve The Most Beautiful Bride

In this world, I am afraid that no amount of gorgeous rhetoric can sum up the exquisiteness of women. However, in love, they always have similar happiness and the same desire for love and beauty. A perfect wedding is undoubtedly the dream of every happy bride.

 The movie ‘Bridal Fight’ starring actors Ni Ni and Angelababy was released on Valentine’s Day in 2015. For the perfect wedding in their respective hearts, the two actresses ‘turned their heads into hatred’ from ashes girlfriends, and a series of hilarious stories of wit and bravery occurred. In this fun-filled ‘Bride’s Battle’, the Cartier diamonds worn by the two brides’ fingers became the focus of the screen, but their very different characters found their own ‘The’ in the diamond world of Cartier, the love master One ‘. A beautiful diamond, a lifetime commitment, the most perfect wedding ring lights up the happiest bride and achieves the most perfect wedding.

‘Bride Fight’ poster image, two heroines wear Cartier diamond jewelry

Stills from ‘Bride’s Fight’ with two heroines wearing Cartier diamond jewellery

 Sweetness-Angelababy’s sweet and well-behaved image coincides with Cartier Destinée’s engagement diamond ring, represented by neoclassicalism. The round and bright round diamonds and the stars hold the central diamond tightly like a moon, like a bride who is cared for by her lover and blessed by everyone.

Yang Ying (Angelababy) wearing Cartier diamond jewellery starring in the movie ‘Bridal Fight’

Cartier Destinée engagement ring, platinum, pavé round brilliant-cut diamonds, center set with round brilliant-cut diamonds

Stills from ‘Bride’s Fight’ with two heroines wearing Cartier diamond jewellery

 Purity-Ni Ni in the film is almost crazy and clinging to a perfect wedding. Her enthusiastic character and simple temperament are like Cartier’s classic Solitaire 1895 engagement diamond ring-under the glorious light of my solemn brilliance, but she reveals simplicity and purity, and her commitment to perfection.

Ni Ni starred in the movie ‘Bridal Fight’ wearing Cartier diamond jewelry

Cartier Solitaire 1895 engagement diamond ring, platinum, set with round brilliant-cut diamonds

 In the film, Ni Ni’s Cartier high jewelry series parrot necklace, Cartier Solitaire 1895 engagement diamond ring, Cartier C de Cartier diamond earrings
 In the film, Cartier’s high-end jewelry necklaces and diamond earrings worn by Angelababy, Cartier Destinée engagement ring, Cartier’s classic wedding ring