Iwc Darwin Scientific Station Love The Earth For 50 Years

‘September 17, 1835. I encountered two giant turtles while walking on the island, each weighing at least 200 pounds. One of them was eating a piece of cactus, and when I approached it, Staring at me for a while, slowly crawling away. The other one made a deep hissing and retracted his head. ‘This text is from Charles. The voyage diary written by Darwin two days after arriving on the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Berger survey ship. During a five-year, 40,000-mile voyage, Darwin stayed in the Galapagos Islands for a month, and his many observations on the island laid the foundation for his epoch-making evolutionary theory and also made Gala The Pagos Islands are world-renowned as one of the most fascinating and richest areas in the world.

The Galapagos Islands are world-renowned as one of the most fascinating and richest areas in the world

Almost 180 years later, the Galapagos Islands, located 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, is still a breathtaking natural paradise. According to Darwin’s doctrine of natural selection, due to the different environments on each island, unique species of plants and animals have never been found elsewhere on the planet. About 40% of the wildlife on the archipelago are endemic, including marine iguanas, the famous Darwin’s finches, and of course the giant turtle that was not friendly to the young scientist. Over the past 55 years, the Charles Darwin Foundation has actively carried out research to provide a scientific and theoretical basis for the protection of the island’s ecosystems. In 1964, the Foundation took a crucial step and established a research station on the islands. At present, the research station has more than 100 scientists, college students, teachers and volunteers who are dedicated to the research of flora and fauna in the Galapagos Islands to protect this unique ecosystem from permanent damage.
In the 50 years since the establishment of the Darwin Scientific Research Station, it has played an important role in protecting the famous Galapagos giant tortoise and played a decisive role in establishing a marine nature reserve of 135,000 square kilometers. Since the early 1970s, research stations have also sought funding and other assistance to provide research scholarships to more than 1,300 university students in Ecuador. 95% of the native species of the Galapagos Islands survive, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Darwin Research Station.
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Darwin Scientific Research Station. This anniversary is even more significant given the economic woes that lasted until three years ago. Three years ago, due to the impact of the global financial crisis and poor fund management, both the scientific research station and the Galapagos Islands seemed to have a promising future. Fortunately, the 36-year-old German investor Swen Lorenz came to the island for a holiday. After seeing the severe situation here, he gave up the high-paying work and comfortable life in London to the islands and worked full time as the chief executive officer of a scientific research station. Since then, he has used professional financial management skills to manage scientific research stations and turn them into losses. At present, the annual budget of scientific research stations is 3.5 million US dollars. The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the Darwin Scientific Station was kicked off at the Geneva International High-end Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH) in January this year. A series of new initiatives at this year’s research station-In addition to opening a new tourist route, a cafe and shop will be put into operation in June; a gala dinner will be held in Quito at the end of the year to invite celebrities and dignitaries from around the world Show them what the scientific research station has achieved over the past half century.

The special edition of the Oceanograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ is the first IWC watch made of bronze with a Darwin portrait engraved on the back of the case

Guests will also learn how Swen Lorenz turned to IWC for support during the dinner to help scientific research stations survive the difficult times. This well-known Swiss watch factory carefully selects public welfare projects to provide funding worldwide. Its strong sense of social responsibility has a long-standing reputation, and it is naturally the only choice for Swen Lorenz to seek cooperation. In addition to the Darwin Foundation, IWC also has long-standing relationships with the Lawrence Sports Foundation and Anthony. The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (d’ Agay Foundation) and other non-profit organizations have cooperated to help vulnerable children. The company is also actively responsible for environmental protection. Since 2007, the headquarters of IWC in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has used environmentally friendly hydropower to meet the company’s entire energy needs, and has achieved carbon neutrality.
The collaboration between IWC and the Darwin Foundation began in 2009, at the time of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birthday. Since then, the brand has donated a considerable amount of money to the foundation’s research stations each year to support its research work. As IWC Chief Executive Georges Kern said, ‘As a world-leading watchmaker, IWC has spared no effort to fulfill its social responsibilities. Based on this, we have decided to support the work of the Darwin Foundation over the long term. Do your best to help protect that beautiful natural environment. ‘Taking the opportunity of the fiftieth anniversary of the scientific research station, IWC launched a new series of marine timepiece divers watches, three of which are especially tribute to the charming Canadian Lapagos Islands-special edition of the chronograph ‘Galapagos Islands’, the case is made of stainless steel with rubber coating, and the back is engraved with the island’s unique iguana pattern; Chronograph chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition with luminous blue hands and hour markers; Ocean Chronograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ special edition is the first IWC watch to use bronze A watch that creates a case with a Darwin portrait engraved on the back of the case.
‘Only a handful of regions on the planet have such rich and fascinating land and marine species that can rival this archipelago,’ explains Georges Kern. ‘Our marine timepieces are demanding on land and underwater. The best companion for adventure activities is even more like a fish in this natural paradise. But we are also very aware of the increasingly serious threats facing natural heritage today. ‘

Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition with Luminescent Blue Hands and Time Scale

Christian Knoop, the creative director of IWC, is responsible for the development of the new marine timepiece series. The challenge he faces is to inherit the tradition of marine timepieces and to embody both the technical and aesthetic innovations in the new design. ‘We combine the traditional simple appearance of marine timepieces with a unique and easy-to-operate rotating bezel system,’ Christian Knoop said. ‘Choosing softer colors and functional designs is a tribute to the first marine timepiece launched in 1967. We have also drawn from the blue waters of the Galapagos Islands, weather-beaten brown vegetation, and gray rocks of various shapes. Get inspired, and create a special case of the Darwin Adventure in Bronze from a study of the HMS Berger logbook-a large number of parts on this ship are made of bronze. I am personally very pleased that through the use of bronze, IWC has added another charming and durable new member to the case material library. ‘
Since cooperating with the Darwin Foundation, IWC has become one of the foundation’s most important sponsors, and the annual commendation funds have helped a series of scientific research projects in different fields have made significant progress. For example, the latest shark tracking project to be launched in July 2014. Scientists will install 123 satellite positioning tags on sharks living in the waters near the Galapagos Islands to better observe their living habits and migration behavior. As Swen Lorenz puts it: ‘Sharks have been added to the list of the world’s most endangered animals due to overfishing, and the Galapagos Marine Reserve is one of the world’s largest shark sanctuaries. IWC’s funding is heavily Facilitates the development of the Galapagos Shark Research and Conservation Project. These studies will help us better understand the habits and migrations of sharks in and outside the Archipelago Marine Protected Area to provide them better The most common shark is the tiger shark. As a top carnivore, the survival status of the tiger shark can perfectly reflect the health of the entire ecosystem. However, so far, there is no official record of the survival status of the tiger shark. ‘
Funding from IWC will also be used to install tracking tags for whale sharks. The whale shark, as the largest fish on the planet, is extremely attractive to diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, and thus has become a major source of income for the Galapagos Islands. In the near future, IWC will also provide funding to help the research center strengthen the protection of precious birds such as Darwin’s finches, mockingbirds (also known as parrots) and vermilion birds, and two-thirds of the islands. Research work in the underwater world. More projects are also being planned, such as the Shark Baseline Population Assessment project, which aims to assess the effectiveness of the Galapagos Marine Reserve since its establishment in 1998, and Identification of exotic aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna that threaten native species in the Archipelago and surrounding waters. Work on protecting birds from parasitic flies is also about to begin. In addition, research and development of innovative technologies will be initiated to re-introduce some plant species on a large scale without increasing water use.
‘Since we started working with the Darwin Foundation five years ago, Swen Lorenz has injected new vitality and professionalism into the foundation. We are convinced that every IWC investment in the foundation will be properly utilized.’ Kern concluded, ‘The ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands is unique, but if it is not carefully managed, this natural paradise will soon disappear. IWC’s participation can do its part to avoid this tragedy. Strength, I am personally proud of it. ‘
To support the Darwin Foundation, IWC also uses the Internet as a platform to publicize the projects carried out by the Foundation. On the IWC website, you can see a detailed introduction to the current shark tracking project, and you can also learn more about the partnership between IWC and the Darwin Foundation. In all this, IWC will continue to keep its global enthusiasts concerned and support the great contributions of the Darwin Foundation.

Next-generation Motor’: Nomos New Duw 3001 Automatic Winding Movement

Thinner, more refined and more elegant: NOMOS neomatik series watches are equipped with a special movement. DUW 3001 is the tenth movement developed by NOMOS. It sets a new standard for the manufacture of automatic movements.

   The next generation of new watches: the NOMOS neomatik series is driven by the new DUW 3001 automatic movement. The movement is only 3.2 mm thick and extremely slim-almost slimmer and more precise than almost any mass-produced automatic movement in the watchmaking industry. Compared with other automatic movements on the market, compared with this movement, the accuracy is not enough, or the price is expensive, or it is not thin enough. Today, the new NOMOS series, while maintaining the brand’s consistent price advantage, offers automatic watches comparable to the Observatory’s certified precision, slim size and elegant appearance.

   How did NOMOS build this movement? The self-developed gear system laid the foundation for the birth of this movement. Design engineer Theodor Prenzel from NOMOS R & D department and colleagues optimized the gear system by changing the order, angle, and number of gear teeth, increasing its efficiency to 94.2%. ‘Reducing the wear rate of a watch movement to 5.8% is a huge achievement-the normal wear rate is 20%,’ said Uwe Ahrendt, CEO of NOMOS, based on the latest laboratory results.
   Another challenge for watchmakers is that smaller volumes certainly mean that there can only be smaller production tolerances. These tolerances must be reduced by half, because in the DUW 3001 movement, almost all watchmaking components are installed between the main and three-quarters of the splints, and the space for parts is only 1 mm thick. For example, large steel wheels are placed completely under three-quarters of the plywood, so they need to be made slimmer than before. In order to avoid friction between ultra-thin parts, the DUW 3001 movement is made of a special new material; this material has excellent low friction, smooth texture, and is easy to form and harden.

   The above-mentioned various research and development achievements finally converged into a new DUW 3001 automatic winding movement, a high-precision, high-quality and very elegant homemade movement. The new production equipment and watchmaking skills have made this watchmaking industry unique Movement and laid the foundation for its mass production. Best example? The neomatik collection includes ten new NOMOS watches, all equipped with this ‘new generation of motors’.

Bulgari’s New Basel Exhibition Grounds First Exposure

Basel watches and clocks each year can be regarded as a major event in the watch industry. Top jewelry brand Bvlgari (Bvlgari) is enviable for having an independent and luxurious exhibition venue. Due to the ten-year lease expiry of the previous exhibition hall, Because of joining LVMH Group, the world’s largest boutique group, Bvlgari will present a grand exhibition hall with innovative exhibition design in Hall 1 of Basel Watch Show this year. Its design concept reflects the unique structural aesthetics of Bvlgari Expressing the essence of the brand in an innovative and modern way is bound to attract attention.

 Bulgari’s new Basel exhibition spot

外观 The design of the booth is inspired by the classic Bulgari jewelry series

外观 The design inspiration of the booth’s exterior design is taken from the classic jewelry series of Bvlgari Serpenti and Tubogas. The booth is surrounded by a metal ladder walkway that looks like snake scales, like a snake of 82 meters winding around the booth. Inherited from Rome, the immortal capital, the majestic and magnificent glass fence and pink streaked marble columns are a perfect interpretation of BVLGARI’s unique fortitude.

The three-story exhibition area covers an area of ​​about 1,800 square meters, and there are lounge areas such as bars and restaurants. Welcome guests are welcome. The stand was inlaid with the precious Murano handmade chandeliers designed by designer Angelo Mangiarotti in 1965, and flashed in the central circular booth. For this wonderful event, the Swiss design team cooperated with the Italian Vistosi glass workshop for the first time to create a new exclusive patented circular hook and loop display cabinet. Combining more than 8,000 pieces of crystal and metal hook and loop design materials, the classic Bvlgari Bvlgari ring is cleverly reproduced in the display cabinet design, showing the unique handmade style of Bulgari.

Marble, Murano glass, metal-plated staircase, refined copper mesh and silk will be used on the site. All materials will perfectly complement each other’s precious and exquisite decoration. The unique and resolute style from Italy will surprise the guests.

How To Buy A Watch To Jump Out Of The ‘comfort Zone’?

When people reach middle age, they will inevitably see chicken soup texts that allow us to stay for a few seconds (a smile). ‘Boil the frog’ and so on, it is inevitable to think about life and adjust strategies in order to prevent being eliminated by the times. The hottest sentence is ‘jump out of the comfort zone’, because that is often the perfect environment for boiling frogs. In fact, at this age of ‘Don’t dare to give up lightly’, need to jump out of the comfort zone more than the workplace? A few days ago, readers and I complained that I could not cover my wallet every time I saw a 50,000 watch, and I bought 5 pieces in half a blink of an eye and spent no less than 200,000. Now I only have remorse. In many cases, ‘buying smoothly’ is also mechanized, and breakthroughs require determination to challenge themselves. Almost every day, there are readers asking for help in the background. After systematic review, Rabbit intends to help everyone to understand the problems encountered. The so-called comfort zone is that many people think that buying a watch that does not affect the current life is the most suitable. Today, rabbits may wish to divide comfort into two categories. The first category of comfort is: always want to lose less. Recently, some readers shared with me the story of buying a watch. This is roughly the case. After running through several Rolex shops, I found that the only 37mm yacht left in the end. What should I do? He asked the rabbit: ‘Why is the rest only the yacht, how much would I lose if I bought it?’ After getting my denied answer (I know what you think of the yacht), he did not give up, glanced at the counter and said: ‘There is also a golden and black water ghost, do you want to win it?’ In my opinion, this is not like a way to buy favorite things, but at the same time when the market is hungry for food, it is already ready. It’s best to earn some money when it is shot, it can’t work and can’t lose too much. Similar purchase mentality is not uncommon, and often when faced with explosive demands, people finally decide to choose a ‘relatively small loss’, it seems that this can be more at ease. As for whether it really loves you, it doesn’t seem so important. The second type of comfort zone is the most common: only used to buy products at one price. The difference is that some people don’t blink when they buy a watch with a price of 10,000, and some people continue to buy a watch with a price of less than 100,000. But the ending is the same-leaving a bunch of similar things behind. Rabbit once suggested that if you continue to buy watches in the future, then in the selection of ten thousand watches, try to choose the ones that are not easy to be replaced by consumption upgrades, such as the Certina Green Belle and Oris Oris that I have recommended. 65 engraved bronze embossed bezel models, Union commemorative models, etc., but this does not mean that you need to take them all as your own. The characteristic same price list may not be suitable for the same person. The rabbit’s recommendation is to increase the choice for everyone according to their favorite. Although for some people, it doesn’t hurt to buy a multimeter watch, but we might as well look farther-when we don’t see the scenery farther away, we should not over-consume at the moment. Generally, after buying the first 10,000 yuan watch, the rabbit will suggest that you set a new goal-50,000 or 100,000. At this time readers often get fierce resistance: ‘The budget is not enough! Otherwise, you should buy the 30,000 transition first.’ Since it is not enough, why not wait patiently? In fact, for many years, I have been buying watches as a long-term consumption. For most people, when the price of a hand-made watch rises to 100,000, it is more suitable for a similar three-year five-year plan, because most watches can be retained for a lifetime, rather than being in need. One of Blancpain’s most popular new air force commanders this year, he did not hesitate to recommend and was accustomed to buying watches within 100,000, also has a similar mentality, such as readers have Omega CK2998, 1957 replica Hippo 300, Rolex DJ, Blancpain The 6654 and Vacheron Constantin’s formal dressing table and so on (not all listed). Of these 3 pieces, the replica Omega Seahorse is my personal first choice. In fact, if you look at these watches separately, they are all good choices, but it is wasteful to focus on the same person. And the highest price in the early 100,000, a total of nearly 400,000. From a rabbit’s point of view, there are two formal watches that can be bought (especially Rolex DJ), and Omega can choose one. The mentality is easy to understand, because spending money within 100,000 is already a habit and does not feel that there is too much resistance, but if 300,000, you may need to think carefully, but the money spent is actually the same. 300,000 broke through the psychological comfort zone of shopping, it takes time to adapt, you need to force yourself at first, and nothing more. It’s just that many people only realize when they look back. What’s the point of jumping out of the comfort zone? Not to encourage everyone to spend more, but to understand how to integrate resources and find their own upper limit in the shortest possible time. Give everyone an example, maybe you will resonate. I remember that in the era of reading, I chose the method of reading-50% of a book can be easily understood, 30% need to be chewed, and the remaining 20% ​​seem to understand, it is very suitable for the moment. This method continues to this day. If we stay in the thrill of bestsellers forever and content ourselves with mindless reading, there will be no breakthrough. Consumption is the same. People’s habits, abilities, and visions are all trained in gradually increasing difficulty. I don’t want to emphasize the significance of consumption upgrade so as not to be misunderstood, but I believe that people who have experienced it will have profound feelings-the perspective of contacts is undergoing subtle changes. To return to the middle-aged topic at the beginning, make small and fine choices within the scope of your ability, and get rid of comfort in a timely manner is the way to improve yourself. How impatient the rabbit is, let’s motivate yourself to show this AP frost gold royal oak tree. When we find the upper limit of a stage, it will be clear at a glance-you will know exactly what you want and need. People who have experienced consumption often look back on the choice of low-priced products. I often think that the greatest pleasure of consumption is not the material itself, but the proof of one’s ability. This is a sense of accomplishment. Of all the types of purchases, the most pleasing is that there is enough to get, and that happiness is the most enduring. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

Treasures Join Hands With The Antique Watch Association To Spend The Night Of Time And Space Across London

On Thursday, October 29, Breguet and the Antique Watch Association held a special evening to explore treasures of Breguet’s timepieces in London boutiques.

   That night, two of the most recognized industry experts, Andrew Crisford (author of Abraham-Louis Breguet, Master Watchmaker and Master Marketer) and Jonathan Betts (Vice Chairman of the Antique Watch Association) also came to the scene as guest speakers for VIP The VIP and members of the Classical Watch Association explained the past and present of Breguet timepieces.

   In the evening, guests enjoyed the ancient and the modern, while exploring the beautiful Breguet modern watches, and at the same time watching the Breguet antique watches from private collections. Accompanying the exhibition was a certificate written by Master Abraham-Louis Breguet in the early 18th century. As one of the anti-counterfeiting signs, Breguet timepieces became even more precious.

Lange A.Lange & Söhne’s New Training Year Has Now Begun

Lange A. Lange & Söhn’s new year training course has begun on August 19, 2013. Seventeen young students from different regions of Germany have passed pre-qualification. They will learn more about the mysteries of Lange’s watchmaking skills in the next three years. The watch factory trains two mold craftsmen at the same time. Lange currently has 41 students who specialize in making watches and molds.

Lange is training 41 young students

But why are young people of this generation aspiring to be watchmakers? In fact, they are mostly technological ‘fanatics.’ Others are inspired by relatives and friends in the industry. Someone originally wanted to be an actor, but found that the workbench for making a movement with a diameter of 30 mm was the stage for their talents. Laura Schreiber is one of them. One day, she attended a professional exhibition. In front of the Lange booth, she picked up a piece of metal and started assembling. From that moment, she clearly found her life goal. This year is the third year of Laura’s apprenticeship with Lange. She will share with us her past training experience and her outlook for the future.
 ‘We can think of a mechanical movement as a complex three-dimensional puzzle consisting of up to 500 parts with a diameter of 3 cm. Many of these parts weigh only a few milligrams and can only be seen under a magnifying glass. However, when you complete This jigsaw puzzle, the entire complex device instantly breathes life into it, it feels very wonderful. One of the fascinating aspects of watchmaking is that you can see the results you have built with your own hands.
 However, I also have a long way to go to make a fully functioning watch. It all started at the Lange Watch School. On the first class day two years ago, Katja König, the principal instructor, explained to us the content of the course. I couldn’t believe that I would learn so much about watchmaking in three years. The first week passed quickly. I met future colleagues in various departments. In the teaching studio, I personally tried basic metalworking techniques such as filing, sawing, turning, drilling, and taking theoretical classes at the vocational school in Glashütte.

Laura. Schreiber (middle) and Chief Instructor Ka Jia. Koenig and student Stefan Schulze

 Six months later, we finally had access to the coveted timing device. Initially, the instructor used a clock movement to show us the mechanical components and explain the functions one by one. Before the end of the first year of apprenticeship training, the instructor asked me to see the work of other watchmakers in the watch factory. Within three weeks, I went to different production departments to gain experience and met many new colleagues. This was the first time I felt I became a real watchmaker.
 In the second year, we gradually started making watches. First of all, we need to understand the design, function and repair process of pocket watches, which has been the starting point for all things Lange has done for 165 years. For me, the most important thing is to build your first watch.
 During the mid-term test of apprenticeship training, I demonstrated everything I learned at the time by operating the perfect components. I was very successful that time!
 This year is the third year and I have entered the final stage of the training! I have a lot to learn, such as self-winding watches, big calendars, chronographs and other extra watch functions. In addition, I was selected to participate in the exchange program at the Danish School of Watchmaking in Ringsted. I will work with a colleague from Denmark to complete a watch. I will personally polish and decorate the surface of all parts. I also personally adjust the amplitude of the watch to make the time display accurate to the second. Training in Ringsted is not only important for clocks, but fluent English is also important. Fortunately, Lange offers language courses throughout the apprenticeship program, giving me the confidence to get everything done smoothly.

Laura. Schreiber (left) and student Stefan Schultz (right)

 For Lange apprentices, one of the special challenges of the third year was participating in an international competition for future watchmakers. This is a great opportunity to showcase creativity and craftsmanship. Former students of Lange have won the competition twice.
 Final exams are getting closer. If I get good grades, I meet the requirements agreed at the beginning of the apprenticeship and can stay at Lange full-time. I really look forward to it. ‘

Hermès Play Time Time Pause Watch

The Arceau Le Temps Suspendu watch brings a chance to experience rest and pause under the premise that time is not controlled. When the button on the 38mm case is pressed, the hour and minute hands stop at 12 o’clock. The time was thus erased from the dial, derailed from standard time, and moved invisibly at the same time. Press the button again and the time is back on track and it works as usual. Eyes were instantly locked on the small 24-second dial, the vivid hands were running counterclockwise endlessly, mocking the passage of time in a unique way.

 Behind the rotation of hands like ballet toes hides a set of smart mechanisms developed exclusively by Hermaine to direct the operation of this unique and complex watch function. The movement has two patents: one is the overall structure of the movement, and the other is play-reducing gear teeth. It is an additional module of the homemade movement H1912. The run-time and stop-time modes are synchronized with two column wheels: one for the hours and the other for the minutes. This 360-degree flyback hour and minute function makes time disappear instantly, but the movement of the movement is not suspended. The fourth gear runs in the opposite direction, allowing time to advance without interruption, and is displayed on the movement indicator of the movement.

 Arceau Le Temps Suspendu watch (stainless steel), priced at NT $ 643,000.

 Arceau Le Temps Suspendu watch (stainless steel), priced at NT $ 912,900.

 Arceau Le Temps Suspendu watch (rose gold), priced at NT $ 1,111,400.

 Arceau Le Temps Suspendu watch in rose gold. Price: NT $ 1,349,500.

2015 Best Swiss Brands Rolex Fourth Omega Eleventh Philippe Eighteenth

Interbrand, a world-renowned brand consulting company, just released the list of ‘2015 Best Swiss Brands’. This list is based on the company’s financial statement comprehensive evaluation of the brand market valuation (but not the company’s total assets, nor represents the group assets) as the main data, ranking Swiss domestic brands, to get the list of the 50 most valuable Swiss brands single. WatchTraveler organizes this important ranking.
   In this 50 best list, you can see many Swiss watch brands. ‘Watch Traveler WatchWatcher’ found that there are actually 16 Swiss watch brands on the list, accounting for 32%, which is one-third of the strongest! It is the top 50 brands in the industry. This shows the position of fine watchmaking in ‘Made in Switzerland’.
   Among them, Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and other well-known brands in China are among them, and are ranked higher. Rolex is 4th, Omega is 11th, and Patek Philippe is 18th.
   (The chart below is compiled by WatchTraveler based on data released by Interbrand. Reprint or use requires contact with the publisher for permission. Note: MIO.CHF in the figure is the valuation unit of millions of Swiss francs. May 18, 2015 , 1 Swiss franc is 6.776.)

   There are 16 Swiss watch brands on the 50 list, among which Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe rank in the top three in the watch industry. Famous watch brands are mainly concentrated between 24-42.
   In the past year, the rankings of famous watch brands have mostly improved, and their valuations have basically increased. Among them, the most significant increase in the valuation of Patek Philippe (15%), Longines (9%), Vacheron Constantin (9%) and Breitling (9%). Comparing the 2015 ranking with the 2014 ranking, Rolex rose from 5th place in 2014 to 4th place, and Patek Philippe rose from 21st place to 18th place in 2014.

   ‘Watch Traveler WatchWatcher’ found that among the 16 Swiss watch brands on the list, the world’s largest professional watchmaking group Swatchgroup Swatch Group accounted for 6 brands, powerful, several major gold-absorbing brands Omega, Longines, Tissot, Swatch, Radar and the most important high-end brand Breguet are all included. At the same time, the three traditional and well-known Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and several independent watchmaking brands such as Rolex, Chopard, and Breitling (patek Philippe also holds this identity) among the Swiss watch brands are on the list.
   At the same time, from 2014 to 2015, the “Best Swiss Brands” brand has the largest increase in brand value, 8 of which are luxury watch brands.

   The following is a list of the 2014 ‘Best Swiss Brands’ for reference:

   Swiss watch brands account for a large proportion of the ‘Best Swiss Brands’ list, which shows the status of Swiss watches in Swiss manufacturing, and also shows the global influence of Swiss watches. However, the Swiss watch manufacturing industry is not the most important in Swiss GNP, at least behind precision instrument manufacturing and medical and pharmaceutical industries. Switzerland’s finance and insurance industry is also extremely developed and is also one of the pillars of national production. The Swiss watch industry’s total exports in 2014 were a record 24 billion US dollars, which is the entire industry’s export value. For Novartis or Roche, sales of more than $ 50 billion each in 2014.
   Therefore, the watch industry is a small industry, but it has a great impact. Watches and clocks are not only a favorite practical product, but also cultural, historical, technological and artistic value. It is practical, playable, enjoyable, easily collectible, and can be passed down for a long time. Few other things have special value like clockwork.

Zhang Ziyi’s Trip To The Toronto International Film Festival Hublot Is Elegant And Confident.

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi shined as the judge of the film festival competition at the 41st Toronto International Film Festival, and attended the dialogue with ‘Dialogue Zhang Ziyi’ on September 15, 2016. She raised her hands and radiated irresistible. Charming self-confidence. The new mother made her debut at the International Film Festival, showing her graceful and proud temperament, becoming a charming goddess of photographers from all over the world.

  After losing her gorgeous dress, Ziyi’s confidence, gentleness and elegance between her hands and feet were fixed by the HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang pop art watch worn on the wrist! After becoming a mother, Zhang Ziyi became more gentle and moving, moving between family and career. Her stronger and restrained temperament also made her more confident and charming, and complemented the HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang pop art watch she wore.

   Hublot, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, has always been unique in the field of women’s watch design. It adheres to the belief of “becoming the first, becoming the only, and becoming different”. The brand has always been committed to breakthrough innovation, Don’t forget to pay tribute to traditional craftsmanship. Hublot pushes the ‘art of fusion’ to a new climax. In 2015, the first Big Bang embroidered watch was the best representative of the new era of women’s self-confidence and tenderness, as well as independence and style. Best Ladies Watch ‘award. From the self-confidence of the Big Bang cowboy sapphire watch to the fresh vitality of the Big Bang linen watch, or the independent self of the Big Bang “one-click” Pop Art watch, the brand image of HUBLOT fashion pioneer And the outstanding women’s watch design is further emphasized and sublimated through a women’s watch.

HUBLOT Hublot Big Bang Pop Art Watch

   The Big Bang Pop Art Watch continues the iconic 41 mm diameter design of the Big Bang. The bezel of the dazzling purple watch is set with amethyst. The dial is equipped with colorful chronograph small dials, which evoke people’s memories of the painter’s palette. . At the same time, the colored alligator leather strap is lined with contrasting natural rubber to provide skin-like comfort and flexibility.

Brilliant Starry Sky Commentary On Portugal Sidérale Scafusia Watch

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming once a year. The family always gather together to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoy the moon together. While watching the moon, we can also see the sky full of stars. I don’t know which bright star to focus on. If you do n’t want to look up at the starry sky, start with a starry sky watch. The Mid-Autumn Festival is really looking up at the moon and looking down at the stars. Today’s watch home brings you a brief review of the Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch, the official model is: IW5041.

 The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch is the most unique and complex mechanical watch ever made by IWC. In addition to the dial design seen on the front, the star map on the back is the biggest feature of this watch. Some people may not know how to look at the starry sky watch. Today’s watch home will take everyone to study this starry sky watch.

 The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia watch can provide two different methods of side-by-side timing. The time displayed on the front of the watch is the average solar time, which is our daily time. We can also know that the small second hand of the watch is set at 9 o’clock. Bit of a spherical tourbillon device. Let’s take a closer look at the front dial of the watch with the Watch House.

 The small dial set at ’12 o’clock’ shows the 24-hour stellar hour (star hour), which is the timing system adopted by astronomers. The time shown here is 8: 3 am. The year-round error between the stellar hour display and the actual star time is only 11.5 seconds.

 Constant power tourbillon and small seconds, the new combination of tourbillon and constant power device, to ensure accurate and average speed of at least 48 hours. In constant power mode, the small second hand moves once every second. After that, the power shifts to normal mode, speeding up to a beat every fifth second.

The watch has a power reserve display at 4 to 5 o’clock on the front face of the watch. It is fully wound and the watch can provide a 96-hour power reserve.

 After reading the front, then look at the back. What secrets are hidden on the bottom of this watch? This is the beautiful and mysterious starry sky chart. What is the use of the starry sky chart? What do you think? This is the question of most people, and now Watch House will use this watch to explain the specific role of this star map in detail.

 The first is the whole of the star map. This whole shows the night sky stars that can be viewed at a specific point on the earth. This point can be calculated independently according to customer requirements, so the starry sky map displayed at different points is also different.

 The horizon and geographic coordinates, the night sky view that can be viewed from the geographic coordinates (yellow coordinates) specified by the customer, will be displayed in the yellow oval (see the previous full picture).

 This is a two-day counter (sequential date) that displays the number of days in a year and sets the leap year display. The picture shows the 188th day of a leap year, which is July 8, 2012.

 The red arrow with dots indicates the average solar time on a 24-hour circle. Read time from the outer circle. Solar time refers to the time required for the sun to cross the same meridian twice.

 A yellow arrow with a star symbol indicates star time on a 24-hour circle. Read the time from the inner circle in the same way. Stellar hour refers to the time required for a star to cross the same meridian twice.

 Sunrise and sunset times. When running at standard time, two red triangle hands mark the sunrise and sunset times on the 24-hour outer circle. One hour is added during daylight saving time (DST + 1) operation.

Zodiacal, red circle shows the obvious orbit of the sun on the celestial sphere throughout the year.

 Celestial equator, gray dotted circle indicates celestial equator. It is the projection of the Earth’s equator on the celestial sphere and forms a circular plane separating the northern and southern hemispheres. The following watch home will explain the difference between the day, night and twilight display of the astrolabe.

 Sunset is the time when the last part of the sun disappears from the horizon. Since the inclination of the Earth’s rotation varies from day to day, sunset times vary throughout the year. It also depends on the longitude, latitude, and elevation of the selected location. If you are in the northern part of the Arctic Circle or in the southern part of the Antarctic Circle, you will not be able to see sunrise and sunset at all days of the year.

 Dawn is the time when the sky is no longer completely dark before sunrise. Dusk is the time when the sky is not completely dark after sunset. Twilight is the time between dawn and sunrise, and between sunset and dusk.

 Sunset is the time when the last part of the sun disappears from the horizon. Since the inclination of the Earth’s rotation varies from day to day, sunset times vary throughout the year. It also depends on the longitude, latitude, and elevation of the selected location. If you are in the northern part of the Arctic Circle or in the southern part of the Antarctic Circle, you will not be able to see sunrise and sunset at all days of the year.

 The watch is equipped with the 94900 manual winding movement independently developed by IWC, which consists of more than 500 independent parts. Among them, the basic movement and the astronomical module are combined. The ever-changing tourbillon with constant power, allowing viewers to explore the fine structure of the balance device. The tourbillon’s frame and upper half are made of titanium. The rhodium-plated escape wheel and nickel-silver stop splint are chamfered by hand.

To sum up: Although we are not literati saints, we also like to look up at the sky, from the stars’ ever-ending flashes, looking for the secret of time. The watch uses a variety of case materials, five different dial colors, various applique scales and strap colors, and strap materials, with more than 200 different designs to choose from. Due to the complexity of the watch, production is extremely limited.

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