Earl And Chen Yanxi Zheng Yuanchang Cannes For Romantic Time

Following the 27th Independent Spirit Awards, the Piaget family of watches and jewellery joined hands with Chen Yanxi and played the leading role in the new film ‘Flower’ Zheng Yuanchang shoots romantic blockbusters during the Cannes Film Festival.

    Against the backdrop of a beautiful garden, Chen Yanxi in the lens is dynamic and changeable. The earth-colored skirt is equipped with Earl’s Limelight Funny Heart eccentric necklaces and rings, which looks playful but noble; wear the theme of Limelight Garden Party series forest bird The earrings, paired with the Magic Hour watch, are stylish and chic; the amethyst matches the pink opal rose and diamond necklace, and the dark blue high waist skirt is elegant and beautiful.
    Actor Zheng Yuanchang, who has always tasted outstandingly, is in front of the camera. He chose the Piaget Altiplano watch with a black dress, and the simple and smooth dial emerges from the cuffs. With the matching Possession18k white gold ring, the handsome image is fully revealed.

Rado Cooperates With The Internationally Renowned Industrial Designer Constantine Gogeki Ceramica’s New Series Of Ceramic Watches To Debut In Vienna Design Week

RADO, a famous watch brand, celebrates another milestone of the brand during this year’s Vienna Design Week: the new RADO Ceramica designed by internationally renowned industrial designer Constantine Gucec The overall ceramic series watch made a stunning appearance at the press conference held in Austria. The 2016 Vienna Design Week was held from September 30th to October 9th, and this year coincides with the tenth anniversary of this design event. Constantine Goceki has specially designed a new window for the Rado store in central Vienna. The exhibition celebrates. The brand will also showcase the design process behind Ceramica’s integrated ceramic collection watches and other works designed by Goceki in an exhibition at the Vienna Festival Centre.
Ceramica watch series-classic rebirth

 A masterpiece of classic timepieces with a minimalist design is reborn: The Rado Ceramica monolithic ceramic series is renowned for its striking streamlined appearance and visionary use of high-tech ceramic materials. Today the famous industrial designer Konstantin Grcic gives it a new design. As one of the brand’s most well-known high-tech ceramic watches, the RADO Ceramica overall ceramic watch has been given a modern interpretation in its new design ingenuity, while retaining the classic geometric shape of the watch. Like the classic Ceramica overall ceramic watch, the new series is undoubtedly the high-tech ceramic watch preferred by those who love modern minimalist aesthetics. The streamlined bracelet of the prototype model has now evolved into a more classic watch bracelet shape, and the curved edges of the integral case are particularly eye-catching. The advancement of technology is complemented by the design vision of Constantine Getchich, which achieves a high degree of fusion of watch shape and material, which is reflected in the ceramica’s 11 watches.
Reinterpretation of precision and modernity

 The Ceramica monolithic ceramic watch has attracted much attention for its shiny polished surface. Today, two men’s watches in the new Ceramica monolithic ceramic series are finished with a matte finish. The iconic watch designed by Constantine Goceki stands out with its velvety matte finish and creative layout of the dial, limited to only 701 pieces worldwide. ‘In my opinion, the matte finish can make the watch look more intense.’ Gecchich said, ‘The design of the watch dial is bold and clear. I take inspiration from the pilot watch, I I like the simple, clear appearance of these watches very much. ‘For fans of small dials, matte watches with small second dials can be selected. The chic gray scales complement the watch’s monochrome minimalist style. . Avant-garde women watch lovers have a wide range of models to choose from, including two diamond-set watches made from shiny black or white high-tech ceramics. Thanks to the silver details on the dial and four brilliant diamonds, the ceramica women’s overall ceramic watch has been reduced in size, but its charm remains the same.

 Just as its name suggests, the Ceramica watch series is made of high-tech ceramic material, which is favored by many high-end watchmakers for its outstanding characteristics. ‘Material is definitely the key.’ Goceki said, ‘The intelligent and economical use of materials is my understanding of good design. Ceramics are one of the most high-tech materials I know. They are lighter than steel, It feels warm when worn, and it is more resistant to wear. ‘
Constantine Goceki Installation
 During Design Week, Constantine Goceki’s installations will be displayed in three showcases at the RADO store in central Vienna. In these installation works, three new Ceramica monolithic ceramic watches are fixed on futuristic objects. A specially written black and white press release LED graphic pops up on the background wall behind the showcase. These highly geometric animations symbolize the elegant charm of time and timing, which in turn represents the precision machinery used in modern watchmaking.
About Konstantin Grcic
 Konstantin Grcic is one of the world’s leading industrial designers. He designs furniture, lighting, accessories and other household items for many well-known brands. His various design works have won many internationally renowned design awards. Known for its passion for technology and materials, Konstantin Grcic is well-deserved to be the perfect candidate for the new design of the 2016 Rado’s iconic Ceramica monolithic ceramic collection. Gucci is known for his minimalist product design, often referred to as the representative of minimalism, and himself tends to call himself minimalist.
RADO Swiss radar and design
 From the very beginning of the Vienna Design Week, RADO has been a partner in this project. In the development of its world-renowned iconic product, RADO has always ensured that design, innovation and technology go hand in hand. The brand’s unique industrial design style has always been praised by the design community. So far, it has won more than 30 international design awards. In addition, the brand is also actively holding ‘RADO Swiss Rado Star Competition’ to take advantage of this opportunity to help emerging design stars and support the vigorous development of the design industry.
 ‘RADO stands for innovative materials and unique and distinctive watch designs. We are brave to meet new challenges and enjoy our unconventional working methods. We can jointly develop the Ceramica integrated ceramic series with the internationally renowned designer Constantine Goceki. We are proud of the watch. ‘Said Matthias Breschan, RADO Global President,’ His new design introduces modern style, while retaining the unique geometric shape that makes Ceramica’s overall ceramic series into a classic press release. Design. As part of the 10th Anniversary of Vienna Design Week, we are pleased to be able to showcase Constantine Goceki’s visionary work in the window of the RADO store and in the RADO exhibition at this design event. ‘
New RADO Ceramica watch by Konstantin Grcic
The following products used in the shooting are all Gezic’s design works:

Passami il Sale series trays for Serafino Zani (2007).

Diana table for ClassiCon (2003/2016).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

VAL Pallet for Laufen (2015).

Medici chair for Mattiazzi (2012).

Zig Zag shelves for Driade (2015) and Chair One for Magis (2004).

Brilliant Deep Tasting Piaget Piaget Possession Lapis Lazuli Blue Dial Watch G0a43086

As a symbol of endless change, everything is possible, the classic Possession rotating ring presents a different kind of charm in the new ladies’ watch series. At the SIHH 2018 in Geneva, Piaget took the iconic Possession’s iconic rotating ring as the inspiration for the new Possession Lapis Lazuli blue dial ladies 18K rose gold watch G0A43086.
Watch real shot show:

Watch details real shot display:


   The case is made of 18K rose gold with a diameter of 29 mm and is polished. The rose gold rotating bezel is set with 42 brilliant-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 1.04 carats. It elegantly rotates around a red gold ring. The unique double-circle rotating ring design creates a joyful sensory experience.

   The lapis lazuli dial is deep and deep, and the eye-catching color matching is unprecedented to interpret the Piaget Sunny Side of Life brand philosophy. Equipped with Piaget 56P quartz movement, with central time-division display, accurate and reliable.

   The lapis lazuli alligator leather interchangeable strap is combined with the same color dial and the dazzling red gold diamond-turned bezel for a charming look. Comes with a rose gold pin buckle and comes with an alligator strap.

   Possession opens up a vast space for creative creativity. Zor’s extraordinary new watch products are dedicated to fearless independent women, helping them to fully express fashion tastes and exquisite talents, and show their unique personality.
For more information on the latest Geneva watchmaking salons in 2018, please follow the watch house live feature:

Piaget’s Piaget Ultra-thin Date Watch Awarded ‘13 Best Watch Of The Year’

In the annual watch awards organized by the professional watch magazine ‘Montres Passion’, Piaget’s PIAGET Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch was unanimously approved by the jury and awarded the ‘Best Watch of the Year 2013’ Awards. This unparalleled honor goes hand in hand with the earl who made his ultra-thin watchmaking at the beginning of his factory to symbolize his original intention of watchmaking.

Piaget PIAGET Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch

For more than half a century, Piaget has relentlessly devoted itself to the ultra-thin watchmaking, taking the tradition of craftsmanship to make ultra-thin watchmaking as the king’s way, and has more practiced the founder’s ‘Always do better than necessary) ‘motto. So far, 23 of Piaget’s 35 self-made cores have been developed and produced by the workshop, and most of them have established a number of ultra-thin movement records in the top watchmaking industry.
It’s eternal, it’s classic. Piaget’s PIAGET Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch is equipped with the 1205P movement-the world’s thinnest automatic date movement, only 3 mm thick, in a 6.36 mm thickness case-which sets the record of the double material.
Smooth and smooth, dazzling and elegant, it is the key word for the brand’s design of the Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch, to show a true classic that is timeless and pure and stands the test of time. 18K white gold, rose gold, or rose gold embellished with a diamond case, the large size of 40 mm was created to fit the 1205P movement. The movement is carefully polished with traditional sanding and finishing, and is decorated with Côtes de Genève Geneva ring ripples, a round polished main splint, hand-finished chamfers, gear trains decorated with radial sun marks, blue steel screws, a dedicated power correction system, Rose gold micro-rotor engraved with the earl’s emblem.
Mr. Franck Touzeau, Director of Piaget Watch Division, took the excitement of receiving the ‘Best Watch of the Year 2013’ from the PIAGET Altiplano Date ultra-thin date watch at the annual watch awards dinner of Montres Passion Magazine. The award is more admirable than ever. This is the second time Piaget has been awarded the award, the last time it was awarded in 2008 by the highly recognizable Altiplano small seconds watch.

Love Travel, There You Have It

When the relationship between you and your loved one has risen to a certain stage, you must have imagined the sweet moments of the wedding, looking forward to the honeymoon trip after the wedding, and take the hot air balloon exclusive to you Fly up into the sky, and all the best wishes come with you to the end of happiness.

 In fact, love is like this, each stage is an unknown journey. When your love is about to marry, and you and her are about to hold hands, the meaning of love is given responsibility, responsibility and honor and shame. In this journey, you have passed the initial stage of curiosity and passion, and the next thing is more to face the test of life together. But you don’t have to worry, you don’t have to be afraid for the unknown, you might as well use a watch to record every bit of your journey of love.

 The new Ballon Bleu de Cartier Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch
 At the beginning of August this year, Cartier launched the new Ballon Bleu de Cartier blue jewelry watch in mainland China.

The new Ballon Bleu de Cartier Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch

New Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch

 Light as a balloon and as dazzling as its guardian sapphire, the new Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch adds elegance to the wrist. The precious metal arc protects the crown set with convex sapphire, and the convex curved case shows smooth lines. On the dial with the effect of sunlight rays, the sword-shaped blue steel hands rotate smoothly, and the immortal track of time is drawn under the sapphire crystal. Compared with the previous blue balloon series watches, the new blue balloon jewellery watch reflects the designer’s ingenuity.

 New Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch

 The new Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch shows its unique characteristics in details. Each burgundy crocodile leather strap has its unique texture. The case material is made of more precious rose gold. When the watch is fitted The skin’s moment makes the wearer feel extremely light and smooth. The brilliant round diamonds carefully selected by the craftsmen are set on the bezel, shining under different rays of light.

Actor Qin Lan wears new Cartier blue balloon jewelry watch

 The new Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch not only gives new ideas to the design, but also gives the wearer more inspiration in daily life. Qin Lan, who plays Fucha Rongyin in the recent hit drama ‘Yanxi Raiders’, has become a unique ‘white moonlight’ in the hearts of the audience. In the show, she is a gentle and virtuous queen. Outside of the show, she used a suit with Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch, showing us a unique and neat style.

Actor Wang Likun wears new Cartier blue balloon jewelry watch

 Actor Wang Likun, who performed a variety of lives in the play, showed us the unique charm of the new Cartier Blue balloon jewelry watch. Wearing a white shirt, Wang Likun wears a red and blue balloon watch. Simple matching requires more eye-catching accessories.

 Actor Jing Tian wears new Cartier blue balloon jewelry watch

 Actor Jing Tian is dressed in a black dress, which is more elegant and intellectual in the background of Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch.

Actress 佟 リ ア wears new Cartier blue balloon jewelry watch

 It can also be dignified and youthful, and Lilia uses simple white T with Cartier’s new blue balloon jewellery watch. Simple shapes can also easily create a girly look. Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch is not only a must-have for important occasions, but also an indispensable fashion item in daily life.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier new blue balloon jewelry watch

Ballon Bleu de Cartier new blue balloon jewelry watch

 The hands flowed, and the years passed quietly. Through the sapphire crystal glass, blue steel hands can be seen ticking in the small dial. The years are ruthless, but with the days it accompanies, every minute of yours is happy and fulfilling. If your lover is by your side, even if you have gone through vicissitudes, it is enough for you to have it in this love journey.

(Click the picture to jump to the official website for more details)

 Love is not just ‘blandness is blessing’ as they say, sometimes it takes some small surprises as a remedy. May be the flowers that she bought for her after work; Maybe the breakfast prepared for him every morning; Maybe you are with me every long night … Maybe it is every minute and every second you spend with her.


 New Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch

 Perhaps you are thinking about bringing a gift to her beloved who can express her sincere heart. This gift must be different from the past, and it must make her feel your love, as eternal as a diamond and as hard as sapphire. Interested friends can move to offline stores to experience the purchase, or call the brand’s customer service center 400 885 6618 to order directly.

Longines Custom-made Wedding Gifts For Elegant Image Ambassador Guo Fucheng, Couples From The Compaq Series Wish “Romantic Life, Harmony And Harmony”

On April 18th, Longines Elegant Ambassador Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan married. Longines presents a pair of unique Compaq rose gold couple watches as a wedding gift to the beauties. This pair of custom-made watches is engraved with the initials ‘A’ and ‘M’ of the English names of both sides on the transparent case back. The two letters form a love pattern, symbolizing Longines’ sweet wishes for their ‘romantic life, harmony and harmony’.

The Longines Companion series rose gold couples pair the watch with warm rose gold color, dedicating the long-lasting companionship and mutual affection in the journey of life. The men’s watch combines modern design and precise quality, with a touch of wrist magnificence, it accompanies men to present a restrained and calm demeanor. Women’s watches are decorated in a harmonious style. Gorgeous rose gold sets off the sweet and warm romantic atmosphere between couples, telling the elegant and tacit understanding of the two in the world.

Fatty Fathoms Automatique

In 2012, the release of the 3D version of ‘Titanic’ once again let people’s thoughts float to 100 years ago. On a maiden voyage, a dream luxury passenger ship hit an iceberg and sank into the North Atlantic, where 1,500 people were buried on the ocean floor. The CEO of Romain Jerome, inspired by the fragments of the Berlin Wall collected by a friend’s house, incorporated the remains of the Titanic into the merchandise, resulting in Titanic-DNA watches and pens. Romain Jerome paid heavily for the 1.5-kilogram Titanic wreckage, which was salvaged from a deep sea at 3840 meters in 1991.

Enjoy the joy when sailing out to sea, the despair struggling when sinking into the sea, the wet bottom and seaweed. This wreck contains dead undead and unrealized dreams, reminding people not to forget the past. And the fresh material on the pen conveys hope, life continues, and new life and history are in your hands.
Cartier launches the new Cartier d ‘Art series enamel watch, which interprets the mystery and fashion with beautiful sea fish. Born from the prestigious Santos series, the 18K yellow gold case is set with brilliant round diamonds, the blue-purple alligator strap and the enamel dial The blue waves and the small fishes contrast each other.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Automatique
In 1953, Blancpain produced the famous diving watch Fifty Fathoms, a mechanical masterpiece that could be called the diving watch prototype. Because this diving watch can reach a depth of 50 fathoms, it is named Fifty Fathoms. The reliability and ruggedness of the Fifty Fathoms watch was quickly recognized by special forces in several countries. In 1997, Blancpain produced the Fifty Fathoms watch with a water resistance of 300 meters. In commemoration of this legendary watch model, Blancpain launched a limited edition watch in 2003. This watch has a black arc-shaped scratch-resistant sapphire crystal bezel, and a steel watch with different materials, different hardness and different heat. This expertise in bonding rings, fluorescent scales, and sapphire crystals is also patented. Blancpain has been committed to developing an upgraded version of Fifty Fathoms, reinterpreting the legend in this sailing sport.

Cartier d ‘Art series fish-shaped decorative enamel watch
Cartier launches the new Cartier d ‘Art series enamel watch, which interprets the mystery and fashion with beautiful sea fish. Born from the prestigious Santos series, the 18K yellow gold case is set with brilliant round diamonds, the blue-purple alligator strap and the enamel dial The blue sea waves and the small fishes contrast each other .

Why Did Montblanc Release The 1858 Series After The Villeret Series?

Not long ago (October 20th), Richemont Group brand Montblanc has launched a brand new series-1858 Collection, which is a brand created by Minerva in 1858. ) The second series specially created by the movement factory for high-end watchmaking tradition can be seen from the fact that Montblanc values ​​the watchmaking tradition and Minerva plays an important role for the brand.

Montblanc 1858 series (chronograph is also available in steel)

   Since 2006, when the Minerva movement factory was taken over by Montblanc, Montblanc’s road to fine watchmaking finally has a solid backing, which has also greatly enhanced Montblanc’s status as a ‘river’. However, it is slightly strange that Montblanc has previously released the Villeret series (intriguingly, the original name was Villeret 1858 and later changed it) in order to inherit the excellent watchmaking craftsmanship and tradition of the Minerva movement factory. Want to set up a new series in a similar direction?
Respect for heritage

Montblanc Le Locle Watch Factory
   Montblanc has two watch factories, one in Le Locle and the other is the Minerva movement factory located in the small town of Villeret in the Jura Valley. (Note: The movement factory has been renamed Villeret movement factory since its incorporation into Montblanc. To Minerva Movement Factory). The two work separately and cooperate with each other. The Lelock watch factory is mainly engaged in the assembly of watches and movements, the production of movements and parts, and the inspection of watches. The Villeret movement factory is mainly engaged in the development and production of advanced movements and watches. Of course Le Locle Watch Factory also develops and produces advanced and complex movements, such as Montblanc’s Nicholas Kies series watches, but the main force responsible for the development of advanced movements is still the Villeret movement factory, and this is the key to Montblanc’s rising status Where. From this point of view, Montblanc specially sets up a series that inherits the watchmaking tradition and precision technology of the Minerva movement factory, which is very necessary.

Former Minerva Movement Factory
   As we all know, the Minerva Movement Factory was established in 1858, but the name was changed to Miverva (the name of the goddess of wisdom Athena in ancient Greek mythology) was in 1929, after undergoing multiple name changes in the middle. In 1902, the watch factory began to involve the watch design and the production of most key components. In 1909, the first watch was released, so Minerva was not actually a mere movement factory. What made Minerva famous is the No.20 mechanical chronograph movement released by the watch factory in 1923. This movement has a column-wheel chronograph structure, and its performance has been greatly recognized. Since then, the watch factory has become famous. Yuan Yang became the official timepiece of the Winter Olympics in 1936. In the following historical trends, Minerva movements have been favored, including Rolex, Panerai, Patek Philippe and other well-known first-line brands, as well as some brands that no longer exist. Therefore, it is not surprising that whenever we mention Minerva, we can’t help but think of its chronograph movement.

Minerva chronograph movement used by Panerai

Continuing aesthetic standards
    Of course, there are reasons for the popularity of Minerva movements. From the perspective of the movement itself, there are two reasons: good structure and good workmanship. From the many antique watches equipped with Minerva chronograph movements appearing on the auction market, we can find many traces. The structure of Minerva’s manual chronograph movement is full of layers. The splint and pusher are rich in lines. The entire movement does not have a large large splint to block the beauty of the movement. In addition, the timing control is smooth and accurate. Even the movements developed by many brands today cannot be compared with them in terms of aesthetics or structure. This is also why watches equipped with NOS (New Old Stock) Minerva chronograph movements are so popular, and good-quality antique watches are one of the reasons. In terms of craftsmanship, the Minerva movement is exquisitely crafted. These beautiful arcs were not made by the lathe at that time. Many of them had to be modified by time-consuming and manual polishing to achieve the ideal arc. This is exactly why it is not only liked, but also respected and treasured.

Manually adjusted hairspring

Watchmaker at Villeret
   When the Minerva movement was included in the Richemont Group, every brand in the group had the opportunity to fight for the factory to be owned by it, and after a period of competition, it finally fell into the hands of Montblanc. The facts have also proved this measure Great success. Today, the Minerva movement factory still maintains the original excellent watchmaking tradition. There are only a few CNC machines in the watch factory to stamp the prototype parts. After that, the most important processes are still completed by hand. For example, the hairspring is only used by machinery. The operation is controlled to 85% of the correct size, and the remaining 15% is processed by hand. The end curve of the hairspring is manually completed by its watchmaker. Therefore, it can achieve details that cannot be achieved by mechanical processing, achieving a high balance of quality and aesthetics. . Each year, the factory produces only a few hundred watches (only 250 in 2009), each of which is a masterpiece of master craftsmanship, which also gives us the opportunity to experience the mechanical essence of Menela again.

Montblanc 1858 chronograph

   As mentioned in the opening paragraph, the essence of Minerva’s watchmaking spanning 157 years has been perfectly reflected in the Villeret series. So what is the new 1858 series? In fact, the focus of the Villeret series is not to show the sense of history of Minerva (Villeret movement factory), it pays more attention to the distinctive timepieces and outstanding mechanical achievements, while the 1858 series is to reproduce the classic In addition to inheriting the superb watchmaking skills of Minerva, the doctrine style focuses on the design and aims to give consumers a more classic timepiece experience. The new 1815 series of four timepieces all use the eye-catching design of the 1930s pilot watch, large Arabic numerals, snake hands, luminous coverage, modern and classic, perhaps this is the original intention.

Iwc Darwin Scientific Station Love The Earth For 50 Years

‘September 17, 1835. I encountered two giant turtles while walking on the island, each weighing at least 200 pounds. One of them was eating a piece of cactus, and when I approached it, Staring at me for a while, slowly crawling away. The other one made a deep hissing and retracted his head. ‘This text is from Charles. The voyage diary written by Darwin two days after arriving on the Galapagos Islands on the HMS Berger survey ship. During a five-year, 40,000-mile voyage, Darwin stayed in the Galapagos Islands for a month, and his many observations on the island laid the foundation for his epoch-making evolutionary theory and also made Gala The Pagos Islands are world-renowned as one of the most fascinating and richest areas in the world.

The Galapagos Islands are world-renowned as one of the most fascinating and richest areas in the world

Almost 180 years later, the Galapagos Islands, located 1,000 kilometers off the coast of Ecuador, is still a breathtaking natural paradise. According to Darwin’s doctrine of natural selection, due to the different environments on each island, unique species of plants and animals have never been found elsewhere on the planet. About 40% of the wildlife on the archipelago are endemic, including marine iguanas, the famous Darwin’s finches, and of course the giant turtle that was not friendly to the young scientist. Over the past 55 years, the Charles Darwin Foundation has actively carried out research to provide a scientific and theoretical basis for the protection of the island’s ecosystems. In 1964, the Foundation took a crucial step and established a research station on the islands. At present, the research station has more than 100 scientists, college students, teachers and volunteers who are dedicated to the research of flora and fauna in the Galapagos Islands to protect this unique ecosystem from permanent damage.
In the 50 years since the establishment of the Darwin Scientific Research Station, it has played an important role in protecting the famous Galapagos giant tortoise and played a decisive role in establishing a marine nature reserve of 135,000 square kilometers. Since the early 1970s, research stations have also sought funding and other assistance to provide research scholarships to more than 1,300 university students in Ecuador. 95% of the native species of the Galapagos Islands survive, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Darwin Research Station.
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Darwin Scientific Research Station. This anniversary is even more significant given the economic woes that lasted until three years ago. Three years ago, due to the impact of the global financial crisis and poor fund management, both the scientific research station and the Galapagos Islands seemed to have a promising future. Fortunately, the 36-year-old German investor Swen Lorenz came to the island for a holiday. After seeing the severe situation here, he gave up the high-paying work and comfortable life in London to the islands and worked full time as the chief executive officer of a scientific research station. Since then, he has used professional financial management skills to manage scientific research stations and turn them into losses. At present, the annual budget of scientific research stations is 3.5 million US dollars. The celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the Darwin Scientific Station was kicked off at the Geneva International High-end Watch and Clock Fair (SIHH) in January this year. A series of new initiatives at this year’s research station-In addition to opening a new tourist route, a cafe and shop will be put into operation in June; a gala dinner will be held in Quito at the end of the year to invite celebrities and dignitaries from around the world Show them what the scientific research station has achieved over the past half century.

The special edition of the Oceanograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ is the first IWC watch made of bronze with a Darwin portrait engraved on the back of the case

Guests will also learn how Swen Lorenz turned to IWC for support during the dinner to help scientific research stations survive the difficult times. This well-known Swiss watch factory carefully selects public welfare projects to provide funding worldwide. Its strong sense of social responsibility has a long-standing reputation, and it is naturally the only choice for Swen Lorenz to seek cooperation. In addition to the Darwin Foundation, IWC also has long-standing relationships with the Lawrence Sports Foundation and Anthony. The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (d’ Agay Foundation) and other non-profit organizations have cooperated to help vulnerable children. The company is also actively responsible for environmental protection. Since 2007, the headquarters of IWC in Schaffhausen, Switzerland has used environmentally friendly hydropower to meet the company’s entire energy needs, and has achieved carbon neutrality.
The collaboration between IWC and the Darwin Foundation began in 2009, at the time of the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birthday. Since then, the brand has donated a considerable amount of money to the foundation’s research stations each year to support its research work. As IWC Chief Executive Georges Kern said, ‘As a world-leading watchmaker, IWC has spared no effort to fulfill its social responsibilities. Based on this, we have decided to support the work of the Darwin Foundation over the long term. Do your best to help protect that beautiful natural environment. ‘Taking the opportunity of the fiftieth anniversary of the scientific research station, IWC launched a new series of marine timepiece divers watches, three of which are especially tribute to the charming Canadian Lapagos Islands-special edition of the chronograph ‘Galapagos Islands’, the case is made of stainless steel with rubber coating, and the back is engraved with the island’s unique iguana pattern; Chronograph chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition with luminous blue hands and hour markers; Ocean Chronograph Chronograph ‘Darwin Adventure’ special edition is the first IWC watch to use bronze A watch that creates a case with a Darwin portrait engraved on the back of the case.
‘Only a handful of regions on the planet have such rich and fascinating land and marine species that can rival this archipelago,’ explains Georges Kern. ‘Our marine timepieces are demanding on land and underwater. The best companion for adventure activities is even more like a fish in this natural paradise. But we are also very aware of the increasingly serious threats facing natural heritage today. ‘

Chronograph Chronograph ‘Galapagos 50 Years of Scientific Achievement’ Special Edition with Luminescent Blue Hands and Time Scale

Christian Knoop, the creative director of IWC, is responsible for the development of the new marine timepiece series. The challenge he faces is to inherit the tradition of marine timepieces and to embody both the technical and aesthetic innovations in the new design. ‘We combine the traditional simple appearance of marine timepieces with a unique and easy-to-operate rotating bezel system,’ Christian Knoop said. ‘Choosing softer colors and functional designs is a tribute to the first marine timepiece launched in 1967. We have also drawn from the blue waters of the Galapagos Islands, weather-beaten brown vegetation, and gray rocks of various shapes. Get inspired, and create a special case of the Darwin Adventure in Bronze from a study of the HMS Berger logbook-a large number of parts on this ship are made of bronze. I am personally very pleased that through the use of bronze, IWC has added another charming and durable new member to the case material library. ‘
Since cooperating with the Darwin Foundation, IWC has become one of the foundation’s most important sponsors, and the annual commendation funds have helped a series of scientific research projects in different fields have made significant progress. For example, the latest shark tracking project to be launched in July 2014. Scientists will install 123 satellite positioning tags on sharks living in the waters near the Galapagos Islands to better observe their living habits and migration behavior. As Swen Lorenz puts it: ‘Sharks have been added to the list of the world’s most endangered animals due to overfishing, and the Galapagos Marine Reserve is one of the world’s largest shark sanctuaries. IWC’s funding is heavily Facilitates the development of the Galapagos Shark Research and Conservation Project. These studies will help us better understand the habits and migrations of sharks in and outside the Archipelago Marine Protected Area to provide them better The most common shark is the tiger shark. As a top carnivore, the survival status of the tiger shark can perfectly reflect the health of the entire ecosystem. However, so far, there is no official record of the survival status of the tiger shark. ‘
Funding from IWC will also be used to install tracking tags for whale sharks. The whale shark, as the largest fish on the planet, is extremely attractive to diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, and thus has become a major source of income for the Galapagos Islands. In the near future, IWC will also provide funding to help the research center strengthen the protection of precious birds such as Darwin’s finches, mockingbirds (also known as parrots) and vermilion birds, and two-thirds of the islands. Research work in the underwater world. More projects are also being planned, such as the Shark Baseline Population Assessment project, which aims to assess the effectiveness of the Galapagos Marine Reserve since its establishment in 1998, and Identification of exotic aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna that threaten native species in the Archipelago and surrounding waters. Work on protecting birds from parasitic flies is also about to begin. In addition, research and development of innovative technologies will be initiated to re-introduce some plant species on a large scale without increasing water use.
‘Since we started working with the Darwin Foundation five years ago, Swen Lorenz has injected new vitality and professionalism into the foundation. We are convinced that every IWC investment in the foundation will be properly utilized.’ Kern concluded, ‘The ecosystem of the Galapagos Islands is unique, but if it is not carefully managed, this natural paradise will soon disappear. IWC’s participation can do its part to avoid this tragedy. Strength, I am personally proud of it. ‘
To support the Darwin Foundation, IWC also uses the Internet as a platform to publicize the projects carried out by the Foundation. On the IWC website, you can see a detailed introduction to the current shark tracking project, and you can also learn more about the partnership between IWC and the Darwin Foundation. In all this, IWC will continue to keep its global enthusiasts concerned and support the great contributions of the Darwin Foundation.

Next-generation Motor’: Nomos New Duw 3001 Automatic Winding Movement

Thinner, more refined and more elegant: NOMOS neomatik series watches are equipped with a special movement. DUW 3001 is the tenth movement developed by NOMOS. It sets a new standard for the manufacture of automatic movements.

   The next generation of new watches: the NOMOS neomatik series is driven by the new DUW 3001 automatic movement. The movement is only 3.2 mm thick and extremely slim-almost slimmer and more precise than almost any mass-produced automatic movement in the watchmaking industry. Compared with other automatic movements on the market, compared with this movement, the accuracy is not enough, or the price is expensive, or it is not thin enough. Today, the new NOMOS series, while maintaining the brand’s consistent price advantage, offers automatic watches comparable to the Observatory’s certified precision, slim size and elegant appearance.

   How did NOMOS build this movement? The self-developed gear system laid the foundation for the birth of this movement. Design engineer Theodor Prenzel from NOMOS R & D department and colleagues optimized the gear system by changing the order, angle, and number of gear teeth, increasing its efficiency to 94.2%. ‘Reducing the wear rate of a watch movement to 5.8% is a huge achievement-the normal wear rate is 20%,’ said Uwe Ahrendt, CEO of NOMOS, based on the latest laboratory results.
   Another challenge for watchmakers is that smaller volumes certainly mean that there can only be smaller production tolerances. These tolerances must be reduced by half, because in the DUW 3001 movement, almost all watchmaking components are installed between the main and three-quarters of the splints, and the space for parts is only 1 mm thick. For example, large steel wheels are placed completely under three-quarters of the plywood, so they need to be made slimmer than before. In order to avoid friction between ultra-thin parts, the DUW 3001 movement is made of a special new material; this material has excellent low friction, smooth texture, and is easy to form and harden.

   The above-mentioned various research and development achievements finally converged into a new DUW 3001 automatic winding movement, a high-precision, high-quality and very elegant homemade movement. The new production equipment and watchmaking skills have made this watchmaking industry unique Movement and laid the foundation for its mass production. Best example? The neomatik collection includes ten new NOMOS watches, all equipped with this ‘new generation of motors’.

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