Omega Countdown Clock Zhuoli London Welcomes 2012 Olympic Games

The London Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee (LOCOG) and the 2012 London Olympics designated timing Omega set up in London’s Trafalgar Square, the Olympic countdown clock is about to witness the grand success of this Olympic Games Opening.
    The design of the countdown clock, established on March 14, 2012, clearly shows the Olympic theme. Its beam line design is inspired by London, the host city of the Olympic Games, and the close connection between London and the prime meridian at Greenwich, the beginning of time. The countdown clock is set on Trafalgar Square, one of London’s most prominent and iconic landmarks, with millions of Londoners and foreign tourists visiting here every year. At the time of London’s successful bid, Trafalgar Square was at the centre of the grand celebration. Today, it will once again play a key role in the preparations for the 2012 London Olympics.
    This steel countdown clock is 6.5 meters high, 5 meters long, and weighs about 4 tons. It was manufactured by a company based in Preston, UK. It took two staff members two days to assemble it after transporting it to the square. The lighting design of the countdown clock came from another British company.
    Sebastian Coe, chairman of the London Olympics Organizing Committee, said: ‘The launch of the Omega Olympic Countdown Clock is an important milestone for any Olympic Games and a tradition of the Olympic Movement. Every day, every hour, At every moment, the Omega Olympic Countdown Clock will remind visitors to Trafalgar Square: The 2012 London Olympics countdown has officially started, and the world’s greatest sports event is about to open in the UK! ‘
    ‘Athletes’ careers are built on timing. I hope that this important milestone will inspire and motivate them so that they can achieve their highest level and achieve great results in the 2012 Olympics.’ Saiba, chairman of the organizing committee of the London Olympics Stianco said. Okewa, the global president of Omega, said that Omega is very looking forward to returning to London to provide timing services for the 2012 London Olympics after a lapse of 64 years. He said: ‘It was the first time that London hosted the Olympics in 1948. Omega shouldered the responsibility of timing all sports. The Olympic Games has been remembered forever because of its landmark new timing technology, including optoelectronic eye equipment, Fully automatic timing equipment and the end-of-life camera for the first time in the Olympic Games. At the time, we were just as proud as we are now to provide timing services for the International Olympic Committee and the world’s top athletes! ‘
    The mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said on the day of the unveiling of the countdown clock: ‘The countdown clock has just been launched in central London, and we are also actively preparing to present an unprecedented Olympic event. The excitement and enthusiasm are expressed by special Lafarga Square spreads to every corner of the city. After 500 days, the blazing Olympic fire will be set off, announcing the opening of the world’s top sports event, and the glorious legend of the 2012 London Olympics will begin. The atmosphere must be hotter. ‘
   On July 27, 2011, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the 2012 London Olympics, the second official countdown clock set by Omega in London was unveiled in Greenwich. This countdown clock is located above the prime meridian. Every minute, every second, every moment, the number above is beating with the passage of time, waiting for that exciting moment to come.

Updated: 29. November 2020 — 7:37
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