Omega And Nicole Kidman Host A ‘celebrate Women’ Grand Celebration In Milan

In 2005, internationally renowned movie star and Oscar film actor Nicole Kidman joined the OMEGA celebrity ambassador family. This year, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary, Omega invites Nicole attended the ‘Celebrate Women’ special celebration held in Milan, with whom she elegantly reviewed the manufacturing process of women’s watches that has gone beyond a century, and entered an era of change in the industry.

Omega celebrity ambassador Nicole Kidman attends the Omega ‘tribute to women’ gala dinner, Nicole wears the new Ladymatic series ladies watches, showing elegance and nobility

Nicole Kidman attends Omega’s ‘tribute to women’ gala dinner and celebrates her tenth anniversary as brand celebrity ambassador
   For more than 100 years, Omega has been committed to making bright and elegant ladies’ watches. The beautiful appearance and the precise timing of the movement are perfectly interpreted in every Omega watch.
   This year, Omega continues to inherit the unique concept of making women’s watches and presents them to the world through unprecedented celebrations. On September 16, Omega’s sparkling celebration night in Palazzo del Ghiaccio, the fashion capital of Milan, opened the curtain of a series of ‘tribute to women’ events. The evening’s ceremony celebrated the deep relationship between Omega and women across time, and also vividly demonstrated the brand’s enduring passion for fashion women and women’s watches.

Mr. Okehua, Omega Global President, warmly welcomes the invited guests to the Omega ‘Salute Women’ Grand Dinner

   Stars were shining at the dinner, and celebrities from all over the world gathered here to celebrate with Omega, including famous Italian actors Vittoria Puccini, Claudio Santamaria and Luca Calvani.

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Nicole Kidman and Italian actor Claudio Santamaria Attend Omega’s ‘Celebrate Women’ Gala Dinner

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Nicole Kidman and Italian actress Vittoria Puccini Attend Omega’s ‘Salute Women’ Grand Dinner
   Noble and elegant, as well as both success and beauty, Oscar film director Nicole Kidman stepped on the dinner stage as an honorary guest and shared with everyone her love for Omega and thoughts on time.
   ‘In everything I did with Omega, I saw the extraordinary sincerity that Omega exhibited, and this valuable quality is very important in the modern era. The same is true for Omega watches. I learn With a lot of watch craftsmanship, he also deeply explored the long and glorious historical heritage of Omega. Omega always keeps pace with the times, pioneering and pioneering, just like this delicate dinner presented to everyone tonight, everything is so incredible. ‘
   As a busy modern woman, Nicole Kidman also told everyone about her feelings about time. ‘You can buy a lot of things in life, but you can’t buy time. Time is so precious. It is very important to cherish every moment and enjoy the state of the moment. It is often said that time is easy to pass. In fact, it is true . ‘

Mr. Okewa, Omega’s global president, and Nicole Kidman, the ambassador for the celebrity, will take a look back at the development of the Omega ladies watch that has been going on for more than a century.
   At the ceremony, guests came one after another. The glorious history of Omega and a series of exquisite timepieces spread out on the way to the dinner, from the early Art Déco style to today’s internal and external repair The most beautiful example-the new Discy Ladymatic series watches reflect Omega’s outstanding watchmaking technology.
   Mr. Stephen Urquhart, Omega Global President, sincerely welcomes the guests at the scene. At the same time, he also expressed great honor and pride in the close cooperation between Omega and Nicole Kidman. ‘The word ‘Celebrity Ambassador’ sounds very technical, but Nicole does more than that for Omega. She has become a member of our family. She is a very good actress, her passion and sincerity, The warm personality always matches Omega. ‘

Omega’s ‘tribute to women’ gala dinner at Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan

   The grand and starry dinner of Omega is just the opening of the brand’s ‘tribute to women’ series. At the Omega Milano ‘Her Time’ exhibition, the public can get a closer look at Omega’s deep history of women’s watches. On Omega’s official website, Omega also uses the same wonderful topics and stories to tell this legendary journey. The ‘her time’ series of online diaries covers interviews, silhouettes of outstanding women from all over the world, and the continuous flow of them to the world. Valuable inspiration.