Next-generation Motor’: Nomos New Duw 3001 Automatic Winding Movement

Thinner, more refined and more elegant: NOMOS neomatik series watches are equipped with a special movement. DUW 3001 is the tenth movement developed by NOMOS. It sets a new standard for the manufacture of automatic movements.

   The next generation of new watches: the NOMOS neomatik series is driven by the new DUW 3001 automatic movement. The movement is only 3.2 mm thick and extremely slim-almost slimmer and more precise than almost any mass-produced automatic movement in the watchmaking industry. Compared with other automatic movements on the market, compared with this movement, the accuracy is not enough, or the price is expensive, or it is not thin enough. Today, the new NOMOS series, while maintaining the brand’s consistent price advantage, offers automatic watches comparable to the Observatory’s certified precision, slim size and elegant appearance.

   How did NOMOS build this movement? The self-developed gear system laid the foundation for the birth of this movement. Design engineer Theodor Prenzel from NOMOS R & D department and colleagues optimized the gear system by changing the order, angle, and number of gear teeth, increasing its efficiency to 94.2%. ‘Reducing the wear rate of a watch movement to 5.8% is a huge achievement-the normal wear rate is 20%,’ said Uwe Ahrendt, CEO of NOMOS, based on the latest laboratory results.
   Another challenge for watchmakers is that smaller volumes certainly mean that there can only be smaller production tolerances. These tolerances must be reduced by half, because in the DUW 3001 movement, almost all watchmaking components are installed between the main and three-quarters of the splints, and the space for parts is only 1 mm thick. For example, large steel wheels are placed completely under three-quarters of the plywood, so they need to be made slimmer than before. In order to avoid friction between ultra-thin parts, the DUW 3001 movement is made of a special new material; this material has excellent low friction, smooth texture, and is easy to form and harden.

   The above-mentioned various research and development achievements finally converged into a new DUW 3001 automatic winding movement, a high-precision, high-quality and very elegant homemade movement. The new production equipment and watchmaking skills have made this watchmaking industry unique Movement and laid the foundation for its mass production. Best example? The neomatik collection includes ten new NOMOS watches, all equipped with this ‘new generation of motors’.

Updated: 1. February 2021 — 14:50
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