How To Buy A Watch To Jump Out Of The ‘comfort Zone’?

When people reach middle age, they will inevitably see chicken soup texts that allow us to stay for a few seconds (a smile). ‘Boil the frog’ and so on, it is inevitable to think about life and adjust strategies in order to prevent being eliminated by the times. The hottest sentence is ‘jump out of the comfort zone’, because that is often the perfect environment for boiling frogs. In fact, at this age of ‘Don’t dare to give up lightly’, need to jump out of the comfort zone more than the workplace? A few days ago, readers and I complained that I could not cover my wallet every time I saw a 50,000 watch, and I bought 5 pieces in half a blink of an eye and spent no less than 200,000. Now I only have remorse. In many cases, ‘buying smoothly’ is also mechanized, and breakthroughs require determination to challenge themselves. Almost every day, there are readers asking for help in the background. After systematic review, Rabbit intends to help everyone to understand the problems encountered. The so-called comfort zone is that many people think that buying a watch that does not affect the current life is the most suitable. Today, rabbits may wish to divide comfort into two categories. The first category of comfort is: always want to lose less. Recently, some readers shared with me the story of buying a watch. This is roughly the case. After running through several Rolex shops, I found that the only 37mm yacht left in the end. What should I do? He asked the rabbit: ‘Why is the rest only the yacht, how much would I lose if I bought it?’ After getting my denied answer (I know what you think of the yacht), he did not give up, glanced at the counter and said: ‘There is also a golden and black water ghost, do you want to win it?’ In my opinion, this is not like a way to buy favorite things, but at the same time when the market is hungry for food, it is already ready. It’s best to earn some money when it is shot, it can’t work and can’t lose too much. Similar purchase mentality is not uncommon, and often when faced with explosive demands, people finally decide to choose a ‘relatively small loss’, it seems that this can be more at ease. As for whether it really loves you, it doesn’t seem so important. The second type of comfort zone is the most common: only used to buy products at one price. The difference is that some people don’t blink when they buy a watch with a price of 10,000, and some people continue to buy a watch with a price of less than 100,000. But the ending is the same-leaving a bunch of similar things behind. Rabbit once suggested that if you continue to buy watches in the future, then in the selection of ten thousand watches, try to choose the ones that are not easy to be replaced by consumption upgrades, such as the Certina Green Belle and Oris Oris that I have recommended. 65 engraved bronze embossed bezel models, Union commemorative models, etc., but this does not mean that you need to take them all as your own. The characteristic same price list may not be suitable for the same person. The rabbit’s recommendation is to increase the choice for everyone according to their favorite. Although for some people, it doesn’t hurt to buy a multimeter watch, but we might as well look farther-when we don’t see the scenery farther away, we should not over-consume at the moment. Generally, after buying the first 10,000 yuan watch, the rabbit will suggest that you set a new goal-50,000 or 100,000. At this time readers often get fierce resistance: ‘The budget is not enough! Otherwise, you should buy the 30,000 transition first.’ Since it is not enough, why not wait patiently? In fact, for many years, I have been buying watches as a long-term consumption. For most people, when the price of a hand-made watch rises to 100,000, it is more suitable for a similar three-year five-year plan, because most watches can be retained for a lifetime, rather than being in need. One of Blancpain’s most popular new air force commanders this year, he did not hesitate to recommend and was accustomed to buying watches within 100,000, also has a similar mentality, such as readers have Omega CK2998, 1957 replica Hippo 300, Rolex DJ, Blancpain The 6654 and Vacheron Constantin’s formal dressing table and so on (not all listed). Of these 3 pieces, the replica Omega Seahorse is my personal first choice. In fact, if you look at these watches separately, they are all good choices, but it is wasteful to focus on the same person. And the highest price in the early 100,000, a total of nearly 400,000. From a rabbit’s point of view, there are two formal watches that can be bought (especially Rolex DJ), and Omega can choose one. The mentality is easy to understand, because spending money within 100,000 is already a habit and does not feel that there is too much resistance, but if 300,000, you may need to think carefully, but the money spent is actually the same. 300,000 broke through the psychological comfort zone of shopping, it takes time to adapt, you need to force yourself at first, and nothing more. It’s just that many people only realize when they look back. What’s the point of jumping out of the comfort zone? Not to encourage everyone to spend more, but to understand how to integrate resources and find their own upper limit in the shortest possible time. Give everyone an example, maybe you will resonate. I remember that in the era of reading, I chose the method of reading-50% of a book can be easily understood, 30% need to be chewed, and the remaining 20% ​​seem to understand, it is very suitable for the moment. This method continues to this day. If we stay in the thrill of bestsellers forever and content ourselves with mindless reading, there will be no breakthrough. Consumption is the same. People’s habits, abilities, and visions are all trained in gradually increasing difficulty. I don’t want to emphasize the significance of consumption upgrade so as not to be misunderstood, but I believe that people who have experienced it will have profound feelings-the perspective of contacts is undergoing subtle changes. To return to the middle-aged topic at the beginning, make small and fine choices within the scope of your ability, and get rid of comfort in a timely manner is the way to improve yourself. How impatient the rabbit is, let’s motivate yourself to show this AP frost gold royal oak tree. When we find the upper limit of a stage, it will be clear at a glance-you will know exactly what you want and need. People who have experienced consumption often look back on the choice of low-priced products. I often think that the greatest pleasure of consumption is not the material itself, but the proof of one’s ability. This is a sense of accomplishment. Of all the types of purchases, the most pleasing is that there is enough to get, and that happiness is the most enduring. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

Updated: 26. January 2021 — 18:50
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