Hidden And Highly Complicated Crafts Hermès Arceau Tigre Royal

HERMÈS Hermès has not only developed its own self-made movements and developed unique watch functions in accordance with their poetic personality in the past few years, but also made good use of its advantages of starting from fine products. Inspired by the creation of the creation and then applied to the watch design, we have seen from time to time that Hermès has transplanted beautiful totems from its own scarves onto the watch face. The brand’s newly launched Arceau Tigre Royal has continued to use this model Starting from the silk scarf pattern, the combination of gold carving and enamel technology was used to create a two-handed decorative watch.

Based on a silk scarf (Tigre Royal King’s Tiger), Hermès has transplanted the same pattern to the Arceau series of watches in blue with gold carving and enamel technology.

Arceau Tigre Royal is derived from a silk scarf of the same name. The protagonist in the pattern is a bengal tiger, sitting in the center of the picture, surrounded by golden palm leaves. (At first glance, the palm echoes the tiger pattern. At the same time, a crown was embroidered on the top of the silk scarf pattern, which fully explained the king of the Bengal tiger. The tiger patterns have always been authoritative and noble, although in real life they are on the verge of extinction. , But the indomitable domineering that appears in the pattern will still make the owner who owns this pattern feel vigor and vigor.

The origin of the watch: Tigre Royal scarf

As mentioned earlier, in this new watch, Hermès is a combination of gold carving and enamel crafts, to work together to interpret the Bengal tiger king on the scarf. Speaking of the Arceau series, it is regarded as the Evergreen series of the brand. At that time, the designer Henri d’Origny led the creation of this quite distinctive work of lugs. Its exterior blueprint is based on the stables made by Hermes in its early years. Link the brand and the equestrian world. In recent years, the Arceau series can be called a major force of Hermès. What new features or works like this combined with multiple decorative techniques, the debut of this series has become a commonplace. Arceau Tigre Royal uses a rose gold case with a diameter of 41mm. The pattern on the faceplate is first carved with the silhouette of a tiger and lining stones and golden palm leaves by a gold sculptor, and then the enamel craftsman relays into battle. White, black, yellow, brown and other shades outline the life-like Bengal tiger, with delicate and vivid strokes, as if a tiger is sitting on the watch and staring at us as murderous. At the same time, the golden carved palm is interwoven with brown and brown enamel The background of the image is more conducive to the identity of the king of the tiger. This picture almost forgets the two hour and minute hands on the face plate.
The core of driving the hands is the brand’s flagship H1837 movement in recent years. Turning over the case back, you can see that the substrate and automatic plate are covered with the ‘H’ letter symbolizing Hermes. The design without any semicolons makes it a favorite for mechanical technology. Home welcomes this unique feeling. Usually, this craft watch is either specially ordered by the buyer or the watch factory can only be distributed in small quantities (after all, it is not easy to mass produce it by hand). This Arceau Tigre Royal is specially launched for the Taiwan market. Please note that There are only a small number of six, and things are rare and expensive, so its price is indeed very shocking.

Arceau Tigre Royal

Rose gold material / H1837 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / gold carving, enamel bengal tiger totem decorative faceplate / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 41mm / limited 6 pieces / reference price: 888,000 RMB