Gucci New Watch Commemorating The 2008 Olympic Games

Gucci launched two specially designed watches for the opening of his largest store and the 2008 Olympic Games: the luxurious New York Signoria watch with a bone-made dial and the limited edition 8-8- 2008 I-Gucci.
The New York Signoria watch is crafted from gold and diamonds with a bone dial. It is specially designed by Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini for the company’s largest store, located at 725 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Opened in February.
To be sold in stores in New York City also include the brand’s signature horse chews, and other boutiques decorated with cognac topaz and diamonds, such as the drop-shaped cut cognac topaz and diamond cocktail rings. Earrings and necklaces, pendant a drop-shaped cut Cognac topaz, surrounded by 156 diamonds, total weight 45.11 carats.

The 8-8-2008 I-Gucci watch, the company’s first digital watch, with 2008 engraved on the case back
The 8-8-2008 I-Gucci collection includes eight sporty accessories to commemorate the upcoming Olympic Games.
The 8-8-2008 I-Gucci watch is the company’s first digital watch. The distinguished black dial, steel frame and refreshing digital surface, the case back records 2008 with red and green signs year. The outside of the red rubber strap is engraved with the Gucci logo, while the inside is decorated with the large Gucci icon-GG. Wearers of this watch can also choose to display Beijing time exclusively on the surface.
For a total of eight sports accessories, the series uses a red main tone.
‘Not only because red represents two emotions, happiness and festiveness, these are the two emotions brought to you by the global sports event of the Olympics, and red is also the most popular color in 2008,’ Giannini said in a media Said at the conference. ‘I have exactly eight categories for this series. This number is an auspicious number in Chinese culture.’
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