Glasutti Julias Asman Watch

Julia Asman 4 watch Cal. 46 manual movement / 18K rose gold material / 45mm diameter / central hour and minute hands (the hour hand uses the retrograde mechanism) / 9 o’clock tourbillon The splint is hand-hollowed, decorated / sapphire crystal, bottom cover / can be used with a bracelet as a pocket watch / limited to 25 pieces because the main part of the watch is also a pocket watch, which can be used with a rose gold bracelet. So the crown at 3 o’clock completely retains the design of the pocket watch crown. The tourbillon mechanism is located at 9 o’clock on the dial. The simple-shaped arc-shaped bracket traverses it and supports the operation of the tourbillon. The tourbillon also has an independent small second hand to facilitate people to accurately read the seconds. To commemorate Julias Asman, one of the four pioneers of the watchmaking industry in the town of Glashütte, GLASH 吀 吀 E ORIGINAL launched the commemorative Julias Asman watch. Welcoming the fourth member-Julia Assmann 4 watch.
I believe readers can see at a glance from the 3-point crown that this watch is both a ‘watch’ and a ‘pocket watch’. It can be worn on the hand or with a bracelet as a pocket watch (the main body of the watch (Detachable from strap). When used as a wristwatch, it is convenient to read; when used as a pocket watch, it may not be as convenient as a wristwatch, but occasionally it is elegant to take out the time to feel the old-fashioned sentiment of a pocket watch.
主题 Our last part of the theme is a skeleton watch that highlights the hand-engraving process. Julias Asman 4 is also very good in this respect. Through the hollow part of the dial, we can clearly see the gentle and elegant patterns on the movement’s splint. After exquisite hand carving, it blooms on each splint and each bracket, until all the corners are decorated. Even though it is impossible to see the full picture of these gold carvings because of the upper hollowed-out dial, as long as the exposed part must be decorated with exquisite patterns, the seriousness and patience of Glashütte’s artisans when carving the decoration is thus visible.

Updated: 22. October 2020 — 17:37
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