Feeling Mellow Taste Lange’s Latest Little Lange 1 Series Watch

Lange, a representative brand of German watches, is also a rare non-Swiss top brand watch, which can be said to be the best honorary representative of German watches. Today’s watch home is To bring you a new LANGE 1 watch launched by Lange at the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, the official watch model is 113.043.

 Little Lange 1 has a mother-of-pearl dial based on blue, and a 36mm 18K white gold case, which fully demonstrates the femininity of Lange’s famous design.

The watch is designed with a diameter of 36.1 mm
 The watch is designed with a diameter of 36.1 mm and is made of 18K white gold. The biggest feature of the watch is that it uses a blue mother-of-pearl dial design and a blue calfskin strap. The image is very different.

Brushed and polished design on the side of the watch
 The crown of the watch is also made of 18K white gold and uses a threaded design for convenient watch tuning. The side of the watch uses a design that combines drawing and polishing, which is beautiful and stylish, and has a certain dynamic effect. .

The watch is designed with a watch thickness of 10 mm
 The watch is designed with a thickness of 10 mm. It has a moderate thickness when worn on the wrist. It is more textured. At 10 o’clock, the watch has a large calendar quick-adjust button, and a special prop to quickly adjust the large calendar. Simple and convenient.

The watch is designed with a blue mother-of-pearl dial
 The watch is designed with a blue mother-of-pearl dial. At 1 o’clock, the watch features a large Lange classic calendar display, which is intuitive and beautiful. The watch has a power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock and the normal small seconds at 5 o’clock. This design is matched with the hour and minute hands at 9 o’clock, which occupies all the space on the watch face. , Orderly, echoing each other.

The watch is equipped with a manual winding movement of the L901.4 type manufactured by Lange Manufacture.
 The watch is equipped with the L901.4 manual winding movement made by Lange watch factory, which meets Lange’s strictest quality standards. It is carefully modified and assembled by hand. It is fine-tuned in five directions, double barrel design, and splint Manufactured from untreated German silver; hand-engraved balance wheel plywood.

In summary: Little Lange 1 has all the elements that a Lange contemporary classic design should have. These include a hand-made movement with a power reserve of up to three days and a large calendar display unique to the brand. The German silver 3/4 splint with Glashütte rib pattern, the gold sleeve fixed with high-temperature-treated blue steel screws, and the hand-engraved gooseneck-type fine-tuning system on the balance splint further show this masterpiece of watchmaking. Technical features.

Updated: 28. April 2021 — 11:30
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