Customized Tag Heuer ‘sound Graffiti Christmas Tree’ Wins Hong Kong Double Tour

The pace of Christmas is getting closer and closer … Linlang lanterns are full of streets and alleys, and the window is dressed as a fairy tale kingdom. Merry Christmas songs sing in all directions. Slowly, the splendid Christmas tree rises across the street, and another year of Christmas night is coming. When you open a window on a snow-covered night, look at the quiet falling snow outside the window, breathe the fresh air after the snow, look up at the bright starry sky, what a wonderful picture! On the occasion of the romantic Christmas, Tag Heuer, an old Swiss watch brand with a long history, has prepared a very special Christmas gift for you. Please follow the editor to find out.
  This Christmas, TAG Heuer has prepared a unique custom sound graffiti ‘Christmas tree’ for you. As long as you send Tag Heuer’s Christmas greetings to Tag Heuer on the homepage of Tiger Heuer’s official WeChat (ID: TAGHeuer_1860) homepage, you can instantly customize your voice graffiti Christmas tree. There are three different graffiti filters, more Make it unique. Want more surprises? You can also go to any of TAG Heuer stores across the country on December 25, scan the QR code on the card to participate in the event, and have the chance to win a variety of happy Christmas gifts such as the Hong Kong Double Party.

How to customize a personalized ‘Sound Doodle Christmas Tree’?
Step1: Follow the Tag Heuer WeChat public platform

Or directly click on the blue word ‘TAGHeuer’ at the top of this article and follow

Step2: Send voice message

Step3: Customize your Christmas tree and share it with your friends

Step4: Go to the store and participate in the lucky draw

What are the happy Christmas gifts?
   TAG Heuer Christmas Gifts has prepared a wealth of Christmas gifts for the majority of participating users. From now until December 25, users who experience the Tag Heuer Sound Graffiti Christmas Tree and send it to their friends will have the opportunity to visit any of the stores in Tag Heuer across the country to enter the store with the event ID to extract Christmas gifts.
Christmas gift prize details:
[Passion Christmas Ceremony] Hong Kong Luxury Couple
[Precise Christmas Gifts] VIP Holiday Gift Vouchers for Tag Heuer Flagship Store (2000 RMB)
[Pioneer Christmas Ceremony] Tag Heuer Exquisite Pioneer Gift
   Tag Heuer has prepared such a rich gift for everyone on this romantic Christmas, yes! This is a luxurious two-person tour in Hong Kong. In order to take her / him for an unforgettable Christmas, come and try your luck soon. I have explained in detail the way of participation above!