Count Piaget 2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show Series Shines Magnificently And Shows Golden Charm

The charm of gold is irresistible. The rich color and strong plasticity continue to inspire the creative inspiration of artists and craftsmen. As early as 1957, the earl continued to explore and strive to present the immortal charm of precious materials such as gold and platinum. After more than 60 years, Piaget sharpened and precipitated unparalleled gold craftsmanship and keen and delicate design ideas. At the 2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show, Piaget made a magnificent appearance with breathtaking gold watch masterpieces and new decoration techniques, recreating the classic trend of the past.
Golden moment

   Gold is the most precious material, and it is admired by the world today. It used to be used only in the most noble and sacred vessels. Piaget combines the charm of traditional gold with innovative gold skills in a unique way, embodying the brand’s superb craftsmanship. The goldsmiths of the Count Plan-les-Ouates workshop in Geneva possessed ingenious craftsmanship and creative ideas, creating more than 100 unique gold watches and bracelets. Various forms of gold works, whether they are exquisite bracelets interlocked with each other, or a flexible strap woven with fine gold wire, all highlight the Piaget’s light weight, exquisite skill, and wear precious gold jewelry The person brings pleasant sensory enjoyment.
   In recent years, Piaget has restored the elegant gold craftsmanship of antique collections from the 1960s to the 1970s, reappearing the radiant elegance of the Piaget Society. Launched in 2018, the Extremely Lady series regains classic decoration and new design. It is beautifully carved with rose fur, frost and wood texture on the surface of rose gold. Piaget presented new and exquisite works at the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie in 2019, inheriting and continuing the ultimate craftsmanship of the brand.

New Extremely Lady Rose Gold Watch (G0A44217)

   The Extremely Lady rose gold watch (G0A44217) is textured like the scales of exotic beasts, and the light and shadow are refracting dazzling ripples, adding a splendid brilliance to this series of stunning natural texture decoration art. Each scale is carefully polished by hand, showing a unique beauty with nuances and endless changes, and finally strung into a glittering, gently fit bracelet. The dials and straps of the new Extremely Lady watch are engraved with scale textures, recreating the aesthetic classics of Piaget watches from the 1960s to the 1970s. The bezel-set diamonds and rose gold warm light trace the classic lines from half a century ago. They are timeless and elegant.

Limelight Gala Hand-Carved Rose Gold Bracelet Watch (G0A44167)

   Interpreting the classics of the era and highlighting the Piaget elegance, the Limelight Gala watch is famous for its asymmetrical exquisite curves and modern retro style. In 2019, the Limelight Gala series launched a gorgeous rose gold hand-carved bracelet watch (G0A44167), showing the exquisite Piaget craftsmanship. This texture engraving design called palace-style totems is derived from several Piaget classics from the 1960s and is now reproduced on the new Limelight Gala watch. The exquisite texture and the vivid lines on the dark green malachite dial complement each other. Release Ambilight Ambilight. The new hollow structure on the bezel and lugs facilitates the insertion of brighter diamonds with larger diameters. The brilliant-cut diamonds, the gold case, and the strap are perfectly natural, with no traces of chiseling.
Classic halo eternal flow
   The new watch reproduces the classic shadow of the brand’s classic series, paired with rare gold, and embarks on a dazzling journey with Piaget. The new 2019 model will embody Piaget’s fascination with natural materials and natural elements, and it will be vividly reflected in the golden charm.

New Altiplano watch

New Altiplano G0A44051 watch

New Altiplano Blue Meteorite Dial

   The new Altiplano watch in 2019 incorporates meteorites from the vast starry sky into a slim and elegant dial. The natural gray and dark blue meteorite dials interpret the ultimate elegance of the Altiplano series (G0A44051-G0A44052- G0A44053). The eye-catching bright golden meteorite dial (G0A44050) adds a touch of soft light to this series. The elegant rose gold case with the unique geometric texture of the meteorite forms a visually harmonious contrast.

 Tradition white gold watch

   The Tradition white gold watch uses an exquisite craftsmanship to closely link the bracelet into a light and flexible whole, showing Piaget’s exquisite traditional techniques. The new pink mother-of-pearl dial brings a lively and lively atmosphere, adding another fresh and elegant choice in addition to the previously restrained silver and diamond pavé models.
   The clever Milan mesh belt is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of this year’s Possession watch. The soft, smooth and luxurious gold woven chain bracelet is handmade by hand, presenting a unique delicate texture. The mother-of-pearl dial refracts brilliant light, and the classic rotating bezel is set with gorgeous diamonds to capture the radiance.
   The Piaget Polo S rose gold watch, which debuted in 2018, infused with diamonds into this year’s brilliant light, will push the vibrant and energetic Polo S series to a gorgeous peak, which will soon be unveiled at the 2019 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show. New fashion style.

Updated: 24. February 2010 — 20:59
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