Completely! Swiss Timetable Presents “ 2019 Hong Kong China Everest Mountain Climbing Team ” Oath Of Teachers And 2019 Lawrence “ Best Sports Moment Of The Year Award ” Mr. Xia Boyu Zhu Jiehui

On March 18, 2019, the ‘Hong Kong China Mountaineering and Climbing Association’ coincided with the 35th anniversary of the founding of this year. For the first time, a four-person climbing port team expedition to Everest was launched by the famous Hong Kong mountaineering Mr. Zeng Zhicheng, the record holder and initiator of Everest summit, led the three selected members, including Zhang Zhihui, Li Leji and Lu Zechen, to challenge Everest to reach the summit in May this year.

Mr. Zeng Zhicheng, a well-known Hong Kong mountaineer, the Everest summit record holder and promoter, led the three selected members, including Zhang Zhihui, Lai Leji and Lu Zechen

Mr. Xia Boyu

  In order to inspire morale and challenge success, the flag was officially awarded to the climbing team in today’s oath. And it is an honor to invite Mr. Xia Boyu, the ‘legless warrior’ winner of the Lawrence ‘Best Sports Moment of the Year’ 2019, as a guest.

  The leader, Mr. Zeng Zhicheng, is an expert in climbing in Hong Kong. He has climbed Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,848 meters three times. He is the first Hong Kong climber to successfully summit from the south (Nepal) and the north (Tibet, China). Since the 1990s, it has challenged the highest peaks in different mountains and 7 continents, including Denali Mountain in North America and Aconcagua Mountain in South America. Mr. Tseng stated in the oath of worship: ‘I had this dream 10 years ago, that is to organize a team of mountain climbing Hong Kong teams to challenge Everest. At the same time, it is not enough for athletes in Hong Kong to work alone; as athletes, we Welcome more interested companies like DOXA to support and fulfill your dreams and send more positive energy to Hong Kong. ‘

  Mr. Lu Zechen, the captain of the mountaineering, is an ice and snow climbing and mountain art coach of the Mountain Climbing Association. He has organized many training courses and led many overseas mountain climbing activities, and is committed to promoting ice and snow climbing and mountain art activities in Hong Kong.

  The climber, Mr. Zhang Zhihui, loves climbing activities. He is currently a mountain climbing instructor of the Mountaineering Association and an athlete of the Hong Kong Ice Climbing Team. He has represented Hong Kong to Switzerland this season.

  Another member, Mr. Li Leji, has climbed mountains in mainland China and overseas many times, and has traveled to Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan, and has many years of mountaineering experience.

In order to inspire morale and challenge success, Mr. Xia Boyu timely representatives and special guests formally awarded the flag to the climbing team in today’s oath meeting

Mr. Xia Boyu, climbing team, timetable representative and timetable special guests toast on the stage together, I wish the climbing team a successful summit

  Mr. Xia Boyu is also respected as Teacher Xia. He will be 70 years old this year. He climbed Mount Everest with the Chinese National Mountaineering Team for the first time at the age of 26. During the process, he lent his sleeping bag to his teammates. Unfortunately, he suffered severe frostbite and was amputated. Under double setbacks, Mr. Xia did not give up his dream and challenged Everest for three consecutive years since 2014. Unfortunately, he returned without success. Mr. Xia wished the Hong Kong mountaineering team to climb Mount Everest in the oath. At the same time, I also shared the spirit of never failing: ‘Many people are jealous of my chance to climb Everest. They said,’ Many people with feet fail, you can’t go up the mountain without feet. ‘But I didn’t bother, I Tell yourself, you must have confidence, self-reliance, and fight against fate! Persistence is my belief! ‘

  Finally, in May last year, with the support of the Swiss timetable DOXA, he battled Everest again and eventually succeeded in reaching the summit. Mr. Xia will share his legendary story today and wish him the honor of being lauded as the ‘Sports Academy Oscar’ Lawrence’s Best Sports Moment of the Year. DOXA specially ordered a gift, made of Lukfook Jewellery with a gold medal engraved with the portrait of Teacher Xia, and printed a blessing to congratulate him on winning the Lawrence Sports Award, which is of special significance.

Representatives from the ‘Hong Kong China Mountaineering and Climbing Association’ climbing team interviewed by various media.

  ‘Time’ is particularly important for climbers in the polar regions, where every minute is at the moment of life and death. DOXA, a Swiss timepiece that has entered 130 years of watchmaking history, has won the trust of Mr. Xia Boyu, a ‘legless warrior’ and the Hong Kong climbing team in China, for precise and perfect timepieces. Everyone is wearing the exclusive and customized watch sponsored by DOXA worldwide, and is the perfect partner of Everest Dream.

  In particular, far-reaching is that DOXA is not only a ‘peak trust’ in the mountain climbing field, but also a ‘deep sea pioneer’ in deep oceans. It proves that DOXA watches are not afraid of any challenges whether they are underwater or on the ground. A solid partner for the settlers. DOXA sponsored the 2019 Everest climbing team in Hong Kong, China to sponsor Shark’s 300L D200 and PilotCollection D212. Each unique custom-made watch is modified according to the requirements of the climbing team, and is engraved with the name of the climbing team and the Everest carving pattern as a memorial. The Shark Deep Dive 300L Series D200 watch has excellent water resistance to 300 meters. The bar-shaped hour markers and sword-shaped hands covered with luminous material ensure that the time can be easily read in dark environments. PilotCollection D212 watch adopts clear and easy-to-read Arabic numerals on the hour markers. At 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock, the hands are coated with luminous materials, and the fighter aircraft’s instrument panel design is used to display the date and day. Both have witnessed and recorded every wonderful moment of the journey through DOXA’s unparalleled creativity and superb craftsmanship.

Pilot Collection technical parameters
Model: D212
Movement: Swiss automatic mechanical movement
Function: three hands, date, day of the week
Case: stainless steel, black ceramic bezel, diameter 45 mm
Dial: white
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Strap: light brown leather belt;
Includes a grey-black strip nylon strap
Bottom of the table: stainless steel with aircraft propeller pattern engraved
Water resistance: 100 meters
Limited: 1 piece

Shark Collection technical parameters
Model: D200
Movement: Swiss automatic mechanical movement
Dial: orange, luminous scale
Case: stainless steel case with two-tone ceramic bezel (cool black with aqua blue),
46mm diameter
Glass: Sapphire crystal
Bottom of the table: DOXA diving shark pattern
Strap: rubber band
Clasp: Double press slingshot
Water resistance: 300 meters
Limited: 1 piece

Updated: 23. June 2021 — 17:02
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