Colorful Hublot Big Bang Fruit Series Watch

Hublot Big Bang Fruit Watch
The watch is just as it is called. In the fruit series, it is difficult for us to find the strong sense of the previous Big Bang watches. At first glance, the watch can create a very fresh impression, and naturally it is also very suitable as the first choice in spring. The color matching of the watch is also unique, ‘Lemon’, ‘Apple’, ‘Rose’, ‘Rose’, ‘Purple’, ‘Orange’, and ‘Blue’, making everyone Wear your favorite color on your wrist. Depending on the color of the watch, the dial of each watch is inlaid with different gems, making the watch more attractive to women.
这样 In such a season, people are gradually getting rid of their bloated winter clothes, and at the same time, they are planning for the new year. And the rise in temperature is like a watershed in lifestyle. Those gatherings that have been endlessly not long ago have slowly begun to shrink from everyone’s schedule and replaced by more and more outdoor activities. All the changes also let us start to consider: whether the watch that has been parked on our wrists for a long time should also be changed in accordance with the changes of this winter and spring season.
Farewell dress
Whether it is a beautifully shaped and sophisticated watch with complex functions, or a dazzling diamond jewelry watch, the appearance of these watches always makes the wearer suddenly become the focus of attention at various gatherings. However, these expensive and valuable watches naturally do not meet the needs of wearing when going out and playing. At the same time, we are used to wearing a simple dress watch at work. The style of its watch is also difficult to coordinate with the casual style. I am afraid that it is difficult for anyone to imagine a friend wearing casual sports clothing on his wrist Wear a PP or Lange precious metal three-hand watch.
Colorful fun
When referring to the words that describe spring, colorful red or pink willow green are the most commonly used ones. It can be seen how wonderful the beautiful colors of spring can make people. Especially in April, the flowers that are racing to bloom, the green branches just spit, have brought us more visual enjoyment. But if at this moment, you still wear a watch with simple tones such as low-key traditional black and white, isn’t it incompatible with this bright spring?
Strap change
The change of seasons, let us not only pay attention to the appearance and technology of the watch when choosing a watch, but also think about whether wearing this watch can give you enough comfort: the appropriate strap material can enhance Breathability, reducing the function of the wrist restraint, on the contrary, some types of straps will not look suitable after entering the spring. For example, the magnificent silk strap has a life span that is greatly reduced with the help of sweat and moisture, and after sweating on the wrist, it will be quite uncomfortable to touch the leather strap. Therefore, at the time when winter clothing is removed, it is imperative to choose a suitable strap.