Cartier International Polo Challenge Golden Autumn Lands In China

The King’s Movement, the Royal Style-Since its association in the 1980s, the connection between the hallowed brand Cartier and Polo has lasted for nearly 30 years. In October, the Cartier International Polo Tournament is about to start a new journey in Beijing, thus becoming a new stop for the world’s top polo elites after Windsor Palace, St. Moritz, and Dubai, UAE. In the Cartier International Polo Tournament in 2005, British Queen Elizabeth II awarded the ‘Coronation Cup’
    At that time, the Cartier International Polo Tournament will be grandly opened at the Beijing Tang Polo Club, perfectly presenting the nobility and passion of the “King of Sports” to Chinese fans, and conveying the honor and elegance of a social feast.
UK station: unique royal descent
    The Cartier International Polo Tournament began in 1985 and was co-founded by Cartier in conjunction with the British Guards Polo Club at Windsor Palace. As the birthplace of modern polo, the British upper class, including the royal family, has shown great enthusiasm for this sport. Each Cartier International Polo Tournament in Windsor will not only welcome the founder and current chairman of the Royal Forest Polo Club, Prince Philip, but also see Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family. And Prince Charles and Harry, who have been training polo since their infancy, have once played for the Welsh team. As the most important social event in Britain every year, this event has attracted many celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Elton John, Pierce Brucenan, Kate Blanchett and so on.
In 2003, Prince Harry participated in the Cartier International Polo Tournament
Switzerland: Gorgeous Adventure in Bold Innovation
    In 1986, Cartier brought the international polo tournament to the Swiss resort of St. Moritz. As the host of the two Winter Olympics, St. Moritz is extremely cold in winter. From December to May of each year, the wide St. Moritz Lake enters the icing period, and the thick ice surface becomes the playing field of Cartier International Polo Tournament. This adventurous snow game is well known in the polo world for its completely different playing environment. Every year, more than 20,000 people come here to admire the visual feast brought by the collaboration of horses and horses in the snow. It is Cartier’s unprecedented pioneering work that has injected fresh blood into this traditional sport of polo, and also marked a new milestone.
Dubai station: a luxurious feast with unique style
    In the new century, the Cartier International Polo Tournament has expanded again. Since ancient times, the Middle East has been full of the love of polo. In March 2006, with the introduction of the Chief of Dubai, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Mohammed, and his wife Princess Haya, Cartier crossed the Gulf Pearl Dubai to the Desert Palm Polo Complex in the Middle East’s giant Ali The exotic Cartier Lawn Polo Tournament was launched. The noble, elegant and passionate event has made the members of the royal family in the Middle East have a special liking for it, and the luxurious feast of esteem is another unique scenery.
China Station: A New Journey for the Kings
    In 2012, the Cartier International Polo Tournament went east again, and will soon debut in Beijing with the Royal Forest Polo Club and the Tang Polo Club. This time, Cartier will uphold the unique royal style and noble taste of life, bring together the world’s top partners and polo elites, and present a splendid sports event and a noble and elegant social feast for China.
    At the golden autumn, ‘2012 Cartier International Polo Challenge (China)’ invites you to come to the scene, enjoy the royal charm with us, and feel the style of the king.

Updated: 30. June 2020 — 18:42
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