Bulletproof Touchscreen Solar 5 Introverted High Precision Watches Inventory

A major theme of this year’s Basel watch exhibition is that the technical content has been greatly enhanced, and even the most classic styles have shined even more brilliantly under the light of technology. The main high-tech Seiko, Citizen, and of course, Casio, have added gps function to the product, which can achieve satellite synchronization, which means that the wearer will reach the The watch is immediately adjusted to the local time.

One of the most interesting innovative designs comes from Casio. They added Bluetooth synchronization to their analog watch products, which allows their owners to control the alarm, time adjustment and ‘GMT’ hands with an app. The two places show the time so that when you travel around the world, you can always know the home time. It is said that this is the first analog watch on the market that supports wireless technology.

1. ‘Football Timer’: Hublot Big Bang Unico Chronograph

Hublot Big Bang Unico Chronograph

Hublot is the official FIFA watch. In order to welcome the forthcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Hublot launched the Big Bang Unico, a chronograph watch with double retrograde function, officially becoming the World Cup in Brazil. Official timepiece. The chronograph dial of this watch is specifically designed for football matches with a half-time of 45 minutes. The hands of the chronograph range from 0 to 45 minutes, and there is a 15-minute stoppage area. The dial color design is obviously inspired by the representative colors of Brazil, the host country of this World Cup-green and yellow. Limited to 100 pieces, this Hublot Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph watch has a carbon fiber bezel, an 18K gold case, and an automatic chronograph movement.

2. “One hour of sunshine in one hour!”: Tissot Tengzhi series solar touch screen watch

Tissot Solar Touchscreen Watch

腕表 This watch uses solar technology to accumulate energy, which gives it super long power-only one hour of sunshine can guarantee its hands to move for a year. Equipped with up to 25 functions, including altimeters, timers, etc. Because of the built-in air pressure sensor, it can also provide weather forecasts, which is powerful enough to win the wearer’s favor. If these are not enough, then what I want to tell you is that all these functions can be selected through its touch screen! Made of titanium, this watch is extremely lightweight.

3. “Sync with app”: Casio Ediface EQB-500 Bluetooth 4.0 watch

Casio Ediface EQB-500 Bluetooth 4.0 Watch

The Casio Ediface EQB-500 Bluetooth 4.0 watch is an interesting combination of traditional analog and digital connected watches, allowing its users to synchronize their watches with their smartphones. Through an app, you can automatically update the time, set the GMT second time zone time display, and even set an alarm clock. Casio is the official partner of the F1 Red Bull Racing team. Therefore, this watch also has built-in data for each track, which can display the average speed of the driver after the timing is completed.

4. “Fuel Gauge Power Reserve”: Dreyfuss & Co Reserve de Marche

Dreyfus Power Reserve Display

腕表 This watch is exquisite in design and glorious. With Reserve Du Marche automatic movement, it has a 45-hour power reserve. However, what sets it apart is a fuel gauge-style power reserve display small dial that allows users to see the remaining power at a glance.

5. ‘Real Bulletproof Watch’: Casio GSHOCK GPW-1000 (Casio GSHOCK GPW-1000)

Casio GSHOCK GPW-1000

This is another automatic synchronization watch of Casio. Both built-in radio wave and GPS technology can be used to correct time. In addition, this may be the first true bulletproof watch, so it is quite ‘weight’, and only those ‘iron wrists’ can play.