Breitling Using ‘truder Movement’, Is It Worth Buying? ?

Since Breitling opened stores in Beijing’s Wangfu Zhonghuan and SKP, I can see Breitling watches every time I go shopping, and I pay more and more attention to Breitling.

Breitling’s New Super Ocean Culture
 I remember in 2017, Breitling and Tudor announced a cooperation to exchange movements. Breitling provided the self-produced B01 automatic timing movement to Tudor; Tudor provided the self-produced MT5612 automatic movement to Breitling. Breitling refurbished the Tudor MT5612 movement and renamed it the B20 movement, which is used in Breitling’s new marine culture (official name, Super Marine Culture II). I have bought a Breitling B01 calibre NAVITIMER before, so this time I will inevitably ‘start’ with marine culture using Tudor movement.

Breitling’s new super marine culture includes junior hands and chronographs, and comes in a variety of sizes and colors.
This watch is better than I expected.
 After I bought this watch, after wearing it for a few days, the watch gave me more feelings than I originally expected. In other words, this watch with a public price of 35800, its configuration and performance make me feel that it is worth the money. Let me talk about it in detail.
 Breitling’s new Super Marine Culture II is available in a variety of sizes. I bought a 46mm model. The size of 46 mm is numerically very large, and these big watches of IWC, Blancpain classic size 50 噚 are a class. But after getting started, this watch gives me a feeling smaller than Dafei, and the actual feeling is similar to wearing a 45mm 50 毫米. Because of the well-designed lugs and bracelet, getting started is very handy (this will be described in detail below).

The 46mm Breitling Super Marine Culture feels similar to the 45mm 50mm.
 The first upgrade of the new Breitling Marine Culture is the bezel. The new Marine Culture uses ceramic rings instead of the previous aluminum rings. The ceramic ring is very wide, there is a luminous point at 12 o’clock on the ceramic ring, and the rest is a grainy matte scale. Polished and bright ceramic rings also form a light and dark effect with matte scales.

The new Super Ocean Culture uses ceramic rings. On the dial is Breitling’s new B logo.
 The face of the new marine culture is also very beautiful. It has a fine sunburst decoration on the blue surface. Under the light, there will be a radiation effect. The watch uses polished bar-shaped hour markers. At the end of the hour markers, there are luminous dots, of which 12, 3, 6, 9 positions are digital scales. We can notice that above the plate, the new marine culture uses Breitling’s new B logo, without wings. We also said before that, for any watches and retro models that have continued in the history of Breitling, such as the aviation timepiece NAVITIMER, marine culture will use the retro B mark (the prototype watch of Marine Culture is the Breitling diving watch in 1957). More modern watches, such as the Avengers and Super Ocean, continue to use the wing logo.
 The pointer of the new marine culture is a place to pay attention to, because this is the place to identify the new B20 movement (Tuduo MT5612) or the old ETA movement (the old model has been discontinued, but it is still in circulation in the secondary market).

Note that one of the hallmarks of the new Super Ocean Culture is that the triangular arrow is divided in half by the middle of the hour hand.
 1. The new marine culture using the B20 (Tuduo MT5612) movement, the hour hand is an arrow, there is a dividing line in the middle of the arrow, and the arrow is divided into two. Old ETA movements that have been discontinued have no dividing line in the middle of the hour hand.
 2. The new minute hand is a sword-shaped pointer, and the old one is a rod-shaped pointer. Through the hour and minute hands, you can recognize at a glance whether the new or discontinued old model.

The crown of the new super marine culture is also the new B-shaped logo.
 The new marine culture uses the B20 movement, which is the Breitling version of the Tudor MT5612 movement. The biggest change in the Breitling B20 movement and the Tudor MT5612 original is that Breitling polished and decorated this movement. Due to the influence of positioning, Tudor’s movement cannot be polished too much, otherwise it will exceed Tudor’s public price range. Therefore, the MT5612 movement of Tudor’s own use, only relatively simple sandblasting and wire drawing on the movement plywood. Breitling adorned the B20 movement with a Geneva stripe decoration and gilded the lettering on the movement. Although Breitling’s marine culture is also a solid bottom cover, the movement cannot be seen, but the polishing decoration is all available.

Breitling’s new super-marine culture uses the B20 movement, which is the Breitling version of the Tudor MT5612 movement.
 In terms of movement performance, Breitling B20 and Tudor MT5612 remain the same. 70-hour power, using a card-free fine adjustment weight balance, certified by the observatory. Judging from the actual travel time, my watch is basically 3 seconds per day. All Breitling watches are certified by the observatory, and the travel time is guaranteed.

Tudor MT5612 (above) and Breitling B20 (below), we can see that the Breitling version has more decoration.
 The strap of the new marine culture left a deep impression on me. This watch comes with a Milan bracelet. Since I have never bought a Milan chain watch in these years, my understanding of Milan chain has lagged. The Milanese chain in my impression is still the same as before. After truncating the bracelet, it cannot be extended. After buying this new marine culture, I discovered that the current Milanese chain is just like a regular steel chain, and the end of the bracelet is also small and can be removed, shortened or extended. The woven Milanese chain is very soft and very comfortable to wear. While taking into account wearing the scale, it also highlights the retro style of this watch. The buckle of the bracelet is a folding buckle, similar to the Rolex Water Ghost, with two ‘switches’ on the buckle.

Breitling’s new super marine culture Milanese chain and buckle, the buckle is the Breitling wings logo.
 In addition to the Milanese chain, the new marine culture is also equipped with tape. What is special is that the tape of this watch also imitates the appearance of the Milan chain, and the surface of the tape has a weaving pattern.

Breitling’s tape and Milanese chain.
 In terms of price, Breitling’s new marine culture has a public price of 35,800. This public price is relatively reasonable in mainstream watches, not high, and is in the same price range as Omega’s hippocampus 300 meters, IWC Mark, Portor Red 60, Cartier Key, Panerai 774, etc. (discounts, exchange rates, secondary markets and other factors) , See personal circumstances). Although it is a diving watch like the Omega Seahorse 300 meters, the retro route taken by Breitling Marine Culture forms a different style from the seahorse 300 meters. The same is that Breitling’s new marine culture also has a 5-year warranty (Breitling’s self-produced movement watches have a 5-year warranty, and the B20 movement is positioned as its own movement). The new marine culture has a high face value, and its overall configuration is more prominent in its class. In addition, Breitling has always been stable, strong and durable, it is very suitable for daily wear.
PS. Last is the full set.

Updated: 3. May 2021 — 16:46
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