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Longines L697, L698 And L707 Self-winding Watch Settings

Crown with 3 different adjustment positions (L697-698-707)
The rotating crown can be used not only to adjust the hour, minute and second hands, but also to synchronize the day, date and second time zone time.
When the watch is wound manually or automatically by wrist movement, the power reserve indicator (L697 movement) will also move automatically.
Adjusting the time and stop-second position (L697-698-707)
When the second hand passes the 60-second position, pull out the crown to the outermost position 3. The second hand will stop running. You can adjust the time by turning the crown forward or backward. With the time signal (telephone, radio and television), after adjusting the time, push the crown back to the position 1. Every time the hour hand passes midnight, the date will automatically update.
This operation will affect the time in the second time zone. Whenever the hand passes midnight, the day of the week and the date will change accordingly. Push the crown back to position 1 and the adjustment will take effect. When the crown is pulled out to the outermost position 3, the day of the week, date, and 24-hour time zone hands stop jumping.
Quickly adjust the time (L697-698-707)
Pull the crown out to the middle position 2. Rotate the crown back and forth, the hour hand will jump by one hour without affecting the minute or second hands. Then push the crown back to position 1. This operation affects the day of the week and the date. The day of the week and the day of the week also change when the hands pass midnight. Push the crown back to position 1 and the adjustment will take effect. When the crown is pulled out to position 2, the day, date, and 24-hour time zone hands stop jumping.
Adjustment time (AM / PM) (L697-698-707)
The dial of this watch is divided into 12 hours. The date and day will only change once every 24 hours (that is, once every two laps of the hour hand).
In order to ensure that the date and week jump at midnight, before adjusting the date and week, please carefully follow the instructions below:
Pull out the crown to position 2 (quickly adjust the time position), and turn it clockwise until the clock hand has completed a full circle.
Pull crown out to position 1 (winding position)
Check if the day of the week changes.
If the day of the week changes, the watch indicates that it is morning (am). If the watch indicates that it is morning and the actual time is afternoon, please pull out the crown to position 2 (quickly adjust the time position) and rotate the crown until The hour hand has completed a full circle.
If the day of the week has not changed, the watch indicates that it is morning (pm). If the watch indicates that it is afternoon and the actual time is morning, please pull out the crown to position 2 (quickly adjust the time position), rotate the crown, Until the hour hand completes a full circle.
Pull crown out to position 1 (winding position)
NOTE: When the crown is in positions 2 and 3, you will not see any changes on the dial.
24-hour hand: If you do not want to use the ‘second time zone’ function, you can turn it into a 24-hour hand. This allows you to avoid this process in the future.
功能 Function of three buttons (L697-698-707)
三个 When the crown is in any position, three buttons can be used.
星期 Calibration week
Press button A to adjust the day of the week
日期 Calibration date
Press button B to adjust the date
   Note: Never adjust the date or use button A (day adjustment button) and button B (date adjustment button) between 9 pm and 3 am to avoid damage to the machine.
Adjust the time in the second time zone (24-hour hand)
Note: Before using button C, turn it counterclockwise. Tighten the adjuster after use to ensure that the watch is still waterproof.

Earl’s Booth At The First Asian Haute Horlogerie Show

[The first Asian haute horlogerie in the House of Watches] On September 25, 2013, ‘Clocks and Miracles-The First Asian Haute Horlogerie Exhibition’ was officially launched at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Kicked off. The Watch House team made a special trip to Hong Kong to bring you the exhibition report in front of you in the first place, and here is the report of Piaget’s booth.

 The luxury of the Piaget brand as always has become the biggest highlight of the entire booth. The golden logo and silver background also interpret the theme to the extreme.

The above is the situation of the Piaget booth of ‘Clocks and Miracles-The First Asian High-end Watch and Clock Exhibition’. More detailed information will be brought to you later.
For new products of Piaget Hong Kong Watch Fair, please click: 20130123 / 15968.html

Nomos Tangente Series 122 Watch Introduction

35mm black PVD stainless steel case / time indication / & alpha; (Alpha) hand-finished movement / sapphire crystal, transparent caseback / black leather strap with general buckle /
 The Tangente watch is the most representative series of NOMOS. Since 1992, it has become the brand’s best-selling style. The round case, angled lug shape, minimal time scales, graduations, and extremely fine blue steel. The pointer fully complies with the highest principle of NOMOS’s design supremacy. In order to pursue a more classic and timeless appearance, unlike the general brand, which uses rich elements, it insists on its own style and uses the simplest basic combination to achieve the wearing goal suitable for each occasion. Take the Tangente Norma watch as an example. The most original three-pin display of the series is matched with a black PVD stainless steel case. The matte black case is understated and fashionable, which also makes the appearance more powerful.

Polished carefully
This model is equipped with & alpha; (Alpha) hand-finished movement, 3/4 plywood, blue steel screws, and delicate Geneva corrugated plywood polishing, etc., all show the rigorous style from Glashutte.

Cartier’s ‘burst’ Santos Has Been Updated, Please Pay Attention To Distinguish New And Old Models

It is not too late to get to the topic. Brothers, please note that at this year’s watch exhibition, Cartier has updated and replaced Santos and launched a new generation of Santos. Many brothers, especially your wives, many people buy and sell Santos. Therefore, this time Cartier Santos update will affect very, very many people. After Cartier launched the new Santos, this year, there will be a situation where the old and the new are mixed, and the new and old models are mixed. So when you buy a watch by yourself and buy a watch for your wife, please pay attention to the difference between the old and the new to prevent the wrong purchase .

Cartier’s new Santos.
   Cartier’s three ‘explosive models’, blue balloons, tanks, and Sandos. On the amount of travel, the blue balloon boss, Santos is not the second, but also the third. At present, there are a large number of Santos in circulation on the market that we are all familiar with. It is the style with 8 screws on the belt and square bezel. The Santos 100 series (both men’s and women’s) was launched in 2004, and it has been a long time since. This time, the Santos replacement is to replace the Santos 100. The changes of the new Santos can be summarized in one sentence.

Cartier’s new Sandoz (top) and old Sandoz (bottom), brothers can compare.
On the surface, nothing has changed. Actually, there are changes in every place.

   Santos, including other popular Cartier watches, have something in common with Rolex. It is these super classic watches, no matter how they are upgraded, the appearance changes little. Just like the Rolex Water Ghost, it has been out for more than 50 years, and the appearance has basically not changed much, so that the recognition of the watch will be high and the value will be stable. Therefore, the new Cartier Santos looks at the surface and feels no change, but in fact there are upgrades from the inside out. Let’s say from the outside.

   First, the case. The case of the new Santos has not changed much, but if we look closely, we can see that the curve of the lugs of the new case is larger. The old bezel is a square bezel, the new bezel extends up and down, and is combined with the bracelet.

Cartier’s new Santos.
   Second, the dial. The new Santos dial has changed a lot. First of all, the old hands are ordinary luminous hands. The new hands are upgraded to blue steel hands. The new dial scales are replaced by track scales. The old Santos did not have a calendar, and the new Santos added a calendar at 6 o’clock.

Cartier’s new Santos, gold edition.
   Third, the movement. Many brothers often complain about Cartier’s movement. Because blue balloons, tanks, and Santos watches, have always used a universal movement. Rolex, Omega and Jaeger-LeCoultre at the same price as Cartier are all self-produced movements. Although IWC uses a universal movement, anyway, the mark is low. Cartier is now also changing the movement. Cartier uses the self-produced 1847MC self-winding movement on the new Sandos. 1847MC movement, size 25.6 mm, power 42 hours, 23 gem shafts, swing frequency 28800. In addition, I don’t know if the brothers know, Cartier actually replaced the 1847MC movement on the blue balloon. At the same time, Cartier’s key also uses this movement. Cartier has also begun a brand-new replacement of its own production movement.

Cartier 1847MC movement.

   Fourth, the bracelet. This time the new Santos bracelet has changed a lot. First, the new Sandos has a quick-release strap function. Just like Vacheron Constantin, you can quickly change the strap without tools. Quickly change between chain and belt. This is convenient. One of the more powerful features of Cartier’s new Sandos is that its steel chain can be used to cut the bracelet by hand without using tools. When it comes to steel chain watches, the most troublesome part is the cut-off chain. The new Santos bracelet has a quick release button on the chain link. , Do it yourself. I think this is the most practical. I hope that every steel and gold watch in the future will have this function. I really feel that the technology of a watch is not just a movement. Like Cartier’s new technology used on the bracelet, it is convenient, practical and definitely should be promoted, which is also a manifestation of technology.

The new Sandos can be used without tools to remove the strap and remove the links.
   The new Cartier Santos comes in two sizes, large and medium. Large size 39.8 mm x 47.5 mm; medium size 35.1 mm x 41.9 mm. Men wear large size and women wear medium size. The new materials include steel shell, intergolden shell (gold intergold), and golden shell (rose gold, gold). The large public price of steel shell is 50 thousand 2 yuan. The brothers can see that this price is higher than the blue balloon. In the watches of the same level, this price is not low. Still, if you buy a watch, it depends on your brothers. If you buy it for a girl, you still have to listen to the girl.

The new Cartier Santos has a separate head and bracelet.
   The best part of Cartier’s watchmaking is that the ‘face value’ is high and looks good. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not, it’s super hot in reality. Some popular watches will be out of stock, and the secondary market value is very strong. Who is Cartier in great demand? This time, the degree of upgrading of Sandos is still very large. I do n’t have to think about this new watch, it will be fired, because blue balloons, tanks, and Santos are not fired? No way, my wife said that she likes Cartier, it’s useless.

Minimal Industrial Lines Baselworld 2015 Nomos Pavilion List

Baselworld 2015 has officially kicked off. The Watch House team, as in previous years, went to the scene to bring the latest and most comprehensive watch exhibition reports to watch fans . Let’s follow in the footsteps of the Watch House to admire Nomos’ new pavilion at this year’s Baselworld.
The pavilion is divided into two floors, decorated in the main gray tone
Is the front desk of the exhibition hall really going too early for the reporting team?
Symmetric showcases on both sides for trophies and watch products
The overall style is low-key and simple, showing the beauty of simple and rigorous industrial design
Summary: The Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair 2015 provided an excellent stage for new product launches and set the tone for the new year. In the future, Watch House will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone, so please pay attention. For more details, please click the live feature of Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair:

Citizen Launches New Black Super Air Eagle Watch

The man who becomes the father is more emotional. No matter how busy the business workplace is, there will always be a trace of care in my heart-I want to give my child more care and companionship, and enjoy the joy of child growth. Citizen’s pure black version of the Super Air Eagle JY8009-55E watch provides a more accurate and perfect time management enjoyment for the elite men who are fathers. It uses Citizen’s light kinetic energy radio wave technology, which absorbs any light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch. As long as there is light, there is energy. As long as it can receive the radio wave signal, it can automatically correct the time without error. Super Air Eagle is unique in that it can receive standard time radio signals in multiple rounds. It has a time display of 43 cities in 29 time zones around the world. The time difference is more accurate to 30 minutes. Whether you are in Europe, the United States, China or China In Japan, simply select the name of your city, and it will automatically receive the local standard time radio signal and switch to the local time accurately. In addition, the super-air eagle has JIS1 type magnetic resistance performance, impact detection function and pointer correction function, so that it is accurate without fear of any challenges, perfect performance is consistent; off-site time, UTC timepiece, stopwatch timing, **, charging Rich functions such as reminders make it easier for men to cope with the new life after becoming a father and enjoy a happier and happier life journey; humanized local time alarm and off-site time alarm functions, no matter where the fathers are, Always remind them of any time details about your child.
Public price: 15000
Strap: Titanium, DLC carbon film
Case: Titanium, DLC carbon film
Buckle: Double push and three discounts
Mirror: Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 10 atmospheres
Movement: light kinetic energy wave
As time goes by, the man who becomes the father will become more mature and dare to take charge, freely control time and life, and clearly weigh the persistence and abandonment. They will prefer those items with time imprints-such as this Citizen pure black version of the Super Sky Eagle JY8009-55E watch.

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