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Gucci New Watch Commemorating The 2008 Olympic Games

Gucci launched two specially designed watches for the opening of his largest store and the 2008 Olympic Games: the luxurious New York Signoria watch with a bone-made dial and the limited edition 8-8- 2008 I-Gucci.
The New York Signoria watch is crafted from gold and diamonds with a bone dial. It is specially designed by Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini for the company’s largest store, located at 725 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Opened in February.
To be sold in stores in New York City also include the brand’s signature horse chews, and other boutiques decorated with cognac topaz and diamonds, such as the drop-shaped cut cognac topaz and diamond cocktail rings. Earrings and necklaces, pendant a drop-shaped cut Cognac topaz, surrounded by 156 diamonds, total weight 45.11 carats.

The 8-8-2008 I-Gucci watch, the company’s first digital watch, with 2008 engraved on the case back
The 8-8-2008 I-Gucci collection includes eight sporty accessories to commemorate the upcoming Olympic Games.
The 8-8-2008 I-Gucci watch is the company’s first digital watch. The distinguished black dial, steel frame and refreshing digital surface, the case back records 2008 with red and green signs year. The outside of the red rubber strap is engraved with the Gucci logo, while the inside is decorated with the large Gucci icon-GG. Wearers of this watch can also choose to display Beijing time exclusively on the surface.
For a total of eight sports accessories, the series uses a red main tone.
‘Not only because red represents two emotions, happiness and festiveness, these are the two emotions brought to you by the global sports event of the Olympics, and red is also the most popular color in 2008,’ Giannini said in a media Said at the conference. ‘I have exactly eight categories for this series. This number is an auspicious number in Chinese culture.’
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More Than Tissot T-sport 2013 Nick Haydn Memorial Edition Watch

Tissot watches can be said to be the king of people-friendly watches. Its annual sales have long been at the forefront of many watch brands with famous brands such as Omega and Longines, and its popularity It is conceivable. The T-SPORT series is one of the most powerful sports styles in Tissot. Its sports style can be described by the powerful word.
 Tissot, which is constantly innovating in the watch industry, is also fully committed in the sports world. This is not only a heritage of history but also an embodiment of its international vision. Tissot, which has always been keen on speed racing, in order to further strengthen the brand’s relationship with motorsports, in 2001, it established a cooperative relationship with MotoGP and became the official timekeeper for this event.
Today I introduce to you Tissot Racing Series model T048.417.27.017.00, which is a high-performance wrist specially launched by Tissot to pay tribute to Nicky Hayden, who became its brand ambassador in 2005. table.

The hot red symbolizes the main color of Nicky Hayden’s team on the MotoGP in 2006, showing the flame-like passion of MotoGP. The red and white striped rubber strap reveals the sense of sports and speed. At 12 o’clock on the dial, the Nicky Hayden star badge is inlaid, and the back symbolizes the ’69’ of the Nicky Hayden racing number. Every detail of the design proves the world’s firm will to win the championship.
 Inspired by the fast and passionate motorsport of the Tissot Racing Series Nicky Hayden commemorative edition, the large calendar window at 3 o’clock is clearly visible, and the environmentally friendly luminous hands can be easily read even in the dark Time. The 1/10 second timing function helps you to grasp the time more accurately. Counterclockwise unidirectional rotating bezel that resembles a motorcycle disc brake disc can clearly show the time in the second time zone, even if you work across time zones, you will not miss any important things.

 The Tissot Racing Nicky Hayden commemorative watch resembles the bezel of a motorcycle disc brake, the chronograph disc resembles a racing dashboard, the crown protection like a motorcycle fixing screw, and the strap with a tire pattern. This subtle design not only conveys the enterprising spirit of the car, but also achieves the extreme beauty of the Tissot racing series. The limited edition of 4,999 Nicky Hayden commemorative watches with unique helmet-shaped case is sold for only 6,450 yuan worldwide. Whether it is a loyal fan of Nicky Hayden or a passionate man who loves the speed of life, this watch is bound to Loved by many people.
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Tag Heuer Race Galloping Passion

The famous American film actor Steve McQueen has a long passion for racing. He once said, ‘I don’t know if I am a racing actor or a racing driver.’ In the 1971 underground movie ‘The Speed’, he combined these two interests perfectly. McQueen’s driver, Michael Delaney, drives his Porsche 917 at the Le Mans 24 Hours. The TAG Heuer square Monaco watch he wore in the film has since become the embodiment of a sports charm watch. In order to commemorate the relationship between the Monaco series and McQueen, TAG Heuer specially launched the Monaco HEUER Steve McQueen chronograph. The blue tone used by the watch reflects the sporty beauty of racing. The white vertical lines on the dial are coordinated with the hour and minute hands with diamonds and white fluorescent markers. The silver auxiliary chronograph with sunburst effect is located at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively. The TAG Heuer Calibre 11 caliber is equipped with a calendar function. The rhodium-plated indexes with hand-set diamonds also show the delicate feel of TAG Heuer. The signature of Steve McQueen on the bottom of the watch also shows the special significance of the watch.

Steve McQueen chronograph
Automatic movement / Steel material / Diameter 39mm / hour, minute, second indication / date display / chronograph function / 100 meters waterproof / sapphire crystal / blue calfskin perforated strap
Reference price: RMB 68,000

Colorful Hublot Big Bang Fruit Series Watch

Hublot Big Bang Fruit Watch
The watch is just as it is called. In the fruit series, it is difficult for us to find the strong sense of the previous Big Bang watches. At first glance, the watch can create a very fresh impression, and naturally it is also very suitable as the first choice in spring. The color matching of the watch is also unique, ‘Lemon’, ‘Apple’, ‘Rose’, ‘Rose’, ‘Purple’, ‘Orange’, and ‘Blue’, making everyone Wear your favorite color on your wrist. Depending on the color of the watch, the dial of each watch is inlaid with different gems, making the watch more attractive to women.
这样 In such a season, people are gradually getting rid of their bloated winter clothes, and at the same time, they are planning for the new year. And the rise in temperature is like a watershed in lifestyle. Those gatherings that have been endlessly not long ago have slowly begun to shrink from everyone’s schedule and replaced by more and more outdoor activities. All the changes also let us start to consider: whether the watch that has been parked on our wrists for a long time should also be changed in accordance with the changes of this winter and spring season.
Farewell dress
Whether it is a beautifully shaped and sophisticated watch with complex functions, or a dazzling diamond jewelry watch, the appearance of these watches always makes the wearer suddenly become the focus of attention at various gatherings. However, these expensive and valuable watches naturally do not meet the needs of wearing when going out and playing. At the same time, we are used to wearing a simple dress watch at work. The style of its watch is also difficult to coordinate with the casual style. I am afraid that it is difficult for anyone to imagine a friend wearing casual sports clothing on his wrist Wear a PP or Lange precious metal three-hand watch.
Colorful fun
When referring to the words that describe spring, colorful red or pink willow green are the most commonly used ones. It can be seen how wonderful the beautiful colors of spring can make people. Especially in April, the flowers that are racing to bloom, the green branches just spit, have brought us more visual enjoyment. But if at this moment, you still wear a watch with simple tones such as low-key traditional black and white, isn’t it incompatible with this bright spring?
Strap change
The change of seasons, let us not only pay attention to the appearance and technology of the watch when choosing a watch, but also think about whether wearing this watch can give you enough comfort: the appropriate strap material can enhance Breathability, reducing the function of the wrist restraint, on the contrary, some types of straps will not look suitable after entering the spring. For example, the magnificent silk strap has a life span that is greatly reduced with the help of sweat and moisture, and after sweating on the wrist, it will be quite uncomfortable to touch the leather strap. Therefore, at the time when winter clothing is removed, it is imperative to choose a suitable strap.

Iwc Launches Unique Pocket Watch With Hours And Minutes Displayed In Numbers

Schaffhausen, January 15, 2018 – IWC Schaffhausen launches pocket watches with time-of-flight digits at the SIHH in Geneva as a unique feature of the anniversary series Highlights to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the company. ‘IWC pays tribute to Po Weber’ pocket watch limited edition of 50 pieces, this is the first pocket watch with digital display of hours and minutes after the discontinuation of IWC’s historic Po Weber pocket watch in 1890. Shang’s first new pocket watch in the 21st century.

IWC pays tribute to Powell’s ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition
(Model: IW505101)
 In 1884, IWC produced the first Powell Parker pocket watch. These innovative timepieces display hours and minutes in large numbers on a rotating display. On this 150th anniversary, IWC launches
IWC pays tribute to Powell’s ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition (Model: IW505101)
pay tribute. Limited to 50 pieces, this unique pocket watch is paired with an exquisite hand-engraved 18K red gold case, 18K red gold bracelet, white lacquered dial, white display dial and small blue seconds hand. For
To pay tribute to the historic design of Beauvais watches, and to commemorate the founder and American watchmaker Florentine Ariosto Jones of IWC. The digital display window is marked with ‘Hours’ (small
Hours) and ‘Minutes’. The two windows on the hairspring cover display the hours and minutes, so the hour can be read even when the front cover is closed. The back of the case is also equipped with a sealed dust cap.

 The IWC-manufactured 94200 movement advances the display through its independent gear train with a barrel. In fact, in the main gear train, the transmission of energy operates independently, which ensures the highest accuracy and a 60-hour power reserve.

IWC pays tribute to Powell’s ‘150th Anniversary’ Special Edition
(Model: IW505101)

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