Preparing For The Perfect Wedding, Cartier To Achieve The Most Beautiful Bride

In this world, I am afraid that no amount of gorgeous rhetoric can sum up the exquisiteness of women. However, in love, they always have similar happiness and the same desire for love and beauty. A perfect wedding is undoubtedly the dream of every happy bride.

 The movie ‘Bridal Fight’ starring actors Ni Ni and Angelababy was released on Valentine’s Day in 2015. For the perfect wedding in their respective hearts, the two actresses ‘turned their heads into hatred’ from ashes girlfriends, and a series of hilarious stories of wit and bravery occurred. In this fun-filled ‘Bride’s Battle’, the Cartier diamonds worn by the two brides’ fingers became the focus of the screen, but their very different characters found their own ‘The’ in the diamond world of Cartier, the love master One ‘. A beautiful diamond, a lifetime commitment, the most perfect wedding ring lights up the happiest bride and achieves the most perfect wedding.

‘Bride Fight’ poster image, two heroines wear Cartier diamond jewelry

Stills from ‘Bride’s Fight’ with two heroines wearing Cartier diamond jewellery

 Sweetness-Angelababy’s sweet and well-behaved image coincides with Cartier Destinée’s engagement diamond ring, represented by neoclassicalism. The round and bright round diamonds and the stars hold the central diamond tightly like a moon, like a bride who is cared for by her lover and blessed by everyone.

Yang Ying (Angelababy) wearing Cartier diamond jewellery starring in the movie ‘Bridal Fight’

Cartier Destinée engagement ring, platinum, pavé round brilliant-cut diamonds, center set with round brilliant-cut diamonds

Stills from ‘Bride’s Fight’ with two heroines wearing Cartier diamond jewellery

 Purity-Ni Ni in the film is almost crazy and clinging to a perfect wedding. Her enthusiastic character and simple temperament are like Cartier’s classic Solitaire 1895 engagement diamond ring-under the glorious light of my solemn brilliance, but she reveals simplicity and purity, and her commitment to perfection.

Ni Ni starred in the movie ‘Bridal Fight’ wearing Cartier diamond jewelry

Cartier Solitaire 1895 engagement diamond ring, platinum, set with round brilliant-cut diamonds

 In the film, Ni Ni’s Cartier high jewelry series parrot necklace, Cartier Solitaire 1895 engagement diamond ring, Cartier C de Cartier diamond earrings
 In the film, Cartier’s high-end jewelry necklaces and diamond earrings worn by Angelababy, Cartier Destinée engagement ring, Cartier’s classic wedding ring

Recording The Beauty Of Time

The beauty of time is that it is elusive, wonderful and ubiquitous, but it can never be predicted. Therefore, it is necessary to slow down and discover that the pursuit of inner firmness, the keen perception of beauty and time, and the quiet voice around me. How wonderful is your time? It’s gorgeous, or still beautiful like the night sky. When a watch flows between your wrists every second, everything starts to be different, and time has become warmer.
Montblanc Bohème 116501

Product Model: 116501
Domestic public price: 71000
Watch diameter: 28 mm
Case thickness: 9.35 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MB 29.17
Case material: 18k rose gold, bezel set with 62 top Wesselton diamonds. Approximately 0.4588 carats.
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:

Product Model: 116495
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Case thickness: 10.05 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MB 29.15
Case material: 18k white gold, bezel set with 60 top Wesselton diamonds. Approximately 0.906 carats.
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details:
Product Model: 116493
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Case thickness: 9.37 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MB M29.24
Case material: 18k white gold, bezel set with 58 top Wesselton diamonds. Approximately 1.39 carats.
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: montblanc / 54072 /
Watch Reviews: Gorgeous diamonds add a unique light to women’s refinement and elegance, so a high-end ladies’ watch must be indispensable for diamonds. The Montblanc Bohème series outer frame tourbillon diamond watch lays precious diamonds on the dial and bezel. The shiny luster meets the little vanity in the minds of women. At this moment, she seems to be a queen. A rotating device at 6 o’clock is precisely the Montblanc patented external frame tourbillon, a symbol of the outstanding wisdom of Swiss fine watchmaking for a century, and also represents Montblanc’s spirit of subverting tradition. The Montblanc Bohère collection of high-end ladies’ watches is noble and glorious. When you walk on the red carpet of fashion week, enter a charity dinner or attend an important event, your watch will naturally reveal your confidence.

Summary: Time is fair to everyone, cannot follow, and never hesitates. Whatever time you want, you need to constantly create miracles for this. The beauty of time is closely connected with life, knowledge and action, and emotions. What kind of time do you have, and what kind of timepiece is suitable for you. The Montblanc Bohème series watches are elegant and elegant, born for women of Bohème.

One Of The Longines World Championships Tournaments Held In Mexico For The First Time

This year, the Longines Global Champions Tour (LonginesGlobalChampionsTour) has expanded to Latin America for the first time, with a race in Mexico City. This is the second leg of the tour. This weekend it has been held in the grassy CampoMarte equestrian field, and the entire tour will end in November.

   On April 16 (Saturday), RogerYvesBost rode the ‘Qoud ” CoeurdelaLoge’ to win the focus event-‘Longines World Championship Tour Mexico Grand Prix’. Longines presents an elegant watch to the French rider as a reward for his outstanding performance.

   The Longines World Championship Tour in Latin America is a designated watch for this event-a great opportunity from the Longines DolceVita series. The watch presents the world’s contemporary elegant watchmaking aesthetics to Longines. This stainless steel ladies watch is set with diamonds and features a silver ‘flinqué’ dial with lacquered Roman numerals.

Love In Qixi

Qixi Festival is approaching, and the sweet aroma of love is beginning to permeate the air of midsummer. On Valentine’s Day with tenderness and sweetness, a coveted gift will turn into a message for lovers. If time is the best testimony of love, then a watch is the best expression of love. Carl F. Bucherer presents four watches full of love, letting the power of love beat with the pulse.

Boucherai White Poetry Series
 The white poem series is the embodiment of elegance and dignity. The design of the interwoven hollow case seems to symbolize her continuous love. The elegant dial is embellished with simple and magnificent details, which perfectly matches the feminine temperament of the city.
The Bettich series is equipped with a high-quality mechanical movement, which is accurate and accurate. The design of the production process from the inside to the outside is also perfect. It can be described as having both inside and outside, exuding a unique beauty.
Bettich Princess technical specifications
Model: 00.10520.07.26.21
Movement: CFB 1855 quartz movement
Function: hours, minutes
Case: stainless steel case
Strap: Stainless steel strap

Bauhaus Laerlija
The Alija watch series marks a new milestone in the design of Breguet’s watchmaking. The slender waist is polished, with a soft taste in the middle, which implies appreciation of her unique personality; its refined and meticulous structure, simple and stylish Design, taking the lead in the trend, the perfect fusion of elegance and luxury makes Yalija outstanding and extraordinary, and its unique aesthetic appearance is dazzling.
Technical specifications of the Aliga series
Model: 00.10703.08.16.21
Movement: Quartz
Function: hours, minutes
Case: curved sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 30 meters
Chain belt: stainless steel

Men’s Watch Selection

Bulcheley Marly Dragon BigDate Power
 The Mali Long BigDate Power watch continues the personality of the Mali Long series-subtle and elegant. This watch is worn by outstanding men with extraordinary style and charm. The round shape of the stainless steel round case with a thickness of 40 mm and a thickness of 11.45 mm brings out the elegance of the watch; the silver dial, the bar-shaped hour markers, the crown prince hands, the soft lug lines and the watch The shell came together in one go.
Maliron BigDate Power watch technical specifications
Model: 00.10905.08.13.01
Movement: CFB 1964 self-winding movement, diameter 26.2 mm, thickness 5.1 mm, 28 stone, power reserve 42 hours
Functions: big calendar, power reserve display, hour, minute, second hand
Case: stainless steel case
Dial: silver dial
Strap: Stainless steel chain with stainless steel discount

Bucherer Plavier EvoTec DayDate
 The Plavi EvoTec DayDate is a timeless piece that combines the brand’s outstanding automatic movement with an innovatively designed case. Perfect interpretation of the strong style of men.
 The large profile of 44 x 44.5 mm fits seamlessly with the CFB A1001 movement. The small seconds at 6 o’clock subtly echoes the shape of the case, and the large calendar display on the upper left of the dial is unique. The geometric hour scale echoes the radian of the case and also highlights the deliberately low-key modernity of Plavi’s EvoTec DayDate.
Bellevue EvoTec DayDate Watch Technical Specifications
Model: 00.10625.08.33.21
Movement: Homemade CFB A1001 automatic movement, diameter 32 mm, thickness 6.3 mm, 33 stone, power reserve 55 hours.
Functions: big date display, day of the week display, small second hand
Case: Stainless steel case, screw-down crown, double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 50 meters, size 44 x 44.5 mm, thickness 14 mm.
Strap: stainless steel chain with stainless steel discount

Bulletproof Touchscreen Solar 5 Introverted High Precision Watches Inventory

A major theme of this year’s Basel watch exhibition is that the technical content has been greatly enhanced, and even the most classic styles have shined even more brilliantly under the light of technology. The main high-tech Seiko, Citizen, and of course, Casio, have added gps function to the product, which can achieve satellite synchronization, which means that the wearer will reach the The watch is immediately adjusted to the local time.

One of the most interesting innovative designs comes from Casio. They added Bluetooth synchronization to their analog watch products, which allows their owners to control the alarm, time adjustment and ‘GMT’ hands with an app. The two places show the time so that when you travel around the world, you can always know the home time. It is said that this is the first analog watch on the market that supports wireless technology.

1. ‘Football Timer’: Hublot Big Bang Unico Chronograph

Hublot Big Bang Unico Chronograph

Hublot is the official FIFA watch. In order to welcome the forthcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Hublot launched the Big Bang Unico, a chronograph watch with double retrograde function, officially becoming the World Cup in Brazil. Official timepiece. The chronograph dial of this watch is specifically designed for football matches with a half-time of 45 minutes. The hands of the chronograph range from 0 to 45 minutes, and there is a 15-minute stoppage area. The dial color design is obviously inspired by the representative colors of Brazil, the host country of this World Cup-green and yellow. Limited to 100 pieces, this Hublot Big Bang Unico double retrograde chronograph watch has a carbon fiber bezel, an 18K gold case, and an automatic chronograph movement.

2. “One hour of sunshine in one hour!”: Tissot Tengzhi series solar touch screen watch

Tissot Solar Touchscreen Watch

腕表 This watch uses solar technology to accumulate energy, which gives it super long power-only one hour of sunshine can guarantee its hands to move for a year. Equipped with up to 25 functions, including altimeters, timers, etc. Because of the built-in air pressure sensor, it can also provide weather forecasts, which is powerful enough to win the wearer’s favor. If these are not enough, then what I want to tell you is that all these functions can be selected through its touch screen! Made of titanium, this watch is extremely lightweight.

3. “Sync with app”: Casio Ediface EQB-500 Bluetooth 4.0 watch

Casio Ediface EQB-500 Bluetooth 4.0 Watch

The Casio Ediface EQB-500 Bluetooth 4.0 watch is an interesting combination of traditional analog and digital connected watches, allowing its users to synchronize their watches with their smartphones. Through an app, you can automatically update the time, set the GMT second time zone time display, and even set an alarm clock. Casio is the official partner of the F1 Red Bull Racing team. Therefore, this watch also has built-in data for each track, which can display the average speed of the driver after the timing is completed.

4. “Fuel Gauge Power Reserve”: Dreyfuss & Co Reserve de Marche

Dreyfus Power Reserve Display

腕表 This watch is exquisite in design and glorious. With Reserve Du Marche automatic movement, it has a 45-hour power reserve. However, what sets it apart is a fuel gauge-style power reserve display small dial that allows users to see the remaining power at a glance.

5. ‘Real Bulletproof Watch’: Casio GSHOCK GPW-1000 (Casio GSHOCK GPW-1000)

Casio GSHOCK GPW-1000

This is another automatic synchronization watch of Casio. Both built-in radio wave and GPS technology can be used to correct time. In addition, this may be the first true bulletproof watch, so it is quite ‘weight’, and only those ‘iron wrists’ can play.

Review Of Hong Kong Christie’s Watch Auction On May 29

On May 29th, Christie’s Hong Kong watch auction started. It is reported that a total of 257 watches and clocks were auctioned. What are the lots worth paying attention to, let’s look down together.

Lot.2248 Rolex Platinum Diamond Day-Date18046
Basic information: Platinum case, 36 mm in diameter. With calendar function, using cal. 3055 self-winding movement, 27 gem bearings. Estimate: HK $ 140,000-160,000, approximately RMB 123,000-140,000. (Streaming)
Watch Reviews: Exquisite, rare platinum and diamond inlays, creating Rolex’s most representative series of day-date Day-Date, dial diameter 36 mm, outer ring set with a round diamond, 6 and 9 point diamond , 8 round diamond scales in other positions. Classic, highly recognizable, and magnificent outer ring diamonds, together with Rolex’s name, are all reasons why Rolex 18046 deserves attention. The reason for the low valuation is probably due to the average appearance, and it is estimated that the frequency of daily wear by the original owner is quite high. Surprisingly, at such a low price, this watch was oversold.

Lot.2249 Rolex Green Bloodstone Plate Noodle Day-Date18078
Basic information: Gold case, 36 mm diameter. With calendar function, using cal. 3055 self-winding movement, 27 gem bearings.
Valuation: 120,000 to 180,000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 106,000 to 159,000.
Price: HK $ 300,000, about RMB 263,000.

Watch Reviews: Bloodstone as its name implies is bloodstone, but this table is different from the Xinchang bloodstone we usually see. The dark green texture stone surface and gold match each other perfectly, there are a few blood red above the 6 o’clock obliquely. The more curious thing is that the case is a bark wrinkled bezel and strap. The output of this watch is not high, and it is very rare in the auction house.

Lot. 2273 Patek Philippe 5975R
Basic information: Red gold case, 40 mm diameter. Using cal.CH 28-520 self-winding movement, 29 jewel bearings.
Estimate: 500,000-700,000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 440,000-61.9 million.
Price: HK $ 562,000, approximately RMB 493,000.

Watch Reviews: Patek Patrick’s 175th Anniversary Edition, launched in 2014, women’s 18k white gold diamond scale, 2014 special edition butterfly buckle, limited to 150 pieces. Birth paper, certificates, commemorative coins, wallets, 175th anniversary box accessories are complete. Good looks and new appearance. According to these auctions, 5975 will not exceed 70,000 Swiss francs, about 490,000 yuan. If this continues, the big guests will only be able to recover the costs.

Lot. 2298 Harry Winston, Harry Winston OPUS 9
Basic information: White gold case, 45 mm in diameter. Automatic cal. OPUS 9 movement.
Valuation: 720,000-96,000 Hong Kong dollars, about 630,000-840,000 yuan.
Price: 875,000 Hong Kong dollars, about 766,000 yuan.

Watch reviews: HW’s OPUS series works always appear together at auction. The last time I saw a lot of OPUS at the auction is also Christie’s. Eight watches in Hong Kong two years ago sold a total of more than 13 million Hong Kong dollars, this time in total Three, and 2298 is one of the OPUSs that I personally admire. The time presentation is extremely special: the left and right two track-type diamond chains are driven by the power system, and each of them has a ruby ​​to indicate the corresponding time. This is the only work in the history of OPUS that was completed by watchmaker Jean Marc Wiederrecht and designer Eric Giroud. It is also the only work using diamonds as functional parts instead of decorative materials.

Basic information: White gold case, 39 mm in diameter. 1 minute tourbillon with manual winding movement and pink jade gear.
Valuation: 2.5 million to 4 million Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 2.21 million to 3.35 million.
Price: 3.3 million Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 2.89 million.

Watch Comments: Richard Mille 18k white gold skeleton tourbillon watch is 30 watches specially customized by Richard Bristol to Richard Mille’s 150th anniversary in 2008. Richard Mille believes that working with the most famous jeweller on the Fontaine Square in Paris should not simply add a logo, so he deliberately launched a new model that completely combines the jewelry properties of Boucheron with Richard Demir’s avant-garde innovation merges into one, creating a bold and distinctive work. In addition to the tourbillon, 018 is special because the movement gears are made of various jade materials, including black agate, tourmaline, diamond, sapphire and other materials. This piece is made of pink jade. It is extremely difficult for jade to make gears, and it is visually exaggerated enough, so many people comment that the movement of this watch looks like a flower in the distance.

Lot. 2357 Petak Phillippe 2577
Basic information: red gold case, enamel dial, 35 mm diameter. Use cal.10-200 manual winding movement, 18 jewel bearings.
Valuation: 240,000 to 400,000 Hong Kong dollars, about 210,000 to 350,000 yuan.
Price: 900,000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 788,000.

Watch comments: Last month, a friend asked about 2526, and I said that good products are hard to find now. In fact, it is necessary to find a rare Patek Philippe pure enamel watch. In the entire history of Patek Philippe’s watchmaking history, the ‘enamel plate three-pin model’ that can be recorded in the book is only 2526 and its successor 3428. This 2577 is the third enamel three-pin model in this family, but it may be even more precious. According to the literature, during the same period of 2577 and 2526, a total of about 69 were manufactured between 1956 and 1960, most of which were produced privately and were not sold publicly. The vast majority of the 2577 is a gold case, and rarely a red gold case, and this lot is a red gold case. Unlike the 2526 with a 12-600 automatic movement, the 2577 uses a 12-600 prototype manual-winding movement 10-200. Case diameter 35 mm, white enamel dial, cannonball scale toffee hand, small 6 o’clock second dial, extremely precious.

Lot. 2387 Patek Philippe 5002p
Basic information: Platinum case, double-sided dial, 44 mm diameter. It has 12 high-complexity functions such as the minute bell of the cathedral, 1-minute tourbillon, perpetual calendar, retrograde calendar, astronomical calendar, etc. It uses cal.RTO 27 SID LU CL manual winding movement, 55 gem bearings.
Estimate: 8 million to 10 million Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 7.08 million to 8.85 million.
Price: HK $ 8.82 million, about RMB 7.725 million.

Watch Comments: Before the advent of 6002 and 5175, the 5002 Xingyue Tourbillon was always the most important and most complex watch king of Patek Philippe. In the eyes of previous generation collectors, this is all like God. The platinum double-faced dial includes 12 high-complexity functions such as the cathedral bell three questions, a 1-minute tourbillon, a perpetual calendar, a retrograde calendar, and an astronomical calendar, with a diameter of 44 mm. This is a super complicated watch that can be worn daily. It is very rare. With the later 6002, I personally think that the 5002 is more low-key and more in line with the oriental aesthetic taste. This is a rare one kept in the original factory. It was made in 2012. It was lying in the owner’s safe on the day the fund was bought. It didn’t move until the auction. Attachment certificate box is complete, the transaction price is 8.88 million Hong Kong dollars.

Lot. 2411 Audemars Piguet
Basic information: A platinum square case with a width of 29 mm, a tourbillon, and a cal. 2888 manual winding movement.
Valuation: 820,000-1.65 million Hong Kong dollars, about 725,000-1.46 million yuan. (Streaming)

Watch comment: Hair crystal is actually a natural water crystal containing different types of needle-shaped ore contents. The hair in natural hair crystals is mostly straight and has a small curved shape. This Audemars Piguet rectangular hollow platinum platinum tourbillon watch was first born in SIHH in 2001, which was the period when Audemars Piguet developed the eight heavenly kings. Because the main splint is made of natural hair crystal cutting, each has a completely different main splint, and the bridge plate is derived from the shape of Galileo’s pendulum clock to pay tribute to the astronomy master. At 6 o’clock, the huge tourbillon is located between the bridge and the main splint. The golden screw balance is the focal point of vision. The transparent case back can also clearly appreciate the movement structure of the entire watch.

Lot. 2450 A. Lange & Sohne Lange Cabaret
Basic information: Platinum case with a width of 26 mm. With calendar function, using cal.L931.3 manual winding movement, 30 gem bearings.
Valuation: 120,000 to 180,000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 106,000 to 159,000. (Streaming)

Watch comments: Cabaret is the model when Lange was first founded. Platinum rectangular case, large calendar, small hours and minutes. Back three-quarter splint and screw balance. This watch was born in 1998, but it was discontinued very early and is no longer being produced. After more than ten years, many people gradually find its beauty, it is hard to find a watch.

Lot. 2452 A. Lange & Sohne Lange Red Gold Sesame Chain
Basic information: red gold case, enamel dial, 40.5 mm diameter, manual winding movement cal. L044.1, 33 jewel bearings.
Valuation: 550,000-900,000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 486,000-796,000.
Price: 687,000 Hong Kong dollars, about RMB 602,000.

Watch review: Lange red gold sesame chain, limited to 200 pieces in 2009. This is the favorite fishing species of big guys. At first glance, it looks like a small 40-mm three-pin. At most, it is an enamel plate. In fact, it is a sesame chain. When I turned it behind, I saw a huge sesame chain transmission structure, as well as a delicate balance wheel, gooseneck, and carved balance arm.