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Baoper: In A Changing Age, There Is A Voice That Will Turn Into Power

Singing three episodes of ‘I am a singer’, Li Jian said that he ‘has become more and more adapted to this stage.’ In our time, it’s rare to see audiences and professionals praise Li Jian and his music, reaching a rare consensus. The critics were delighted by the arrival of Li Jian and timely added the cultural lesson of singers to ‘I am a singer’. In addition to Li Jian’s poetic singing, ordinary audiences felt that he was unpretentious and yet Charm of independence and persistence. Bai Yansong said that cleanliness in Li Jian’s music is a luxury of our time. And as Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China said, no matter how times change, there are always people who make this world noble.
   As a top Swiss watchmaking brand with a long history and unique cultural characteristics, Blancpain has been committed to spreading the culture of the era for many years, and has always sharply looked for people in today’s society who can truly move, inspire and influence the people. From brand cultural ambassadors Liang Wendao and Wu Xiaobo, art ambassador Feng Yuanzheng to brand close friends Li Jian and Wu Xiubo, their profound insights and positive influences in their respective professional fields are the values ​​that Blancpain always hopes to spread and share.
   Therefore, when Li Jian, a close friend of Blancpain’s brand, appeared on the stage of ‘I’m a Singer’ and attracted more and more attention with his unique charm of music and personality, we are not only happy to share Blancpain with more people. Li Jian’s mutual understanding and appreciation, as well as the indissoluble bond between Blancpain’s contemporary culture.
   What are we listening to when we listen to Li Jian?
Listen to a hold
   From learning piano in his childhood to the student orchestra, from leaving work at 9-5, to bidding farewell to the popular band group, Li Jian has never stopped his inner pursuit and belief in music. From ‘Like a Stream’ and ‘I Came for You’ to ‘Shichahai’ and ‘I Miss You’, Li Jian wrote, composed, composed, and produced all of his own works. He rejected mediocrity, and even resisted the compromise of art in the face of commerce, standing on the edge of everyone’s sight. When Li Jian’s music became ‘the most sober persistence in this crazy age’, people exclaimed that it was almost a miracle that his purity and stillness could be heard. Just as winter bamboo stretches its roots underground, when spring comes, it grows into a dense bamboo forest overnight. The pursuit and persistence of ideals have also won the respect and respect of Li Jian, the ‘Musical Pride’.
Listen to a profound
   Everyone knows ‘Legend’, but what few people know is the rare creative ability of the Chinese music world-more than 50 high-quality original music, an original album of two years on average-not all of Li Jian’s music: a fusion of affection and harmony Reason, exquisiteness and natural personal style are the result of Li Jian’s extensive experience in the exploration of art. In Li Jian’s creations, there are few common love entanglements in popular music, but works such as ‘Father’, ‘Songhua River’, and ‘Foreign People’ will focus on family, nature and hometown, and there will be profound humanistic care in returning home.
   In ‘I’m a Singer’, Li Jian’s personal music creation style and singing method have matured into one, showing a sincere and implicit poetic beauty, which not only warms and impresses the softest part of the audience, but also impresses many professionals. . From the broadcast of the show, netizens compiled a list of books on Li Jian’s bookshelf, which can fully see Li Jian’s thick, soul-making figure under the appearance of natural freedom and light air. There is a poem, a book and a self-confidence in the belly. In the face of the media and the public, Li Jian’s calmness and humor are also inseparable from his profound education.
Listen to a life
   In music, Li Jian once said that ‘loneliness leads to fantasy, fantasy leads to creation’, but outside of music, Li Jian chose ordinary and real life. If there is a wisdom about life, it must have something to do with reconciliation. Li Jian dedicated his perceptual fantasy to creation, leaving his rational decisions to life. He manages his body, maintains fitness and swimming habits for a long time, and does not forget to filter himself a cup of coffee during work. He also tells people that the reputation is misunderstood when he follows his family in the media. He just wants to be quiet and practical. life.
   Li Jian announced with his choice that we may be lonely at some point, but we will not be lonely forever. It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a respect for the real life and choose a better lifestyle.
Blancpain: An era of murmur, a voice turning into strength
   Listening to persevering, listening deeply, listening to life. In this impetuous era when individuals are lost in hustle and bustle and irrational, Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain still firmly believes that ‘someone makes the world noble.’ No matter how times change, Blancpain listens persistently to a voice of wisdom that is not decadent, not rebellious, impulsive, outside influence, and not in line with the mainstream, and carries the world’s oldest watch brand. A sense of responsibility, to spread such a voice, and more importantly, to hope that it can penetrate the hearts of the public and become a force living in a changing age.
Mr. Liao Yu, Vice President of Blancpain China visited the recording site of ‘I am a singer’

   For a long time, Blancpain has always attached great importance to cultural development, and the rich heritage of the last three centuries has attracted many heroes. Brand culture ambassador, trans-media cultural celebrity Liang Wendao, brand culture ambassador, economist and well-known financial writer Mr. Wu Xiaobo, brand art ambassador and well-known performing artist Mr. Feng Yuanzheng, they have accumulated a lot of fruits and profound insights in their respective professional fields, which attracted It was Blancpain’s gaze. Their recognition of Blancpain has become an important prerequisite for working with the brand to provide more beautiful culture for the public.
   In April 2014, originated from Blancpain’s belief in time and his unwavering commitment to cultural communication, Blancpain co-branded cultural ambassador Mr. Liang Wendao launched “A Brief History of Time” —— Blancpain Blancpain and Liang Wendao guided humanity The 14-episode series of short films tells the calendar, traces the concept of time, expresses the brand’s respect for time, and calls on modern people to ‘rediscover the time’. In May of the same year, Blancpain once again supported Mr. Wu Xiaobo, the ambassador of Blancpain Culture, to set up a financial self-media, the ‘Wu Xiaobo Channel’, focusing on financial events and people, and observing and recording the big era in the deepening process of China’s reform.
Limited Edition ‘Hearts in the Ocean’ Bathyscaphe Flyback Chronograph

   For nearly three centuries, Blancpain has not stopped its belief in mechanical watchmaking, and upholds the brand concept of ‘innovation is tradition’. Today, it is one of the very few in the world that can design, develop, manufacture, assemble and sell all of its products independently ( From A to Z) one of the top brands. The mutual choice and appreciation of Blancpain, brand ambassadors and close friends is rooted in the profound recognition of each other’s values, and is closely linked to the spiritual core of Blancpain’s ‘belief, ability, attitude and culture’.
   When asked if he wanted his music to appease the niche or lead the public, Li Jian once said, ‘My music has appeased the niche and has been appeasing for many years, and the public appreciation needs to lead, not cater.’ When Blancpain listened to Li Jian’s music, he was listening to the voice of the times. Whether it is Mr. Liang Wendao and Mr. Wu Xiaobo who have an in-depth insight and analysis of the cultural trends of the times, or Mr. Feng Yuanzheng and Mr. Wu Xiubo who are pursuing the pursuit of performing arts and refined and elegant living attitudes, Blancpain believes that, like Li Jian, in any field The outstanding people in China must embrace a sense of transcendence and always believe in the possibility of surpassing themselves and creating greater influence. Blancpain is looking forward to continuing to work with them to step on a wider stage in the near future!

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