Month: July 2019

Luxury Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillon Carrousel New One-minute Carrousel Tourbillon Watch

The unique bezel, digital label and asymmetric bridge and base plate make this new watch unique in the Blancpain collection. This crafted with NAC
The latest design of the smooth matte coating (the plating process makes this model have a dark bridge and bottom plate). The two-frame tourbillon and Caruso are cleverly reshaped and imagined in the new model.

   Caliber 2322V2 is a clever combination of two timepiece regulators. In addition to conveying the fine engraving craftsmanship of fine watchmaking, the bottom plate of the watch also has an innovative style of avant-garde and sports, equipped with Blancpain
Exclusive flying tourbillon with patented one-minute flying caroline. The dial has a multi-level design and is highly open to show the common operating mechanism of highly complex functions.

   The open movement, multi-level architecture, through the depth of complex craftsmanship to inject vitality into the watch, the movement screw carved into a hexagonal totem adds to the vivid assembly. The design elements of this watch again show all Blancpain’s
‘Innovation.’ The tourbillon is loaded in a rotating frame equipped with an escapement structure and a balance wheel; the pinion of the escapement wheel rotates along the outer ring of the fixed second hand gear, which transmits the kinetic energy required by the escapement structure and the balance wheel. The tourbillon’s frame rotates every minute to offset differences caused by vertical gravity. Carrousel was originally invented by Bonniksen at the beginning. The original idea and the classic tourbillon have the same meaning, but unlike Carrousel, it does not rotate around a fixed second hand gear, but provides power through a small gear.

   In this way, the dual combination of tourbillon and Caruso makes the best use of the advantages of two gear systems:
One runs on the frame and the other transfers kinetic energy to the balance wheel and escapement. The lyre logo on the Carrousel frame is the abbreviation for the brand through laser cutting. This is also the first time that this precise method has been applied to such a small part. The tourbillon and Caruso each have independent barrels, which allow them to run smoothly even in a vertical position.

   The innovation of new technology allows this watch to wind the tourbillon and Caruso at the same time through a single crown, and complete the entire movement. This tourbillon Carrousel movement also has two different mechanisms at the same time:
One is designed to average the speed of two complex functions; the other is a power reserve indicator on the case back that allows users to clearly understand the condition of the watch. This new one-minute Caruso Tourbillon watch is crafted in platinum with a diameter
47.4mm with black alligator strap, limited to 50 pieces.

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