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Earl Piaget Joins Hollywood Stars To Light Up The Oscar Night

(February 26, 2017, Los Angeles)-At the 89th Academy Awards, Piaget’s timepieces have once again become the favorite choice of Hollywood glamour stars. Piaget’s loyal brand friend, Terrence Howard, wearing a 38mm diameter Piaget Dancer skeleton watch, 18K white gold case set with diamonds; his wife Mira Pak, with a Xihua suit accompanied him to the gala, and his neck was decorated with Piaget Secrets and Lights necklace with 195 diamonds. Glen Powell, best known for his role as John Glenn in the film ‘Hidden Figures’, wears a 38mm diameter Altiplano platinum watch, understated and elegant.

Glen Powell wears Piaget Piaget watch to attend Academy Awards

Kate Bosworth wears Piaget jewelry at the Academy Awards ceremony

Sam Heughan wears Piaget Piaget watch to attend Academy Awards

Terrence Howard and wife Mira Pak wear Piaget Piaget jewellery at the Academy Awards

Stars gathered at the subsequent Oscar party. Kate Bosworth wore Extremely Piaget necklaces and bracelets, Rose series earrings and rings to attend the party. Dazzling diamonds created a princess-like look. Sam Heughan also chose to wear Piaget Altiplano cutout watches to attend the party. Model Shanina Shaik shines at the Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards party with Piaget, Piaget Limelight Garden Party necklace set with emeralds And the Rose series ring echoes the green dress she is wearing, showing the modern taste and graceful style.





Chopard Happy Diamonds Watch

Since 1976, Happy Diamonds full of joy has adorned the Chopard series of the same name. Over the years, renowned diamonds have grown brilliantly precious and delightful watches and jewellery masterpieces. On its 40th anniversary, the Chopard brand reinterprets the classics.

  1976: In the 1970s, Chopard designer Ronald Kurowski was fascinated by a waterfall while walking in the Black Forest. Thousands of water droplets splashed out, reflecting the light of the sun, flashing With colorful rainbow colors.
   This wonder inspired his imagination: for the diamond to shine endlessly, it must be free from the shackles of the setting and move freely. The concept of Happy Diamonds was born, and the bright future is self-evident. ‘Free and unrestrained diamonds are the happiest.’ Karin Scheufele praised the first work with agile diamonds: watches called Happy Diamonds.
   Brilliant diamonds transcend bold ideas into a wide variety of watches, necklaces, pendants, rings and earrings. Over the years, Caroline Scheufele, co-president and artistic director of Chopard, has been introducing new and amazing works.
   2016: The launch of Happy Diamonds is a men’s watch. This large pillow-shaped watch is equipped with an 18K white gold case and bracelet, as well as a black dial with gorgeous embellishments of the first diamonds. This classic watch won the prestigious Rose d’ Or de Baden Baden in 1976. Inspired by Chopard, he created a commemorative model to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of Smart Diamonds.

   Today’s Happy Diamonds women’s watch follows the pillow-shaped shape of the original model. It is pearly, precious, exuding retro charm, while maintaining modernity. Claw-set diamonds embellish the bezel, creating a soft curve. The new Smart Diamonds swirl freely on the white mother-of-pearl bottom. Smart diamonds leap freely around the dial, which is the first beautiful design presented on Happy Diamonds. The number of diamonds is larger than the previous one, the volume is larger, and different cutting shapes are used to highlight the beauty and grace of the diamond’s flexible swirling dance. A small sub-dial on the surface is also set with diamonds and hands. A round case version is also available.

   For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

L ‘heure Du Diamant Witnesses The Time Shadow On The Dial With Bright Gems

Chopard adds L’Heure du Diamant series with outstanding new products. Three new watches with a diameter of 30 mm combine superb watchmaking technology with extraordinary jewellery technology, embellished with gorgeous diamonds, equipped with excellent Chopard automatic mechanical movement, dials decorated with opal, malachite and lapis lazuli, exquisite colors Exquisite, never before seen Witness Timelight.

Sing and shine

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant
The L’Heure du Diamant series is the result of Chopard’s extraordinary creativity, combining the superb watchmaking skills and jewellery craftsmanship passed down through the ages. The Chopard Watch Factory adds three new masterpieces to this graceful watch, making this series even richer.

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

These ingenious masterpieces of watches and jewels cleverly change the light and shadow: the golden dawn at dawn, the swaying candlelight of a private dinner, or the light of the glass of a grand carnival. Chopard’s skilled artisans set the diamonds on the bezel one by one by setting. These carefully selected brilliant diamonds make the timepieces shine. The subtly hidden claws are more perfect for the crystal clear beauty of diamonds.

Praise the extraordinary gem

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

Chopard L’Heure du Diamant

The dial of the L’Heure du Diamant also shines brilliantly. The lustrous and lustrous opal, malachite with black fine texture, and lapis lazuli that reminds of the bright moon and clear sky, show the charming charm of the timepiece with rich and gorgeous gem colors.

Chopard 09.01-C automatic mechanical movement
These pieces are not only exquisite and extraordinary jewels, but also precious timepieces equipped with the 09.01-C automatic mechanical movement developed by Chopard. The L’Heure du Diamant watch showcases the compatibility of Chopard’s superb watchmaking craftsmanship with ingenious jewellery in an unprecedented way.

Classic And Stylish Men’s Fan Children’s Tissot Treasure Ring Series Silicon Gossamer Men’s Watch Evaluation

Tissot enjoys a high reputation in the country. In recent years, innovation has not only progressed. While continuously promoting cross-field cooperation, it is also seeking to improve its own technology. In 2017, Tissot launched the Baohuan series watches. The new design, classic appearance, highly technical movement, and reasonable price make this watch the trump card in Tissot’s simple models. Today, this new series has been fully listed, and you can buy it in Tissot stores. What we want to bring to you today is the evaluation of this popular watch. Its model is T108.408.22.037.00 and the price is RMB 8550. yuan.

  We know that Tissot has several very famous classic series models. Among them, we are undoubtedly the most familiar with Lloyd, followed by Durur, which was endorsed by Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei in the past two years. The naming represents the tradition of watchmaking, and this year’s new Baohuan series, although not named after the land, is also known for classic watchmaking, and it goes beyond that.

   First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance of this watch. Appearance is very important for consumers. It determines whether consumers will look at it at a glance. Obviously, if you want to buy a classic watch with stylish elements and personality, then the Baohuan series can really make you look different, because its bezel is decorated with Paris, which is unique in Tissot’s classic series, very unique Easy to identify.

   In addition, the case is made of stainless steel, and the bezel, crown, hands, scales, and bracelet are all plated with gold. The color of the gold makes the watch look different, more luxurious and stylish, and also highlights the classic The refinement and taste of a watch.

   The lugs have a natural curved design that caters to the curvature of the bracelet and the wrist. The lugs are polished on the front and mercerized on the sides. Different craftsmanship makes the watch’s texture even higher. The polished side will show the quality of Tissot, while the mercerized side will be resistant to abrasion, and the cuff will be in contact with the side of the watch very frequently when worn, which will help reduce the wear rate.

  The dial is the focal point of the watch. After polishing the toffee hands, it becomes more delicate. The scales are three-dimensional metal labels, which fully show the three-dimensional effect of layering and disk space. The Paris stud decoration in the center of the dial echoes the shape of the bezel. At 6 o’clock, the English word mark is used. The POWERMATIC 80 indicates that the watch uses the movement 80. The CHRONOMETER indicates that the watch is certified by the Swiss official observatory. From these two word marks, it can be seen that this watch contains Very high technical content, we will talk about later.

   The watch has a diameter of 39 * 41 mm and a thickness of 9.84 mm. The overall diameter and thickness ratio is around 4: 1, which is a very moderate classic design ratio and has a good sense of balance visually. We can also see from the side that the watch is not thick and therefore easier to wear.

   Let’s take a look at the back and the movement. Through the sapphire transparent bottom cover, we can see the POWERMATIC 80 fully automatic winding movement equipped with a radial wave pattern decoration on the surface. This decoration is currently only used in Tissot high-end machines. Core products. This movement is equipped with a balanceless balance spring system and a double weight fine-tune balance. Since 2016, Tissot has upgraded the balance spring for this movement. It uses a silicon balance spring with better temperature resistance and magnetic resistance. Improved the overall performance of the movement to a certain extent. Obviously, it represents the highest level of Tissot’s basic movement, and even in terms of configuration and technological content, it is even higher than the basic model of 10,000 yuan.

   The watch is equipped with a five-row metal bracelet, the middle two rows of which are plated with gold, and the rest of the links are made of stainless steel, using a mercerized polishing process, and equipped with a butterfly buckle, which is simple and easy to use. The metal bracelet is soft and easy to care for. It is most suitable for wearing in hot weather and can also take care of different wearing occasions.

   Of course, we tested it as usual. Before the test, we performed a full winding to ensure that the movement was in a state of sufficient kinetic energy. After testing, we can see that the movement behaves differently in different orientations, but when the movement is in the horizontal position, the swing is better, and the error is small. In the vertical state, the swing is lower than the horizontal state. Normal range, close to the low state. In general, the Tissot Baohuan series watches tested by the Observatory have satisfactory travel time accuracy.

Summary: Tissot’s newly launched Baohuan series observatory-certified silicon gossamer watch has excellent travel accuracy, coupled with its comfortable wearing feel and stylish color matching, it is a cost-effective watch worth choosing. As everyone agrees with the Tissot Baohuan series, this is a luxury watch at a low price, high-tech, high-value, I think its performance will make you satisfied. (Picture / Wen Tao’s Watch House, Wang Tao)

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