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Vacheron Constantin Historique 1955 Ultra-thin Watch

There have always been two extremes in the field of fine watchmaking, that is, ultra-complex watches that combine various complex functions in one, and ultra-thin watches that challenge the extreme size. I personally think that it is actually more difficult to make a breakthrough in the latter. It is impossible to ‘thin’ a movement without limit. To achieve the corresponding slimness, it must first set regulations to avoid the fetters and restrictions of various mechanical factors. It is undeniable that Vacheron Constantin has made some achievements in the design and manufacture of ultra-thin movements.
     Its historical archives have recorded a large number of rich relics since 1911. The 1003 hand-wound movement used in this Historique 1955 ultra-thin watch is a work by Vacheron Constantin in 1955. It has a diameter of 21.1 mm and a thickness of only 1.64 mm. I think that even using Yingying’s grip to describe the size of this stunner is not the most appropriate metaphor. In Historique 1955 ultra-thin watch, Vacheron Constantin specially improved and optimized the appearance and material of this historic masterpiece. The most striking thing is that its splint and motherboard are made of 18K gold. If one inch of time and one inch of gold were used as a summary of the value and artistic achievements of this movement, I don’t think it would be overestimated.
     Another difference between the new version of the 1003 movement and the old work of the year is that the former is still a work engraved with the Geneva mark. Through the sapphire crystal back, the hand-carved Geneva pattern, bevel treatment, chamfering and other advanced Watchmaking technology at a glance. In addition, Vacheron Constantin specially selected the 4961 watch, also born in 1955, as the carrier of this 1003 movement. A retro movement may have such a clear and nostalgic case, so that it can have both form and spirit; not to mention, the appearance of the 4961 watch is impeccable even today, only its lugs The sloping transition adopted at the interface with the lugs is a design detail rare in the field of horology. Including this watch in the next collection is not a problem at all. The only question is how to get married as soon as possible.

What Watches Do Your ‘now Boyfriends’ Wear?

-‘I want to eat noodles.’
 -‘Li Xian ?? Where is Li now !?’
   How hot is Li Xian now? Needless to say, as long as he is there, he must be followed by a group of girls who claim to be ‘now boyfriends’. Among this group of people, you and me. After the drama ‘Dear, Loving’ aired, Li Xian, who played Han Shangyan, became a hot character because of the role in the play. The role stimulated the enthusiasm of the actor and made him become the most popular male star in the entertainment industry. Weibo fans have also grown from the previous three million fans to the current 12 million. Li Xian and Han Shangyan, what makes him a July boyfriend known to passers-by outside the show (don’t worry, we love you in August too)?

Lee now plays the leading character Han Shangyan in ‘Dear, Loving’

Li Xianhe as the heroine of Yang Zi stills in ‘Dear, Love’

 The man was unsmiling, always frowning, as if someone had put a lock on his brow. He never wore clothes other than black and never saw him laugh. He is not approachable and hard to reach. It can even be said that he is a stubborn and almost harsh man.

Li Xianhe as the heroine of Yang Zi stills in ‘Dear, Love’

 Until he met a cute girl with short hair, playful, and only his girl in his eyes. His ‘semi-permanent frown’ was finally smoothed by this girl, her name was Lei Nian (played by Yang Zi). She will record their happiness, and she will wait for him silently. This unsmiling man finally had a smile on his face, and his world became warmer because of her.

Li Xianhe as the heroine of Yang Zi stills in ‘Dear, Love’

 In fact, the story of this TV series ‘Dear, Loving’ is not new. A girl falls in love with a man who is ten years older than him. The character of the man is not pleasing (but the audience likes it) and the story of acquaintance and love. But now, no matter it is the major marketing numbers, or from the data of TV stations and video broadcast platforms, this drama is currently the deserved viewing champion.

 Lee now wears a Casio G-Shock watch

 Li is currently playing the boss of a cybersecurity club in the show, leading his team members to participate in the competition, which is about to win the championship of the international competition and remind China of the national anthem on the field. But this ‘boss’ is really poor. When he falls in love with his cousin, he has to go to the car. In the play he wore a Casio G-Shock series watch, the domestic price of which is about 1,000 yuan.

The car driving in Lee’s current play is the Jeep Wrangler 2017 model

 The domestic price of this model ranges from 420,000 to 530,000. The identity of the car and the club owner is consistent, and as always, black has been selected. That’s right, in this play, Li Xian wears black regardless of whether he wears, uses or wears it.

Most of the clothes in Lee’s current show come from PUMA

 ‘I’m yours, sooner or later’, ask a handsome and aggressive man to say such words in front of you, can you still hold it? If that person is Li Xian, can you still stand?

Han Shangyan on the field

 Although playing a serious ‘old cadre’ in the play, it is clear that netizens and audiences alike. A man who is indifferent to the whole world is only good to me (I have a strong sense of substitution), how rare and exciting it is! But in reality, Li Xian and the Korean business language in the play are obviously not the same, and the appearance of the sunshine boy also attracted a large number of fans.

Li Xian in private (please, you’re almost 30)

Li Xian selfie

 Prior to ‘Dear, Loving’, Li has appeared in TV series such as ‘Forensic Doctor Qin Ming’ and ‘He Shen’, which has gained some popularity but has not reached the level of fire today. I have to say that Yang Zi is really ‘Wangfu’. Most of the actors who worked with her are hot, with Deng Lun before and Li Xian after. By virtue of his handsome appearance and tall height, Li Xian is also strong in fashion control.

 Lee now wears Jaeger-LeCoultre 1362520 watch

 On formal occasions, Li Xian usually chooses a suit, and with his own shape advantages, with a simple piece, he can highlight his gentleman’s elegant side. With a suit, Lee now has many different options for choosing a watch.

 Lee now wears Chanel J12 black watch

Lee now wears Jaeger-LeCoultre 3958420 watch

 Can you see that the watch of ‘now boyfriend’ is also very insightful, Chanel J12, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Master Moon Phase and other different styles of watches are not inconsistent with him. J12 should also be his favorite series. In addition to the black J12 in the picture above, Li now has a white moon phase J12.

Lee now wears Chanel J12 watch

 Suddenly found that he liked the action of ‘wiping his mouth’ when taking pictures. Coco is so cute! In the picture below, he also wears an Omega Constellation series Zumba watch to shoot fashion blockbusters.

Lee now wears the Omega Constellation watch

It is said that this Chanel perfume is completely out of stock

Li Xian private photos

 Lee now wears a suspected Omega Seamaster watch in his private photos

Li Xian in life

Photos taken by Li Xian

 After Li Xian became the ‘now boyfriend’ of the whole people, I looked through his past Weibo. His work schedule before the fire was not as full as it is now. Watching movies at home, playing basketball, visiting exhibitions, and traveling are his daily routine He is a big boy who loves life.

Maybe it’s a little funny boy

He in the journey

 Why Li Xian has become the ‘now boyfriend’ of the whole people. In addition to the TV drama is too sweet and ‘top’, in real life he may also be the fantasy of many girls for the other half. Of course, handsome is needless to say, a clean and comfortable big boy temperament, working hard enough and relaxing enough in life, maybe it is why many people like him.

 Do you prefer Li Xian in real life or Korean business dialect in the play? If you are greedy enough, can you have both? It is said that the villa in Li’s present drama has been bought by fans, ‘True Strength Star Chaser’. Can’t afford the same house, you can buy a watch of the same model!

Ideal And Reality Of Domestic Watches – Shenzhen Watch & Clock Exhibition Report

Friends who love watches and clocks, very few don’t pay attention to the development of domestic watches. This is because domestic watches carry the collective memories of Chinese people, and there is a nostalgic complex in it. It is also due to the rapid development of domestic watches in recent years, which has brought many surprises. At the 23rd Shenzhen International Watch Fair held recently, dozens of new and old domestic watch brands made collective appearances. Taking this opportunity, we also expanded our eyes from a few representative brands to the entire industry. What is the level of development of domestic watch companies? How big is the gap with Swiss watches? I believe that after reading this report, your own conclusions. The new Jane Eyre pair watch launched by Porsche this year has basically no flaws in appearance, and the engraving on the dial is very characteristic.
   No. 3 in the world, No. 1 in China
   China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Exhibition is the largest professional watch and jewellery exhibition in Mainland China. It was founded in 1988 and repositioned as an ‘International Watch & Clock Exhibition’ in 1990. It has been held for 23 consecutive years. Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair is famous for its complete product range, professional organization and internationalization. It is the world’s third largest watch and clock professional exhibition after Basel and Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fairs. Development: In 2004, the total output value of China’s watch industry (above-scale enterprises) was 12.149 billion yuan. By 2011, the main business income of related enterprises reached 22.156 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of more than 10%, and the production and sales rate remained at 95. More than%, market supply and demand are stable. In 2009, due to the impact of the economic crisis, the total output value of China’s watch industry declined, but with the global economic recovery and the expansion of domestic demand policies, it has gradually returned to the pre-crisis level. The Longio watch established by Mi Changhong adheres to the line of original design and after many years of hard work
Gradually opened the overseas market, this ‘national color’ tourbillon watch is one of the stars of this Shenzhen watch exhibition.
    At present, China’s watch production accounts for more than 80% of the world’s total watch production (1 billion tables account for only 80% of the world’s output, and 600 million watches account for 90% of the world’s output), occupying an important share in the division of labor in the world’s watch industry. A place that cannot be replaced in a short time is a well-deserved world watch production country. But at the same time, domestic watches also have a series of defects such as backward production technology, lack of original design and core technology, and low unit price of products. Low-value-added quartz timepieces account for more than 95% of China’s total watch exports. The total value of China’s watch exports is less than one-fifth of that of Switzerland (19.3 billion Swiss francs in 2011), and the annual profit is less than the Swatch Group. (In 2011, it was 1.38 billion US dollars). One-seventh, how to reverse this unfavorable situation and complete the industrial upgrade of domestic watches has also been the focus of media and industry stakeholders for a long time.
   From June 28th to July 1st, 2012, the 23rd China (Shenzhen) International Watch & Clock Fair (Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair) was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition brought together more than 500 exhibiting companies from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Switzerland, Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries and regions. The number of booths reached 1,500 and attracted about 60,000 visitors. . The exhibition consists of three main links: First, on June 27, the ‘Tenth China Watch Summit Forum’ hosted by the China Watch Association and the Shenzhen Watch Industry Association; followed by 4 consecutive days of viewing time, No. 1 The watch and clock brand hall plus the No. 6 accessories hall, with an exhibition area of ​​nearly 40,000 square meters surpassing Basel Hall 1, is enough to make visitors linger; the last is the ‘China. Watch Culture Week’ event that runs through the entire watch exhibition. The event was held for the first time last year, with the theme of ‘culture, art, fashion, and boutique’, and aims to enhance the soft power and influence of the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair. Ten years ago, ten years later
   As a gold-plated signboard at the Shenzhen Watch & Clock Fair, the “China Watch & Clock Summit Forum” has been held for 10 consecutive sessions since its establishment in 2003, and has received the joint support and participation of 15 chambers of commerce in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Public recognition. The topics of the forum are all centered on the core issues that plague the development of domestic watches, so they are also known as the source of the concept of the Chinese watch industry.
   The forum was chaired by Mr. Zhu Shunhua, Executive Chairman and Secretary General of the Preparatory Committee, and its theme was ‘Designing the Future of the Industry’. The forum is divided into five topics and adopts the mode of speech or dialogue. It can be said that the five topics from the setting of the content to the views of various guests to the reflection of the participants fully explained the current status of the development of China’s watch industry.

Rolex’s First Young Talent Plan Awards Ceremony

The world’s top scientists, explorers, environmentalists, doctors and educators gathered in Lausanne, Switzerland in mid-November 2010 to witness the first Rolex Award for Young Talents ( Rolex Awards for Enterprise: Young Laureates Programme), five awardees from three continents all came to the stage to receive the award. On the day of the awards ceremony, more than 600 advanced professionals from Switzerland and other countries visited the recently completed Rolex Learning Center. The Lausanne Institute of Technology (EPFL), which owns the centre, is Europe’s leading institution, known for high-end research in science and technology. The five winners of the Youth Talent Program are all 18 to 30 years old: Jacob Colker from the United States, Reese Fer nandez from the Philippines, Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu from Nigeria, Piyush Tewari from India and Bruktawit Tigabu from Ethiopia. Their projects include revolutionizing the way volunteers participate in volunteer activities in the 21st century, guiding poor women to create environmentally-friendly fashion goods and improving livelihoods, developing interactive radio broadcasts to promote sustainable agriculture, and training volunteers to provide fast and effective victims of traffic accidents. Help and run programmes to improve children’s health.

     Ms. Rebecca Irvin, Rolex’s Achievement Hall in charge of Rolex’s charity and education, said: Through this awards ceremony, Rolex introduced the winners and their innovative projects, and provided an opportunity for them to communicate with famous people from Switzerland and around the world . The goal of this project is to find outstanding young people under 30 in the world, encourage and support them to carry out innovative projects in relevant regions, and create a better future for our next generation.

Dibijia Padotini Unveiled Tissot Store In Lulu Mall, India

Tishot image ambassador Debica Padotney cut the ribbon for the opening of the Tissot store in Lulu Mall. The atmosphere at the scene was warm and sensational.

   Speaking of the newly opened Tissot store, Debiana said: ‘This is one of the most elegant Tissot stores I have visited, and the location of the store is perfect. Everything in the store is loyal to the Tissot brand, walking in art Frontier. I believe it will bring more fans to the Tissot family. ‘

Deepika Padotney cuts the ribbon for the opening of the Tissot store in Lulu Mall. From left to right: Mr. Vishwa Mohan, Manager of Malabar Watches, Mr. Puneet Mathur, Manager of Tissot India, Mr. K.P Salam, Executive Director of Malabar Group, Shaji.K, Regional Manager of Malabar Group

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