Month: March 2019

Imperiale Joaillerie Rainbow Watch, Rebirth Of Color Empire

The design of the IMPERIALE series watch is inspired by the great empire in history, and presents the fashionable empress with gorgeous and solemn modern lines. Chopard’s two new pieces of the Chopard watch series play with light, shadow and color, set with colorful sapphires, showing the colorful colors of the rainbow. The IMPERIALE Joaillerie Rainbow watch is crafted in 18K rose gold with a white or gray dial and a corresponding leather strap. The watch is 36 mm in diameter and rotates on the mother-of-pearl dial at any time. Gorgeous design works, like jewelry embellished on the wrist.

Stunning Rainbow

Chopard Imperial Joaillerie Rainbow Watch

The 36mm 18K rose gold case of the IMPERIALE Joaillerie Rainbow watch is fully paved with diamonds, so that women can enjoy the good times flowing on precious watches. The 18K rose gold bezel is like a magnificent rainbow, inlaid with various gradient-tone rectangular-cut sapphires, showing gorgeous colors of orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. Chopard’s jewellery craftsmen carefully select and inlaid precious gemstones, making them show bright and elegant gradient colors, highlighting the exquisite designs inspired by the rainbow after the rain.

 Chopard Imperial Joaillerie Rainbow Watch

Colorful colors blend harmoniously on the dial: Roman numerals are set at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock to complement the rose gold case. The other hour markers are inlaid with colorful rectangular cut sapphires, echoing the hue of the bezel. The dial is made of white or black Tahiti mother-of-pearl, like a soft rain cloud, accompanied by a rainbow emerging from the sky. A diamond circle is set in the center of the dial, presenting the iconic Arabic scroll pattern of the IMPERIALE collection, inspired by the fabric embroidery of the former empire. The dial provides the wearer with an exquisite time reading background, set off with skeleton sword-shaped hour and minute hands. The mother-of-pearl’s iridescent and glittering gemstones complement each other, showing beautiful light and color on the dial. The IMPERIALE Joaillerie Rainbow watch with a white or gray leather strap is available exclusively at Chopard stores.

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