Month: October 2018

Chopard: Happy Sport Xl Fresh Color Series

For the past 20 years, Happy Sport has always required bold and innovative design styles and fashion trends. As the new generation in this series, Happy Sport XL is more stylish and innovative. However, the essence of the Happy Sport collection is also retained: the chic and elegant look shines with the prestigious streamlined diamonds.

With an impressive 44 mm diameter, this trendy and colorful monochrome watch is inspired by the colors of seawater and aquatic life: coral red, lake blue or light gray green. The summer breeze gently blows through the colorful Happy Sport XL, presenting a carefree holiday mood.

Watching the dial at a close distance will indulge in a world of oceans. Because of its extreme reality, it will show amazing underwater visual effects, making people feel as if they are holding their breath in the depths of the waves and staring at the glittering sun on the sea.

In order to enhance the clear and refreshing visual effect, the smallest details of this watch are all designed in monochrome: the steel bezel, pearl-coated dial, rhodium wire hands and rubber straps are all the same color.

Like dazzling sunlight, the rotatable diamond highlights the leisurely appeal of these vibrant Happy Sport with its bright and charming charm, which makes the classic device more brilliant, flawless, and also injects into daily life. Bright and gorgeous, fun and interesting style.
Source: Chopard

Love Forever Wrist: Tissot Galloping 100 Series

316 stainless steel case, the dial has a deep red love at one point, this is a confession of love, mysterious and straightforward. The small dial features clear date windows at four o’clock. The delicate crown is inlaid with a ruby, matching the red heart on the dial. The red leather lines on the white leather strap ‘chain’ these love details together. Love stays on my wrist forever, Valentine’s Day every day.

    There is a naughty little warmth among lovers. While he is asleep, he draws a Chaplin-style moustache on his mouth, and writes ‘I love you’ on her little feet when she turns over. Funny, this is a lover. Even when the noise is the fiercest, you will not give up the idea of ​​loving you, even if there are big contradictions on big issues, when you think of small details, you ca n’t let it go. I love to paint you a brand to tell the world that you are mine. How overbearing, how much I want to be overbearing by you. On this Valentine’s Day in China, go for the real brand watch on her hand. It is so romantic to watch and encircle her future.

Business Watch That Grasps The Time And The World

This year, the time between the two places and the World Time watch coincided with prosperity. Investigating its roots, the improvement of the economic situation has promoted a variety of business travel activities, especially business travel activities across time zones. In addition, the secretive efforts of major manufacturers have effectively solved real-world problems such as irregular jet lag and winter / summer time, and made this year’s two-time and world-time watches look different. Blancpain
Villeret Series Half-Day 8-Day Power Reserve Watch
Originally, Villeret was a series of ultra-thin and retro style. However, this year, because of the popularity of time zone watches and GMT watches, Blancpain can’t sit back and watch. Therefore, this new and up-to-date work of Villeret series, in addition to inheriting the series has always been In addition to its classic appearance and ultra-thin model, the power reserve of up to 8 days is indeed intimate for busy international travelers; and most commendable is that its second time zone function can be accurate to 30 minutes, that is, Half time zone-For those who travel to India, Sri Lanka, Venezuela and other half time zone countries, the convenience is only known by themselves.
Calibre de Cartier watch
As a new aristocrat in the complex watch market, Cartier’s fine watchmaking series has always performed well. For the hot time zone watch of the year, since the series is involved, it must have made some unique contributions. The 9909 MC self-winding movement is much better than the traditional multi-time zone movement. Combined with the clever design, the city indicator dial on the side of the watch is magnified with a magnifying glass to display the destination, which effectively prevents the content displayed on the dial from being too complicated. Just press the rotary button to read the time of 24 reference time zone cities. Since many countries are still implementing daylight saving time and winter time, the table also fully considers this conversion function.
Girard Perregaux John Harrison Limited Watch
GP Girard Perregaux’s history is a history of perseverance and the pursuit of precise timing technology. Today, the watch factory has created a new and exclusive model of the world wide time control (world wide time control) series, paying tribute to this outstanding master watchmaker of the 18th century.
杰出 On the dial of this outstanding watch is an Atlantic chart depicting the navigating route of William Harrison, son of John Harrison, from Portsmouth, England to Port-Royal, Jamaica. The dial of the John Harrison watch is the result of condensed exquisite enamel painting process, carefully crafted by GP Girard-Perregaux enamel workshop. To echo the dial, the city’s display ring highlights the names of Portsmouth and Royal Port in royal blue. The city display ring with the carved GP logo is located at 9 o’clock and can be activated by the platinum crown. In addition to displaying the local time, this watch also displays the time around the world simultaneously with a blue / white two-tone time display ring and a rhodium-plated leaf minute hand. Through the transparent chassis, you can admire the GP Girard-Perregaux 033G0 automatic winding movement with precise operation and outstanding layout. The movement is equipped with an ingenious coupling mechanism that drives a two-color time display ring to display the time in 24 time zones. To pay tribute to this great horological tour, the important date of sailing with the H-4 navigator is also sculpted in detail on the rose gold rotor. The John Harrison watch is limited to 50 pieces, each of which is individually numbered.
Grande Reverso Duoface
This year marks the 80th anniversary of the birth of the most famous Reverso series under Jaeger-LeCoultre. Among the series of Reverso watches launched around the 80th anniversary celebration, we did not unexpectedly see the figures in the two places. In fact, Reverso’s flip surface, after solving the technical problem of protecting the movement, has been made into a double-sided dial, which is really suitable. In fact, the first Reverso Duoface with dual-time function was released as early as 1994, and this year’s new model, in addition to increasing its size, presents a more atmospheric dial and a clearer layout. There are also many improvements.
Portofino Dual Time Zone Watch
Just like the rustic impression of the IWC brand, even with the dual time zone display, it is still simple and low-key. The central hour and minute hands are the main time zone. On the upper part of the dial is the second time zone small dial. The eye-catching red hands. The time scale is displayed in a clear 24-hour system. The different areas on the dial represent the day and night. . All functions are controlled by a single button. You only need to adjust the different positions of the crown, you can easily calibrate the time by the hour or even the second, and the date display can be automatically changed by the hour adjustment.

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