Month: September 2018

Bvlgari Pays Tribute To Women

Bulgari reflects the goddess’s gracefulness to reflect different emotional postures. In the festival to pay tribute to women, the Divas’Dream series, which interprets the charm of Italian women, awakens dazzling vitality and creates your gorgeous life!

Glamour Goddess of Warmth
   Having a sweet warm color system is every girl’s fantasy of romance and beauty. The new colors and designs of the Bvlgari Divas’Dream series jewels praise the beauty of the gems; the crocodile leather red strap watch and the sweet pink crystal clamshell bag enhance the overall look and make you extraordinary.

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Series Rose Gold and Pink Tourmaline Amethyst Diamond Necklace / Earrings, Price: 480,000 yuan / 334,000 yuan, SAP: CL858019 / OR858027
Bvlgari Divas’Dream series rose gold and pink tourmaline diamond ring, price: 91,500 yuan, SAP: AN858124
Bvlgari Divas’Dream series rose gold red crocodile leather watch, price: 80,000 yuan, SAP: 102840
Bvlgari Divas’Dream Series Quilted Mesh Embroidered Pink Crystal Sheepskin Flap Shoulder Bag, Price: 17,000 yuan, SAP: 285430

Goddess of Pure Elegance
   Nothing shines more than diamonds! Bvlgari Divas’Dream jewelry is simple and exquisite. Bright diamonds and dazzling white gold keep you elegant and confident in daily life. A stainless steel watch and white jade flip shoulder bag are decorated with rivets for a stylish look .

Bvlgari Divas’Dream Series White Gold Diamond Necklace / Bracelet / Earrings, Price: 23,000 yuan / 19,000 yuan / 36,200 yuan, SAP: CL858075 / BR858077 / OR858078
Bvlgari LVCEA series stainless steel watch, price: 52,000 yuan, SAP: 102199
Bvlgari Divas’Dream Series Quilted Mesh Embroidered White Jade Soft Sheepskin Flap Shoulder Bag, Price 17,000 RMB, SAP: 285791

Cool fashion goddess
   Cool single product is a cool weapon for cool girls, it still stands out without too much decoration. The Divas’Dream watch on the wrist has a classic design with a black dial and a natural-skinned exotic snakeskin flap shoulder bag, making you see you uniquely in the crowd at a glance!

Bvlgari Divas’Dream series rose gold black alligator leather watch, price: 80,000 yuan, SAP: 102841
Bvlgari Divas’Dream series quilted mesh embroidered color snakeskin flap shoulder bag, price: 24,300 yuan, SAP: 285756

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