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Mother’s Day Pay Tribute To The Unique Hero In My Heart With This Swatch

When you need her, she is always there, omnipotent, and omnipotent. She always has some good suggestions that will always provide comfort when you encounter difficulties. Most importantly, she is the one who loves us the most. Her love is always there and no strings attached. Now is the time to pay tribute to these heroes who silently support us in our daily lives and to the super moms all over the world!

   In order to welcome this year’s Mother’s Day, Swatch launched a special ‘SKIN Peony’ watch. Its slim, concise, easy-to-read design is light-feathered, and its silicone strap is dotted with colorful flowers. This Mother’s Day, let’s dress up fashionable Supergirls together!

Except Ruyi, She Is Like Zhou Xun

When ‘Rugao Biography’ was first aired, Zhou Xun, who was no longer young, played the young girl Qing Ying, only to let people ‘evaluate’ Zhou Xun, a bad voice and a questioning voice. … She’s really not young, she just passed her 44th birthday a few days ago. But at the end of the show, people said that ‘Zhou Xun is Rugao, and there is no such thing as Zhou Xun.’ Zhou Xun once again explained a vivid role for us with his acting skills. Why want to write Zhou Xun? Rugao was an opening, she tore open a corner of Zhou Xun, and she asked Zhou Xun to stand in front of the audience and accept the ‘trial’. But beyond Rugao, what kind of Zhou Xun is she?

Zhou Xun plays Rugao in Biography of Rugao

Zhou Xun during the filming of Rugao Biography
 Some people commented on Zhou Xun, ‘Among the actresses in the entertainment industry, Zhang Ziyi wrote her desire on her face. She is savvy and hardworking. Zhao Wei is lively and good at controlling the situation … Everyone can use one sentence or even one word. To summarize, but Zhou Xun cannot. She is mysterious. ‘ She is an actor, but more enthusiastic about public welfare; her emotional experience is enough to write several gossips in the gossip magazine for the night, but she finally married to love; she sometimes looks like a girl, sometimes she can see the weight of years on her from her eyes .

‘Li Mi’s Conjecture’ Zhou Xun plays Li Mi

 Zhou Xun’s original name was Zhou Mika. The ‘meter’ in the name reminded me of Li Mi in a film she previously played, ‘Li Mi’s Conjecture.’ In this movie, she plays a female character missing her boyfriend and searching for each other while driving a taxi. Constant search and constant expectations have similarities with Zhou Xun himself. Li Mi’s dedication to love is the same as Zhou Xun’s calmness to life.

Princess Taiping in The Words of Daming Palace

Xiao Wei in Painted Skin

Sun Na in “ If Love ”

Li Mi in ‘Li Mi’s Conjecture’

 Looking back at the roles played by Zhou Xun, Sun Na in ‘If Love’, Xiao Wei in ‘Painted Skin’, Li Mi in ‘Li Mi’s Conjecture’ and even Rugao in ‘Rugao Biography’, love must not. Seems like Zhou Xun’s normal role. Unlike ordinary happy endings, she seems to be more interested in the process, the process of love, and the process of shaping characters.

 Rugao’s Tragedy in Rugao Biography ends

 Rugao in ‘Biography of Rugao’ ended in tragedy, attracting the audience to boo. But Zhou Xun said, ‘I don’t think she is a tragedy, she is good, she is a hospice.’

Zhou Xun and her husband Gao Shengyuan

 I watched an interview with Zhou Xun a long time ago. During the interview, the host asked if she could distinguish between love in the role and love in real life. Zhou Xun replied, ‘It wasn’t possible before, but it must be distinguished now.’ There are legends that Zhou Xun Bei drifted to Beijing to live with the beloved boy at the time. And she has loved many people in the entertainment industry for so many years. Some people may say that she is not specific enough and can’t go from one to the other. Come on, what age is it now, it’s good to be able to meet someone from the beginning to the end of the story, but not everyone can be so lucky in their pursuit of love.

Zhou Xun stills

 In the play, she plays various roles and interprets the ever-changing life; outside the play, she is pure and free. Friends in the circles such as Chen Kun have been very good for many years. Zhou Xun’s birthday a few days ago, Chen Kun punctually blessed Zhou Xun’s happy birthday on Weibo, and punctuality is Zhou Xun’s birthday. It has been Chen Kun’s habit for nine consecutive years.

Chen Kun celebrates for Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun and Chen Kun are enthusiastic about public welfare
 Speaking of the friendship between Chen Kun and Zhou Xun, I have to mention that they have a common hobby is enthusiasm for public welfare. Chen Kun’s ‘walking power’ and Zhou Xun’s ‘onenight’, the above picture shows two people participating in public welfare activities together.

Zhou Xun engaged in public welfare

 From these photos of public welfare activities, Zhou Xun in private looks quite small. Many people say that Zhou Xun is old. Indeed, there must be a difference between the forties and the twenties. However, with a recent sentence that is particularly poignant, ‘Forty years old is the new twenty years old’. In this ‘new twenty years old’, Zhou Xun is still the same as before, insisting on being a free and easy-going Zhou Gongzi.

Zhou Xun in the commercial
 Zhou Xun at work returned to Vanity Fair, and she still chose to face it in a pure way. When choosing a watch, she chose an IWC watch that was also pure and dedicated to watchmaking. Zhou Xun’s relationship with IWC has always been good, but she wore a IWC as early as when she won the Magnolia Award with ‘Red Sorghum’.

Zhou Xun wears IWC Portofino IW459101 watch

Zhou Xun wears Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36

Zhou Xun wears Portofino Moon Phase Automatic 37

 Did you find it? Zhou Xun will choose the more formal style of IWC watches in public and formal occasions, generally choose Portofino series or Da Vinci series. But in a group of commercials shot in cooperation with IWC (that is, in the previous article, Zhou Xun was taking a snapshot of the advertisement), Zhou Xun performed another completely different from her.

Zhou Xun wears IWC pilot automatic watch 36
 Diversified and ever-changing, but in Zhou Xun, what I see is eternal spirit. It’s just that compared to the past, she may not be so ‘squeezing’ now, and she is more calm. Zhou Xun and Faye Wong were in the same frame in a certain show some time ago, and netizens praised it as ‘the same frame in the century’. The same ‘predecessor’ Li Yapeng, Zhou Xun’s friend Dou Jingtong is the eldest daughter of Faye Wong … After many years, many things seem less important, such as past love, some time in the past. What good restraint is there as long as we can talk?

Zhou Xun

 If one day I can sit in front of Zhou Xun, even if I don’t speak, I want to take a good look at her eyes. The real Zhou Xun and the living Zhou Mika, thank Zhou Xun for bringing us so many wonderful characters and presenting such a different self. For example, Zhou Xun, who is not like Lu, we can see her kind, free, and frank. What we can’t see, maybe she will be fragile, sensitive and restless. But no matter what kind of Zhou Xun, I sincerely hope that she will be safe and smooth in her future life.

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