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Showing The Tradition Of Watchmaking Baume & Mercier Automatic Watch Tushang

During the 2015 SIHH exhibition, Baume & Mercier launched a number of new timepieces, including Humberton, Appointment, Chrysmer and Clayton series. The Creeton 10205 wrist will be introduced below. The watch was launched during this period. The watch presents a pleasing balance of beauty and delicate details, which can meet all the needs of the wearer.

Watch with polished satin-finished stainless steel case
   This Clayton series large date display power reserve watch has a modern and elegant appearance, inspired by a 1950s watch in the brand museum collection, elegantly inheriting the brand genes of the Baume & Mercier watch. The watch is equipped with a 43mm polished satin-finished stainless steel case with a large calendar window display and power reserve display.

43 mm diameter

Watches are extremely modern and elegant

With a square brown alligator strap
   The watch is fully balanced with beauty and extraordinary quality. It is water-resistant to 50 meters. It is paired with a brown crocodile leather strap with a square pattern and a triple folding buckle for added safety and reliability.

Every detail of the watch is extremely delicate

Silver dial with sun satin finish
   This watch has a simple and elegant dial design, which is clear and convenient to read, and a large date display window at 12 o’clock shows the unique elegance. At 6 o’clock, a power reserve display is displayed, highlighting delicate and restrained details. The Clayton series large date display power reserve watch is classic and practical, perfectly showing Baume & Mercier’s outstanding craftsmanship and watchmaking tradition.

Large date display window at 12 o’clock, power reserve display at 6 o’clock

Case with delicate brushed finish

The lugs and crown are also made of stainless steel

Equipped with triple folding buckle

Internally equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement
   The watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement, exquisite workmanship and exquisite decoration. The oscillating weight is also engraved with the brand’s Greek letter ‘Phi’. This ‘golden section’ symbol is clearly visible through the transparent case back. Its self-winding movement is specially equipped with two display panels to display the single digit and ten digits, respectively, to achieve a large date display function, and it can also display the winding tension of the barrel spring.

Summary: The 2015 SIHH presented us with a unique visual feast, and we look forward to the report group in front of the Watch House to bring us more exciting content. For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Hamilton Modern Era Collection Fashionable Star

The design of the new Hamilton Khaki SkyMaster UTC is inspired by historical documents from the 1940s in the brand’s historical database. At that time, the Hamilton Company had successfully developed a precise navigation instrument-a marine chronometer. Khaki SkyMaster UTC is a dedicated tribute to the Hamilton chronometer with a stellar hour display. Calculate the time when the surrounding stars are transferred to the sun. Three brand new watches are equipped with Greenwich time display function, stylish and novel design, and the current English abbreviations in airports around the world, imprinting the great contribution of navigation timing technology to promote human modernization.
Review the extraordinary achievements of the Heroic Pioneer
    All three new watches are celebrating heroic achievements. Thanks to the classic timepiece of wartime, the ship can stay close to the route and avoid danger when sailing at sea. This series of watches is sturdy and durable. The 42 mm stainless steel case is sturdy and stable. It is equipped with a Swiss Greenwich antimagnetic movement and has a water resistance of 30 bar (300 meters). The watch has a time display in 24 time zones. Just press the button at 2 o’clock and you can manually adjust it. Select the required airport time zone from the 3-letter code of the listed International Air Transport Association (IATA), except for the more popular ones. The Kennedy and Los Angeles airports, as well as the more remote Honolulu and the port of Delgada in the Azores, are all-inclusive. Hamilton Khaki SkyMaster UTC is a perfect combination of past and present elegance, and is a timeless classic that will surely occupy a place in the historical literature of timepieces in the future.

Long-lasting new precision timepieces
    The Hamilton Khaki SkyMaster UTC series uses vintage high-tech craftsmanship and epoch-making materials to create a retro nobility. The surface color can be selected from white, silver and cool gray, while the figures are available in black or white contrast tones to ensure clarity. The bottom of the watch has the traditional Hamilton logo and lettering, which indicates the built-in precision anti-magnetic movement, which reflects the excellent tradition of Swiss manufacturing. In addition to using a lot of modern materials, the design is also creative. The strap can be made of special rubber-soled canvas or leather commonly used in artisan apron. Khaki SkyMaster UTC excels in performance and styling, and is truly the perfect choice for international travelers today.
Surface color can be selected from white, silver and cool gray
Edit note:
Stellar time
    The English word sidereal comes from the Latin sidus, which means astral. Stellar time is a method for determining the coordinates of a specified position on the earth. The calculation basis is that the earth rotates one revolution every 23 hours, 56 minutes, and 3.5 seconds. The stellar year begins on March 21st and ends on September 21st, so there is a 12-hour time difference between the civilian time watch and the stellar hour watch.
    Founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA in 1892, the Hamilton watch produced by this company combines the spirit of the United States with the most advanced Swiss movement and watchmaking technology. With its novel design, Favored by Hollywood filmmakers, it has been the watch worn by actors in more than 400 films. In addition, the brand has deep roots in the aviation industry. Hamilton is part of the Swatch Group, a watch manufacturer and distributor with 160 production facilities in Switzerland and the largest watch manufacturer in the world.

Technical Parameters

Size: 42 mm

Case: stainless steel, Swiss made

Surface: black, silver or grey

Airports representing time zones include:

Easter Island, Acapulco, Ganay, French Guiana, Rio de Janeiro, Puerto Delgada, Keflavik, London, Munich, Cairo, Petersburg, Dubai, Karachi, Zia, Bangkok, Hong Kong , Hayden, Sydney, New Caledonia, Auckland, Midway, Honolulu, Juneau, Los Angeles

Strap: black rubber bottom canvas; black or brown crocodile leather

Movement: GMT2893 / anti-magnetic

Sapphire crystal

Water resistance: 30 bar (300 meters) / 435psi (984 feet)

Suggested retail price

HKD 9,200-9,750

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