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Representing The Time Tasting Jacques De Perpetual Calendar Watch

In order to make the watch friends more directly and comprehensively understand the details of the watch, the watch house has opened a new section ‘Expression of Time’. Here we will edit it in the form of a video. We read each watch carefully and carefully for everyone. In the first column of today, we bring you the Jacques de Rouge blue big fire enamel perpetual calendar watch.


 Through the explanation of the video, I believe that many friends will have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the watch. In the future, we will bring you more exciting watch analysis in the future, so stay tuned.

2012 Oris Aquis Dive Watch

Oris, a Swiss watch brand. In the early twentieth century, Cattin and Christian established the Oris watch factory. During World War II, Oris designed a large crown watch for the US Air Force and its pilots, thus becoming a well-known brand. Oris Watch 2012 New
Oris Watch 2012 New Oris Watch 2012 New Oris Aquis Diving Watch
    Oris, a Swiss watch brand. In the early twentieth century, Cattin and Christian established the Oris watch factory. During World War II, Oris designed a large crown watch for the US Air Force and its pilots, thus becoming a well-known brand.
Oris Aquis dive watch detailed parameters:
Case diameter: 43.00 mm
Model: 733 7653 41 54 (black dial)
Model: 733 7653 41 55 (blue dial)
Movement: SW200-1 self-winding movement equipped with Oris red automatic dial, hour, minute and second hands displayed in the center, stainless steel case with screw-in crown and crown protection, 60-minute ceramic watch Upper ring
Waterproof function: 30 times atmospheric pressure.
Dial: Polished black / blue dial, always marked with simple scales
Hands: Fluorescent-coated nickel-plated polished hands
Strap: black rubber strap or tempered steel strap with adjustable folding sliding buckle

Vacheron Constantin’s ‘voice Of Time • Voice Of Inheritance’ Exhibition

The first Asian High-end Watch & Clock Fair ‘Watches and Miracles’ will be held in Hong Kong from September 25-28, 2013. Swiss watchmaker Vacheron Constantin will host the exhibition “Voice of Time • Voice of Inheritance” to showcase a series of the most exquisite timepieces in the history of its brand. Through the perfect fusion of light, shadow and sound effects, it plays a unique and elegant movement .

From September 25th to 28th, a series of timepieces exhibited by Vacheron Constantin in the ‘Voice of Time • Voice of Inheritance’ exhibition will surely attract the attention of Asia. The theme of this exhibition is to share the beauty of the art of watches and clocks. It aims to present to Asia all the extraordinary charm of Vacheron Constantin since its establishment in 1755.

   Vacheron Constantin has long been known throughout the world for its exceptional timepieces. The founder’s grandson, Jacques Barthélémi Vacheron, was a well-known expert at asking questions before taking over the family business in the early 19th century.

 With the growing reputation of Vacheron Constantin in the field of clocks and watches, the world’s most famous collectors have deliberately commissioned brands to customize their exclusive watches, such as the Maharajah of Patiala, India, Bubinder Singh Sir Bhupindra Singh customized a chronograph pocket watch with alarm, date and moon phase profit and loss display in 1909; James Ward Packard, a well-known American car manufacturer, custom-made it in 1918. Chrono pocket watch with self-sizing, two-minute and half-minute questions.

 VIPs who came to the exhibition will also appreciate a red gold two-pointer pocket watch with organic engraving on the dial produced in 1812, and a two-pointer pocket watch with a time jumper and small seconds hand produced in 1827. Pocket watches all show the brand’s long history. Each showcase allows VIPs to get up close and personal to admire the mysterious and rare superb and intricate watchmaking techniques that famous collectors are pursuing.

  In the twentieth century, the advent of wristwatches prompted watchmakers to delve into ways to make the timekeeping device more compact to meet customer demand for smaller and thinner cases. This relentless pursuit of excellence has led to the birth of a series of exquisite and unique watchmaking techniques. For example, in 1955 Vacheron Constantin produced a minute repeater with a movement thickness of less than 3.28 mm. Subsequently, other ultra-thin timepieces with many complicated functions came out one after another, each showing a pure and exquisite beauty-this can also be seen from a fully skeletonized movement and hand-decorated minute repeater on display this time. It is vividly reflected.

 The ‘Voice of Time • Voice of Inheritance’ exhibition will be Vacheron Constantin’s first show in Hong Kong of its fascinating charm of fine watchmaking since its inception. These unique historical watches from Vacheron Constantin’s Geneva headquarters will invite you to explore the human wisdom in every minute.

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