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Vacheron Constantin Launches Historiques Latest Watch For Charity

Famous watch brand Vacheron Constantin launched the Historiques 1907 Royal Watch. The watch was launched to participate in the 2013 Kidz Horizon Appeal Charity Auction, a non-profit organization based in Singapore, led by Dr. Caroline Heah. The organization works to raise money for children with special medical chronic and incurable diseases such as cancer and AIDS. The Kidz Horizon Appeal Charity Evening will be held on August 17, 2013.

   Unique Historiques 1907 Royal watch, blue large open flame enamel dial, dial diameter 38 mm. The hour and brand logos are white on the dial.

   The watch is equipped with an automatic 2460SCC movement, with the Geneva mark and the COSC Observatory certification.

This Tourbillon Looks So Sci-fi Ulysse Nardin Athens Manager Liberty Tourbillon Watch

Executive Tourbillon Skeleton Free Wheel Manager is one of the most striking creations of ULYSSE NARDIN. It completely subverts the watchmaking process. The mechanical wheel is under sapphire crystal Freewheeling like a space fantasy.

The Manager’s Freedom Tourbillon watch breaks the traditional watch design, allowing the mechanical gear train to act like a separate individual on the face of a science fiction scene

The Athenian Manager Tourbillon Freewheel uses luxury rose gold or white gold, equipped with a new movement developed for a long time and a star-studded sapphire glass dome, exceeding the world’s expectations for modern watchmaking technology and technology. The 18K rose gold case has a diameter of 44 mm and is carved from slate (culture stone), while the 18K white gold model uses a stylish black honeycomb grid.

The watch does not have a bezel design. Instead, it is covered with a ‘sapphire glass dome’. Therefore, in addition to the front, the three-dimensional structure of the movement can also be seen on the side of the watch.

The most amazing feature of the watch is the tourbillon bridge on the faceplate, a 7-day power reserve display like a boomerang at 4 o’clock, the hour hand, minute hand and gorgeous gear system, and other components, as if suspended above the faceplate. The sapphire glass that surrounds these ‘flying’ components is another extraordinary design. Its complicated and delicate effects, especially the polishing of the angle of the mirror, can only be achieved after a long and arduous experiment. The back of the case also uses sapphire glass, but this side cannot see through the interior. All delicate components are only visible on the dial, completely subverting the watchmaking tradition.

The seven-point and four-point directions of the faceplate are displayed on the 7-day power reserve of the flying tourbillon and boomerang, respectively.

The rose gold version uses a slate face plate, while the white gold version uses a black honeycomb grid face plate to show different tones.

The brand created a new UN-176 mechanical movement independently developed by the Athenian watchmaking factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. It is equipped with an anchor flying tourbillon with constant power output, and uses a silicon material with a low friction coefficient. Instead of metal or synthetic ruby, this is a pioneering technology that replaces the traditional Swiss lever escapement. The bracelet of the Athenian Manager Liberty Tourbillon watch is made of carbon fiber matte crocodile leather, which is extremely soft.

Executive Tourbillon Skeleton Free Wheel

Rose gold material / UN-176 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / tourbillon device / power reserve display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 30 meters / diameter 44mm

Executive Tourbillon Skeleton Free Wheel

Platinum material / UN-176 manual winding movement / hour and minute display / tourbillon device / power reserve display / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 44mm

Pattern Philippe: The Game Maker

There is no dispute, Patek Philippe is one of the most watched brands at the Basel watch exhibition every year. In the past ten years when I came to Swiss Exhibition, my deep understanding of this brand is: Patek Philippe is the game maker.

From the price point of view, almost every type or function of the watch, such as: perpetual calendar, chronograph, tourbillon, minute repeater and enamel art, PATEK PHILIPPE is the highest selling price in the industry.
But expensive is just appearance. Patek Philippe’s products still have many self-persistent principles. Let me give a few examples:
1. The tourbillon of PATEK PHILIPPE is not exposed (on the dial). The official reason is to avoid direct sunlight on the tourbillon mechanism. To see the tourbillon, only turn the watch over.
2. PATEK PHILIPPE does not have a tourbillon with automatic movement. Few friends have noticed this. Why? I think it is to prevent the movement from being too thick.
3. Prior to the launch of the Ref.5208 super complex watch at the Baselworld 2011, the three-question function of PATEK PHILIPPE hardly appeared on a watch at the same time as the timekeeping function. The three-question and timekeeping function seemed to be two in Patek Philippe’s products. Parallel lines.
4. From the perspective of communication, Patek Philippe does not need celebrity endorsements. As long as the product appears, whether it is experienced players or watch enthusiasts, it is the biggest star. In addition, in the Patek Philippe booth at the Basel Watch Fair, rare and orphan watch display zones are set up. These models are for large collectors around the world and will not appear in the annual media news materials. Will appear in the PATEK PHILIPPE watch store. Photographs are allowed at the scene, and these photos will even become distant legends in a few years …

 Patek Philippe’s 2013 new Ref. 5227 watch side

 Looking at the Patek Philippe watches launched at the Baselworld in the last ten years, the brand itself has a ‘big year’ and a ‘small year’. 2006 (representative works Ref. 5960, Ref. 5104), 2008 (representative work Ref. 5207), and 2011 (representative work Ref. 5208) are the big years. The prominent manifestation of the big years is the super complicated watches with the price of RMB 5 million and above. The new work is launched, and it is not a small modification of the old style; in addition, the regular work (less than 1 million yuan) is rich in new works and both men and women. New products in the small year are rarely new products with more than RMB 1 million. If there are any, they are also small modifications on the old styles.

Baselworld 2013 is brand new. Is it a big or small year for Patek Philippe? I regret to tell you that 2013 is a small year for Patek Philippe. The reason is that 2014 is already a big year for Patek Philippe. It coincides with the brand’s 175th anniversary since 1839. There will be big movements and shocking models. At present, the global economic environment is not very optimistic, so 2013 is dominated by stability. The new masterpiece, Ref. 5227, is the main male watch in 2013. It has excellent pedigree and belongs to the Calatrava series from 1932. The predecessor of Ref.5227 is Ref.5127, and the launch of the new work also indicates the discontinuation of the old model. The suspension of production is a very good thing for watch lovers who like Ref.5127. The market price of Ref.5127 in the global auction market in 2013 is bullish. In the eyes of ordinary people, it feels that Ref.5227 as a junior single-calendar function male watch is similar to the famous Ref.5296 (bar scale version). Digging deeper you will find that even though the two watches use the same movement-Cal.324SC, the appearance is completely built under different aesthetic systems. Ref.5296 is relatively thin and elegant, the crown is flat, and the lugs are long; while Ref.5227 is round and round, and the sides of the lugs have been completely redesigned. The biggest difference between old and new models. It is conceivable that Ref. 5227 will set a new model for men’s precious metal formal wear watches in 2013. This type of watch is also the most demanded men’s watch in the Chinese market.

For 174 years, Patek Philippe adhered to principles, pursued stability and made unexpected moves, and was a well-deserved game ruler.

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