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Iwc (Iwc) Portuguese Seven-day Refining Perpetual Calendar (Black Face)

Portuguese Perpetual Calendar:

 Originated from the Portuguese series of IWC in 1938, it is the manufacturer’s famous large-sized timepiece. Its 50611 movement is a member of IWC’s 5,000 movement family, and the operation of the perpetual calendar watch is the same as that of the Da Vinci watch.

 This perpetual calendar watch is a delicate handicraft, featuring the hands to indicate the day, date and month, and a 4-digit year display window, which can only be achieved by IWC. Another outstanding feature is its moon phase profit and loss display, which has always been an integral part of the IWC Perpetual Calendar watch. But the Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch is different in that it shows the moon phase profit and loss at the same time in the northern and southern hemispheres. Not only that, it uses a larger moon phase disk, so it can accommodate a larger number of gears than other watches, and it is accurate Degree has also been greatly improved. The Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch has an error of only one day every 577 years, and so far no other mechanical watch can match it.

 The latest perpetual calendar style is a collection of years of experience and concept of watchmaking. In terms of functions, the watch also has two well-known designs from previous manufacturers: a 4-digit year display calendar and a 7-day power reserve. It is the only watch style on the market that adopts this kind of matching. Its power reserve function is designed to be different from other brands. The watch can store up to 8 and a half days of power after a full string. Limited production of 250 per year.
Various K gold stamps on the case specified by the Swiss watch (St. Bernard’s dog head represents 18K gold, and the goat’s head is platinum)

Crown fish, waterproof (30m)

The case back is sapphire crystal,
There are 66 rubies

The folding buckle is also made of 18K rose gold

Original log box

Inside the box, please note the small glass bottle next to it

The bottle is used to hold the first two digital dials of the “ year display ”.
The watch’s original programming can automatically adjust the walking to 2199.
Starting from 22XX, the watch needs to be returned to the original factory to change the year dial (note the second one, the first two digits of the year number are fixed together)

Wearing on the hand

Finally, the size comparison of the two watches, IWC is 42mm, Rolex table diameter 40mm

Rose gold case
C a l.50611 automatic movement
Double-layer hairspring, patented Pe lla-tion winding system
168-hour power reserve
Energy reserve display
Perpetual calendar display, week, date, month, year
North and South hemisphere moon phases
Independent second hand with stop-seconds function
Sapphire crystal glass
30M waterproof
 Case diameter 44.2mm

Bell & Ross Tribute To French Air Force 3.3 Ardennes Squadron

BELL & ROSS pays tribute to the French Air Force’s 3.3 Ardennes Squadron

 BELL & ROSS and the French Air Force coincided with the concept of strict high efficiency and reliable performance, and the two sides concluded a close cooperative relationship. Recently, the two sides joined hands again to celebrate the establishment of one of the military’s most famous combat corps, the 3.3 Ardennes bomber squadron For the 70th anniversary, BELL & ROSS fully supports the commemorative event held on September 20th at the 133 Nancy-Ochey Air Force Base in France. During the Second World War in 1943, the ‘Free French Air Force’ in the Middle East was established in Lebanon. Its motto ‘Ne recule ni ne dévie’ (‘neither retreat nor change direction’) has its moral sentiment, which The boar head logo symbolizes its determination. Currently, the 3.3 Ardennes squadron has 20 Mirage 2000 D bombers that are good at ground attack. The squadron has performed missions in the former Yugoslavia, Congo, Libya, Afghanistan and other places. Recently, it participated in the 薮 cat operation in Mali, Africa. (Operation Serval).

BELL & ROSS and the French Air Force once again joined hands to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the 3.3 Ardennes bomber squadron, one of the military’s most famous combat corps.

 On the same day, the Mirage 2000 D bomber of the 3.3 Ardennes bomber squadron, together with the Rafale ‘Tiger Meet’ and Epsilon fighters of the Cartouche Doré air show team participated in the flight show and congratulated the squadron on their 70th birthday. The fuselage of one of the Mirage 2000 D bombers was decorated with the theme of the day’s event, and led the group to cut through the sky, spraying smoke of the color of the squadron logo, and the ground was held with exercises and inspection ceremonies, the scene was very solemn. Hundreds of active and retired pilots, navigators and mechanical engineers gathered in the hangar to participate in the celebration, and BELL & ROSS also participated; nearly 500 guests could enjoy the on-site BELL & ROSS timepiece, among which A meaningful debut is the BR03 92 limited series featuring the 3.3 Ardennes squadron logo, which was exclusively produced by the squadron members.

 The fuselage of the Mirage 2000 D bomber was emblazoned with the theme decoration pattern of the day’s event, and led the aircraft group to cut through the sky, emitting smoke in the color of the squadron’s logo.

 An exercise and review ceremony was held on the ground that day, and the scene was very grand.

 In recent years, BELL & ROSS has cooperated with the French Air Force and various military units to produce dedicated timepieces, including the French Navy Air Combat Force, the Ecole de Guerre Military Academy, the GIGN National Gendarmerie Intervention Group, and the French police RAID elite The elite units such as the French National Police Intervention Group and the Démineurs bomb-disposal unit, this time with the 3.3 Ardennes squadron, once again witnessed the deep love between the brand and the military. In addition, BELL & ROSS has designed special watches for the Space Lab mission, the Italian Air Force (30th anniversary of the Tornado service), and the 50th anniversary of Dassault Aircraft Falcon passenger aircraft. With BELL & ROSS participating in the 70th anniversary of the 3.3 Ardennes Squadron, squadron members’ shouting ‘Grouik’ (sourced from the squadron’s logo and called the wild boar roar named Aldo) will also echo in the brand watch country.

Fiyta ‘heartstring’ Series Ladies Watch

In the time, what is moving your heart? We have always believed that time is the best gift for confident women. The stories that flow in the seconds, the eternal love and beauty, are all better with time. Fiyta’s new fashion “Heartstring” series ladies watch combines intelligence and elegance, drawing the finishing touch on the wrist, always touching the heart.

Intriguing, more charming
 Elegant women know how to enjoy time and how to make time increase their beauty. The ‘heartstring’ series of watches released by Fiyta at the Baselworld Watch Fair in Switzerland, with beautiful fashion and superb quality, achieves where the heart belongs: full and round watch shape, graceful like a full moon, and also incorporates the desire for life.
 On the dial, dark lines such as light feathers and phoenixes are abstracted by fine lines, such as the fragrance is diffused, and the deepest sings sings the most tender complex in the heart; the shell material inlaid on the dial brings the mystery and moistness of the seabed. Under the light, the shell will present a different landscape on the wrist.

 The unique linking method of the “heartstring” series can make the watch fit the female’s delicate wrist more perfectly. At the same time, there are different styles of mechanical movement and quartz movement to meet different preferences.
 The beautiful play is not only stunning at first glance, but also intriguing in details. In the journey of life, only a watch with coexistence of wisdom and beauty can bloom with you in time and perform the charm of ‘exciting heart’.

Fiyta, the heart is farther away
 Fiyta will continue to enterprising spirit into the production of each watch. Whether it’s moving elegantly or actively exploring.
 For many years, Fiyta has provided Chinese astronauts with ground training and mission execution meters, and accompanied the astronauts to witness the feat of space exploration. With the ‘Extreme Series’, they joined hands with Chinese motorcycle teams to fight the ‘Worldwide’ The toughest and most dangerous ‘Dakar Rally. In addition, Fiyta has also provided timing equipment for international sports events such as the Asian Winter Games and the Asian Sailing Championships. In 2011, Fiyta entered Hall 1 of the Basel Watch Fair in Switzerland, the International Brands Hall, and became the only international watch brand from China in the hall. Fiyta always believes that the real beauty comes from the gestation of time. Watches not only record time, but also record the belief of everyone, each soul yearning for tomorrow and the future. Just like the sun shining on the road in the morning, it is the direction that guides us.

Model: LA8406.WWWD
Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Bezel: Stainless steel
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire glass
Dial: inlaid shell, Swarovski zircon
Strap: Cowhide
Waterproof: 5ATM

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