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Zhenlishi New Ceo Product Subtraction Solution

Jean-Frederic Dufour, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zenith since June 1, 2009, the first thing after taking office is to do ‘Subtraction’ for Zenith. .
‘There were 800 different styles of Zenith before, but now we have optimized them to 112. & rdquo; When everyone was at the peak of the top luxury watch market, Jean-Frederic Dufour only left representative special models such as Elite, ACADEMY, EL Primero. Jean-Frederic Dufour, who hopes to make Zenith a ‘mechanical watch to the door’, said confidently: ‘We want to give consumers a concise message, and at the same time provide a very unique and very exclusive watch for us Of high-end customers. & rdquo;
Q: What adjustments have you made to Zenith since you took office?

Answer: There are mainly two adjustments. One is the adjustment of the product series. There were 800 different styles in Zenith before. Now we have optimized it to 112. There were more very complicated products before, and some basic things were less. Now we have adjusted this situation, mainly divided into three different series, one is the highest-end Academy, one is EL Primero, this belongs to the chronograph, and one is the entry-level Elite. The current product mix is ​​an inverted pyramid structure.

Another aspect of adjustment is the change in communication strategies with consumers: focusing on products and highlighting our products. We want to give consumers a concise message & mdash; & mdash; The Zenith watch with a history of 145 years is a true mechanical watch.

Question: You mentioned just now that Zenith’s strategy is ‘product-oriented’, wasn’t it ‘product-oriented’ before?

A: In the previous publicity, we added a lot of elements other than watches, including watch styles, famous cars and other fashion elements. Now we want to make consumers watch and love our watch collections. In the past, everyone may be more concerned about who brought our watch, now we hope everyone pays attention to what kind of watch this watch is.

Question: Zenith’s current inverted pyramid product structure does not seem to meet the habits of Chinese consumers. After all, in the minds of many Chinese consumers, what is expensive is good.

Answer: We reduce the number of high-end products, not to say that we will not launch new high-end products. We just hope that customers don’t see too many very expensive products when they arrive at the store and that they have little choice. We want to provide very unique and very exclusive watches for our high-end customers to choose from.

In addition, value can only be realized through scarcity. Rather than producing 80 watches with tourbillons, it is better to produce one or two watches with complex tourbillons. The value will increase when the supply is reduced. This principle is the same as the art market. If there are too many expensive oil paintings, its value will decrease.

Q: How does Zenith perform in the Chinese market, and what are its plans for the future?

A: We are very satisfied with the performance of the Asian market, including the Chinese market. In the Chinese market, we have many future plans: such as launching new products, organizing large-scale tour exhibitions, further investment in advertising, cooperating with more local retail companies, and organizing more training to improve the skills of local sales staff Wait. But in the final analysis, the most important thing is our products. The product is our core. Only when the product is done well can we succeed in the end. The value of our company, the DNA of our company, the backbone of our company, or our products. Products are ultimately provided to our customers, and this is our ultimate core.

Q: Which of the new Zenith watches you would like to recommend this year?

Answer: EL Primero tenths of a second chronograph. Through this watch, you can see that the concept of high vibration frequency is not just talk. On our dials and hands, we can see what is high vibration frequency, and it is six times faster than before. This is also the world The first watch to show the concept of a tenth of a second.

Another point is that we have a 41-year history in manufacturing such a high-vibration movement. In fact, this movement may not be complicated in itself, but many of its supporting items will be more complicated. We hope to play a leading role Status.

Question: How do you understand ‘Luxury goods have their own characteristics’?

A: The so-called uniqueness, in my opinion, is to reflect his own ideas. At present, Switzerland produces about 1.5 million chronographs each year, of which 1.3 million use two different movements, one is the 7750 movement, and the other is the 2894 movement. In other words, 86% of the products use these two different movements, but their prices vary widely, some may be 800 euros, and some may be sky-high. For Zenith, our characteristics are: first, the stylish appearance; second, 100% of the movements are made by ourselves; and third, accuracy. This is what I think is the characteristic of our brand.

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