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Tropical Bird Repeat Table For Jacques Dro Tropical Wind Information, Paradise Journey

Jaquet Droz presents a new masterpiece inspired by tropical landscapes after launching an extraordinary automatic doll watch in 2012. Praising the beauty of nature with dynamic birds and other animals is breathtaking, breaking through the boundaries of imagination again.

   Like Gauguin’s exotic paintings, this watch is like an invitation to a distant journey, inspiring the senses and evoking emotional resonance. The Tropical Bird Repeater is a masterpiece of originality, condensing Jacques Droo’s superb watchmaking skills and decorative craftsmanship. The Tropical Wind Intelligence Time Bird Minute Repeater is specially created for senior collectors. It inherits the long tradition of Jacques Dro and the founder of the brand, Pierre Jacques Dro, has a passion for nature and animals during the Enlightenment. Automatic dolls and art workshops are two of the eight characteristics of La Chau-de-Fang’s watchmaking workshops, exuding charming beauty under the hands of carvers and miniature painters. The colorful scenes are like a soft and lush oasis, which jumps out on the mother-of-pearl dial, and the sides of the lugs and the ring of the red gold case are decorated with animal patterns carved by the brand’s artisans.

   The waterfall is a veritable source of life, providing a peaceful and peaceful environment for the proliferation of tropical flora and fauna. In this garden of Eden, waterfalls flow endlessly and come to life. In the center of the dial, a hummingbird hand-carved and engraved by the brand’s art master flies to a cluster of bright orange strelitzia. Hummingbird wings can be fanned forty times per second, which is the first time in the history of watchmaking, and it gives a stunning sense of realism to the event scene. On the right side of the dial, a beautiful blue peacock opens and closes the tail screen, while the toucan at three o’clock hides between the palm leaves and emerges when the leaves are separated and opens its mouth. Three elegant dragonflies flutter at the nine o’clock position, and the delicate wings are coated with SuperLuminova®, which flashes at night, making the watch appealing no matter day or night. A total of 7 active devices with a duration of more than 12 seconds can stage 4 different scenes, reflecting the suspended decorative bottom, which is more vivid and realistic.

   In addition to the subtle automatic dolls, this watch is equipped with a high-level clock complication-minute repeater, the vibration of the church bell sound spring is controlled by the hammer inside the case, so that the hour, quarter and minute. This precision mechanism is activated by a button. So far, only a few brands and veteran experts have mastered the mystery. Watch enthusiasts will certainly admire the innovative technology brought by the new Jaquet Droz RMA89 movement. This movement is equipped with a floating adjustment mechanism, and the minute repeater is controlled by the friction of a small external reed, so it is almost silent. Innovations in this complication also include a new rack, extended pause between the quarter clock and minutes, and the quarter clock ringing at a third degree. The power reserve is up to 60 hours and the balance frequency is 3 Hz.

   The exquisite structure provides technical support for the scene operation of the bird’s minute repeater watch in tropical wind information. You can see it by engraving the pure case back with only limited inscriptions. This Zhenmei watch is limited to 8 pieces, and ‘8’ is Jacques Dro’s lucky number. The gorgeous dial is in sharp contrast with the deep green alligator leather strap, while the onyx hour and minute dial contrasts with the brilliant red gold case. Jacques Dro presents a vivid and fascinating view of paradise, starts a dream journey at your fingertips, and writes a new chapter in the history of Jacques Dro.

Three Questions for Birds in Tropical Wind Information
Hand-carved and painted white mother-of-pearl dial, black onyx central dial
Hand-carved 18K red gold case and three-dimensional bezel
Hand-carved and painted in 18K red gold
Manually wound minute repeater mechanical movement
Automatic doll scenes include: peacock, tropical leaves, hummingbird, hornbill, dragonfly and waterfall
Power reserve of about 60 hours
47 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

‘Some watches tell time, some tell a story’

Bulgari Watch Pattern History (On)

The change of the appearance of the Bulgari watch has gone through a long and vibrant history, creative interpretation and continuous technical improvements. The BVLGARI watch is highly recognizable and is related to the brand’s history and design perspective. From the appearance of the watch, you can see the most popular and prominent design elements of Bulgari, which has become one of the brand’s billboards. You can also see that Bulgari’s design is inspired by ancient Greek and Roman classic patterns, such as the snake watch we are most familiar with. By acquiring a number of top watch makers and gaining their watch expertise, Bvlgari watches have been continuously improved mechanically. Overall, the history of Bvlgari watches is quite rich and growing, and has also achieved the main competitive advantage and positioning in today’s luxury watch market.

1982 Bulgari print ad

   The earliest wristwatches began in the 1920s, during which time Bulgari watches attached great importance to the appearance, gems and decorative plastic art were popular trends. Some well-known watch manufacturers also pay attention to the production of sports watches, such as Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin and Movado.

1930 watch, platinum rectangular case ROMA S.BULGARI
Bvlgari snake watch

   In the 1940s, Bulgari designed the element of snakes into its watches. Coiled snakes became popular at the time

These golden yellow snake bracelet watches combine jewellery with the watch, with the dial hidden behind the snake’s head. In ancient Roman times,

The coiled snake image is a symbol of immortality and is often used on amulets to bring good luck to people and to resist bad luck. For Po

Gree, the snake has become an iconic design theme throughout its brand history.

Bvlgari Gold Diamond Snake Bangle Watch

   Bulgari’s original three-ring gold snake-set watch, as shown in the picture above, was very successful. In the ensuing decades, the 1950s and 1960s, Bulgari extended this theme and introduced other styles, such as scaly links, or gem-decorated polychrome enamel.

The left one (1965) consists of a turquoise and white enamel snake with pear-shaped sapphire eyes. The first from the right (1970) is decorated with black enamel and pavé-set diamond snake body, pear-shaped ruby ​​eyes.
   In the 1970s, the Bvlgari snake-shaped watch was further changed. The new watch is inspired by previous watches, but it is not as programmed as before, but has chosen a more natural shape and a snake-like appearance. This is the Bulgari in the 20 Design practices done in the 1970s.

17 Bvlgari snake watches
   In 2009, to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Bulgari, the company launched a new serpentine watch-SERPENTI, along with bracelets and rings. After a lapse of 60 years, Bvlgari has again launched a snake-shaped watch, integrating modern art, and reinterpreting the Bulgari classic.

2010 Bulgari Serpenti Collection Watch
Bulgari to Bulgari

   In the late 1970s, Bulgari launched their most famous watch, Bulgari-Bulgari. The watch case is flat and round, tall

5mm, black enamel dial, gold bezel with ‘BVLGARI’ logo. The original concept came from a limited edition electronic gold watch in 1975

In 2009, Bvlgari produced a gold watch with ‘BVLGARI ROMA’ engraved on the bezel as a customer gift for Bvlgari, limited to 100 people.

1975 golden electronic watch

   This watch was very popular, and Bulgari subsequently released their mechanical watch in 1977, which immediately gained widespread attention. Today, this watch with a Bulgari signature is still selling well.


   Since the release of the BVLGARI BVLGARI watch, a number of changes have been made. The original change was a change in the strap. Bulgari introduced a variety of leather straps in different colors. In addition, mechanical and quartz movements are available, with or without date display, and are available in different sizes to suit male and female customers.

   In 1993, Bvlgari released a limited edition BVLGARI BVLGARI watch, black plastic case and gold movement, tan leather strap. A limited number, each watch is individually numbered and can be identified by the name of the city in which it is located. The use of plastic and gold in watches is an unusual combination. This uniqueness makes the watch sold out as soon as it is launched, and it has now become a popular collection.

1993 limited edition BVLGARI BVLGARI watch
   Bvlgari released another limited edition BVLGARI BVLGARI watch in 2005, the Carbongold chronograph. This watch uses carbon fiber material, expanding the idea of ​​previous plastic models, adding more details and changes. Watches caused a frantic rush to buy among Bvlgari customers, with great success.

2005 BVLGARI BVLGARI Carbongold watch
   2006 was an important year for the development of BVLGARI BVLGARI watches. Bulgari introduced new models that covered more complex functions. One of them is a 41mm dial with a rose or white gold case. Ultra-thin watch, manual winding movement, 72-hour power reserve, water-resistant to 30 meters.

2006 BVLGARI BVLGARI watch with gold case and 72-hour power reserve
LOGO inspiration

   Bvlgari watches often incorporate the brand’s logo into their designs and become a symbol. An ancient Roman watch launched in 1989, its life
The reason for the name is that the concave part of the watch case is similar to the shape of the ancient Roman amphitheatre. The recessed case is often seen as an extension of the dial,

The ‘BVLGARI’ logo is carved here, which can be described as exquisite design. This watch was eventually welcomed by many consumers and became a classic watch

. Champagne dial with gold case and white dial with platinum case, automatic movement.

1989 Roman watch with champagne dial, BVLGARI logo engraved on the inner bezel

   Quadrato watches display the ‘BVLGARI’ logo in another way. This watch was released in 1992 with a square case. The classic brand logo is engraved on the side of the case, and in the 1990s this watch responded flatly. Quadrato watches are available in quartz and mechanical movements, with and without date display. It is available in different styles, with a gold or stainless steel case, a black dial, and diamond or gemstone inlays.

BVLGARI engraved on a Quadrato steel watch in 1992

  2000 Rettangolo, rectangular case watch inspired by 1930s design. It features elongated digital lines in a rectangular case

   The ‘BVLGARI’ logo is also used in sporty and practical sports watches, such as chronographs introduced in 1988 and 1994. Chronograph with quartz movement and self-winding movement, black dial and fluorescent hands. There are also different choices of dial materials, such as gold / steel and steel.

Bvlgari Chronograph and Sportline Watch
Bvlgari watch pattern history (below): bvlgari / 19165.html

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