Month: November 2016

Set A New Record For Sapphire Watches Hublot Hublot Big Bang Unico Black Sapphire Color Treasure Watch

For HUBLOT, 2017 is the year of sapphire crystal watch. Although many brands use sapphire crystal as the case, such as RICHARD MILLE, GREUBEL FORSEY, BELL & ROSS to ZENITH have launched crystal cases, but they are all transparent crystal cases, and HUBLOT watches have many types The change of sapphire crystal material is currently the most diverse in the watch industry. In addition to transparent crystal, there are also black, blue, and red, showing a more dimensional aspect of the sapphire crystal case, and also showing the brand’s watchmaking strength. Hublot has a set of creative ideas. Following the rainbow version of the previous Big Bang Unico sapphire chronograph, this time it launched another rainbow version of the Big Bang Unico All Black sapphire chronograph. The cool handsome style in the end and the embellishment of various gems form a super bright contrast.

Feature one: 48 precious square treasures
On the black sapphire crystal case of the HUBLOT Big Bang Unico black sapphire crystal watch, there is a circle of colorful square colored treasures, which visually contrasts with the black sapphire crystal case. There are a total of 48 colorful treasures in this circle, including precious stones such as sapphire, ruby, patolite and tsavorite, all cut squarely on the case, which is a typical Big Bang chronograph owned by Hublot The collection brings a new look to luxury.

The case is inlaid with a total of 48 square-cut precious treasures, which form a sharp contrast with the black sapphire crystal case.

Feature two: more difficult case making process
Watch fans who are familiar with U-Platinum must also know that sapphire, a completely transparent but ultra-hard, innovative material is an ultra-high hardness processing technology that can only be cut by diamonds. It is also the strongest abrasion resistance and clarity in the watchmaking industry. Highest special material. Basically, the sapphire crystal case is very difficult in the process of shaping. This HUBLOT once again challenges the difficulty. The method of embedding gems in this material will undoubtedly make the case more difficult. The sapphire crystal material cannot be used to fix the gemstone in a mosaic or eight-claw manner like other materials. It can only be arranged side by side and fixed by the embedded mosaic method.

In order to add Caibao elements, HUBLOT must specially add space for Caibao to be embedded in the case, so that the difficulty of making the case is doubled.

Feature 3: Unico Star Movement
In the movement part, the HUBLOT Big Bang Unico black sapphire color treasure watch is equipped with Hublot’s self-made Unico HUB 1242 automatic winding movement. This movement includes a column wheel system that starts the timing mechanism and can be seen from the front of the dial. Has a 50-hour power reserve. In the development process of this movement, HUBLOT’s completely original method and the traditional way of thinking that break the traditional framework have made the Unico movement unique. The timing device is directly driven by the barrel and there is no positioning in the internal structure of the chronograph. Pole. This simplification improves reliability and stability. The escapement fork and escape wheel made of silicon are fixed on a movable platform, and the lightweight nature of silicon guarantees its operating performance. The Unico HUB 1242 self-winding movement is housed in a transparent sapphire crystal case, allowing the watch to see through the complexity of the machine from the inside to the outside.

This is one of the movements full of HUBLOT colors. With the HUBLOT Big Bang Unico black sapphire Caibao watch, you can enjoy the delicate structure of the movement from the front or the back.

Sapphire crystal material / Unico HUB 1242 self-winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / sapphire crystal surface / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 45mm / limited 50 pieces / reference price: 1,068,400 RMB- —

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