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Precise And Practical • Evolutionary Choice: Rolex Yacht-master 18ct Everose Gold Black Watch

Since 1908, since HansWilsdorf registered the trademark ROLEX in LaChauxdeFonds, Switzerland, after more than 100 years of active progress, Rolex’s countless achievements are the loudest gold-signs in the watch industry today. In short, these achievements include: the creation of the Oyster in 1926 with a closed case, the world’s first water-resistant and dust-proof watch, which made watchmaking technology a step forward. Before; In 1931, the world’s first patented automatic winding mechanism, Perpetual, was developed, which became the basic design of every modern automatic watch; in 1945, it was the first oyster in the world to automatically display the date with a magnified window. Automatic Datewatch; Day-Date was released in 1956, and a second enlarged day window was added to the surface to automatically display the day of the week.

   Since the 1950s, Rolex has developed a series of professional watches with more than pure chronograph functions, relying on its full grasp of the precision and water resistance of precision timepieces. Including the well-known ExplorerI, ExplorerII, GMT-Master, Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Deepsea, Daytona and Yacht-Master, these watches are designed for professional activities, including deep-sea diving, aviation, mountain climbing and scientific exploration. Supported by outstanding people.
Powerful and practical professional watch
   Of course, some critics have criticized them for staying true to the status quo because Rolex’s watch models and styles have not changed much in recent decades. But in fact, it has something to do with Rolex’s unwavering watchmaking philosophy since its founding. Rolex has always been proud of the two benchmarks of ‘pursuing precision’ and ‘practicalness.’ Perseverance has prompted Rolex to focus on improving the robust structure and reliability of chronograph performance, and never blindly change for change.

   Rolex’s current models have not changed much, and they have rarely introduced some works that can be called imaginary styles. However, even consumers may not be able to tell at a glance that Rolex’s accuracy and practicality have been continuously improved. The picture shows the Yacht-Master model 116622. Its oyster case, Mercedes hands, waterproof performance, and rotatable chronograph outer ring design, even at today’s watchmaking level are classic Century Giants. Make.
   Although there are not many changes between Rolex’s current models, there are few works that can be described as superb styles. However, even though consumers may not be able to tell from the appearance of the appearance and performance of Rolex’s continuous improvement in accuracy and practicability, look at the countless classic designs that Rolex has passed through the times, such as the Oyster case , Mercedes-style hands (Mercedes), dual time display, waterproof performance, helium exhaust valve and unidirectional rotatable chronograph outer ring design, etc., even at today’s watchmaking level are classic masterpieces of the century. I don’t know that many brands are vying to follow suit and launch the so-called ‘Hommage.’ The evergreen design elements of these Rolex sports watches, even after decades, do not feel outdated, which is enough to confirm that the classic and evergreen brand of Rolex has continued to improve quality for decades after it has changed little. Rolex’s introverted watchmaking attitude is a testament to the minimalist design philosophy of Thelessismore in Western proverbs.
Baume & Mercier’s Preferred Yacht-Master
   Under the Rolex’s professional function watch series, the OysterPerpetualYacht-Master watch, which was first introduced only in 1992, not only reflects the close connection between Rolex and marine sports, but also the first to have three cases with 29 case sizes Or 40 mm) professional oyster watch. Today, the current version of the Yacht-Master is still available in 40 and 35 mm sizes, and equipped with Rolex 3135 and 2236 self-winding mechanical movements developed and manufactured by Rolex and certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSC). It is suitable for the selection of the form of male and female pair watch.

    Yacht-Master model 116622, platinum steel (904 stainless steel and platinum combination) case, 40 mm diameter, central hour, minute and second hand; instantaneous jump calendar, fast correction; second hand pause performance can accurately adjust the time, 3135 automatic upper Chain movement, official timepiece (COSC), paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, waterproof 100 meters, anti-reflective convex calendar window, 904L stainless steel chain strap, oyster insurance discount 5mm adjustable chain link extension system.
   The configuration of the Yacht-Master’s faceplate, whether it is the Mercedes-Benz hands, cylinders and dots, and the date magnifier, is in the same vein as the Submariner series. The difference is that in order to take into account the legibility and operability of the yacht, it is equipped The two-way chronograph bezel with large three-dimensional Arabic numerals, enlarged hour markers and hands coated with luminous materials make the surface clear and easy to read in any situation. In addition, Yacht-Master’s 60-minute three-dimensional marked two-way rotating outer ring is made of 18ct yellow gold or 950 platinum, showing a simple and noble temperament. It is the most noble Rolex sports watch with a noble atmosphere of yacht sports. Whether on the sailing deck or in the elegant Yacht Club lounge, the Yacht-Master is the ideal companion of choice for celebrities.

   Rolex Yacht-Master’s new 18ct eternal rose gold black watch, equipped with a patented matte black Oysterflex strap developed by Rolex, and a polished 18ct eternal rose gold case and black Cerachrom ring, ingeniously matched.
2015 Yacht-Master New 18ct Everose Gold Black Watch
   As usual, Rolex launched its new 18ct eternal rose gold black watch under Yacht-Master in 2015. Although the exterior and internal movement of the oyster case follow the precedent, Rolex has launched a quiet and innovative Revolutionary initiative. The first is the case made of 18ct eternal rose gold. The men’s watch still has a 40 mm diameter and is equipped with a 3135 caliber equipped with paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairsprings. The female watch is changed to a 37 mm diameter. Type 2235 is converted to type 2236, equipped with the new Syloxi silicon spring made by Rolex in 2014. Both hairsprings are not disturbed by magnetic fields and are extremely stable even in the face of temperature changes. Their shock resistance is ten times higher than that of traditional hairsprings.

   Rolex Yacht-Master’s new 18ct eternal rose gold black watch features a 60-minute scale with two-way rotation, a matte black Cerachrom ceramic word ring, polished three-dimensional numbers and scales.
   Secondly, the two-way rotating outer ring is equipped with matte black Cerachrom ceramic word ring to set off the polished three-dimensional numerals. Finally, it is worthy of a big book special that this watch was first equipped with a patented Oysterflex strap developed by Rolex. The subtlety lies in that The inner layer is a super-stretch metal sheet, while the outer layer is covered with high-performance black rubber injection molding, which combines the solidity and reliability of the metal strap with the flexibility, comfort and beauty of the rubber strap.
Cerachrom word circle and black surface
   Yacht-Master’s new 18ct eternal rose gold black watch’s rotating bezel is fitted with the new black Cerachrom ceramic word ring. The polished three-dimensional numerals and graduations are particularly distinctive on the matte word ring, allowing the wearer to easily read 60. Minutes of timing records fully demonstrate the essence of the Yacht-Master. In addition, this watch is the first time that this series is equipped with a black face plate. It is in sharp contrast with the Chromalight luminous hands and hour markers. The luminous material emits blue light for a long time. It is clear and easy to read in daylight and dark environments.

   Yacht-MasterRef. 116655 is equipped with the new Oysterflex strap, which is covered with high-performance synthetic rubber and covered with an elastic oyster. It is developed and patented by Rolex and can replace the sporty design of the metal strap. Its sturdy design Reliability and waterproof performance are not inferior to the former.
Oysterflex strap
   The new Oysterflex strap is developed and patented by Rolex. It can replace the sporty design of metal straps. Its ruggedness, reliability and waterproof performance are not inferior to the former. This strap is flexible and beautiful, and comfortable to wear, like a rubber strap, but its durability is comparable to a metal strap. The strap is attached to the case and the oyster safety clasp by an elastic titanium-nickel alloy sheet. The high-performance black rubber covers the metal sheet, which is not easily affected under various environmental conditions. It is durable and durable. For added comfort, the Oysterflex strap is equipped with a patented longitudinal cushioning system that keeps the watch on the wrist. In addition, the strap is equipped with an 18ct eternal rose gold oyster safety clasp to prevent accidental opening of the watch.

   New 40mm Yacht-Master116655, middle case made of 18ct eternal rose gold, equipped with Rolex 3135 self-winding movement, certified by the Official Accreditation Chronometer (COSC), equipped with central hour, minute and second hands; instant jump Calendar, quick correction; second hand pause performance for accurate time adjustment, Oysterflex high-performance synthetic rubber strap.

A Tribute To Bell & Ross’s Testimony To Falcon50 Years

In 2013, Bell & Ross as a very young brand, can be said to have brought us a lot of surprises.

 Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners

The watch series created by Bell & Ross has always contained two major brand insistences: first is to draw inspiration from military watch design, so that the timepiece has a clear display, excellent performance, precise guidelines and durable and waterproof four characteristics; the second is to The design of watches in different periods has been improved, which not only retains the characteristics of the original models, but also meets the requirements of today’s timepiece aesthetics and functions. The carefully designed flight watch series in recent years pay tribute to the five important milestones of human flight history and technological breakthroughs since 1900.

 Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners

AssDassault Aviation is a company with an outstanding tradition. Falcon commercial jetliners are able to develop breakthrough technologies in jet fighters. Dassault Aviation developed the Mystère 20 twin-engine 10-seat small commercial jet in the early 1960s, and made its first flight on May 4, 1963. It was named Falcon, and immediately achieved excellent results. The glorious achievements continue to this day; Falcon commercial jet airliners have evolved to the new generation Falcon 7X series, and Dassault Aviation has shipped a total of 2,250 Falcon airliners over the years.

 Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners

Bell & Ross is a leader in flying military watches. It coincides with Dassault’s spirit of pursuing innovation and pursuing high quality and reliable performance. The two parties worked together to commemorate the launch of the Vintage Sport Heritage watch by Bell & Ross. The fiftieth anniversary is self-evident; for this reason Bell & Ross created two Vintage Falcon limited series.

Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners-Vintage Sport Heritage

Vintage Sport Heritage series echoes the development of the civil aviation industry in the 1960s and the design characteristics of sports watches of the year. Bell & Ross pays tribute to the classic passenger aircraft of the 1960s and then with the new Vintage Sport Heritage series. The watch has simple and refined lines, and the design details adhere to the first feature of the Vintage series. The function is practical, elegant and timeless. Love the space science and technology and precision performance two categories.

 Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners

Vintage Sport Heritage series has two models: BR 123 automatic watch (hour, minute, second and date display), and BR 126 chronograph. Marcel Dassault once said: ‘A plane with excellent flight performance is a beautiful plane.’ Bell & Ross is also dedicated to the aesthetics of design, but at the same time adheres to the function-based aesthetics. No matter how beautiful the design is, the basic functions of the product always come first.

Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners-Vintage Falcon limited edition
A limited edition of Vintage Falcon created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Falcon jetliner. It retains all the distinctive features of Vintage Sport Heritage, but also includes unique exquisite details: brown dial and brown belt. At 6 o’clock, the dial is decorated with a silk-screen Falcon airliner outline pattern, and the ’50 ans du Falcon’ logo is printed on the back of the crystal glass.

Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners

Two Vintage Falcon watches, BR 123 automatic watch and BR 126 chronograph, each limited to 500 pieces, only available at Bell & Ross stores and brand online stores.

 Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners

 Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliners

 Bell & Ross Vintage limited edition watch witnesses 50 years of Falcon jetliner

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