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The Ultimate Tourbillon Tasting Vacheron Constantin Malta Tourbillon Watch

As a watch brand with a splendid history spanning two centuries, Vacheron Constantin can make any watch with any complex function, and it is among the many complicated watches it makes. I think Vacheron Constantin’s tourbillon is the best. Its tourbillon has no fancy structure; no extra decoration; no special materials; some are not only a respect for this traditional function, more It is a mind and courage to make this feature perfect!

 It is very difficult to make the round tourbillon watch to the extreme, and it is even more difficult to make the wine barrel-shaped tourbillon watch to the extreme. In 1912, in order to completely break the traditional circular design of pocket watches, Vacheron Constantin adhered to its own innovation Spirit became the first watch brand to adopt a barrel-shaped case.

 It can be said that the design of the barrel shape completely overturns the inherent truth that clocks must be round in people’s minds. This type of watch incorporates the essence of various graphics, such as round, oval, triangle, trapezoid, and diamond. Already available, it has achieved unprecedented success in the men’s and women’s watch market in an instant. People find that although this shape of the watch is not suitable for everyone, everyone thinks it looks beautiful.

 Since then, the barrel-shaped design has become one of Vacheron Constantin’s iconic styles. After centuries of change, it is still widely used in the design of the most complicated watch. Last year, in order to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its barrel-shaped design, Vacheron Constantin once again perfectly interpreted it. The Malte (Malta) series of barrel-shaped watches.

 A century has become a drop in the sea of ​​history, and the world has changed too much in the past 100 years. The only thing that remains unchanged is Vacheron Constantin’s perception of a barrel-shaped watch. This perception over time The precipitation became more and more mellow, and finally condensed into the latest Maltese barrel-shaped watch. This tourbillon watch is currently the largest in the Maltese series with a size of 38X48.2 mm. Although the size is not small, but There is no trace of bloatedness, it is a condensed beauty that removes all the stacking, and it is also a beauty of balance and harmony pursued by high-end watches.

 Responsibly speaking, although this is a tourbillon watch, it is really not very thin, the thickness reaches 12.73 mm, which is almost an iPhone4 plus half the thickness of iPhone5. Generally, such a large-sized wrist If the watch reaches this thickness, there will generally be two most obvious problems. First, wearing comfort is almost unthinkable, and second, the lines on the side of the case will become stupid. But a miracle appeared on this watch. Its thickness not only did not become a burden on it, but also became a weapon that set up its aura. what on earth is this kind of happenings?

From the side of the case, it is not difficult to find that Vacheron Constantin did a good visual division on the case. The case was divided into three parts. First, the upper bezel was designed with a slope and slightly raised up, so that the entire bezel was detached. The first visual landing point; secondly, the case back cover is not only designed for slopes, but also reduces the slope. In addition, the outline of the case back is smaller than the outline of the case, so the case cover is not visible at all from the side, and naturally it is ignored. Part of the thickness.

 After passing this series of thickness reduction measures, not only does this watch look only half of its standard thickness, but it also provides more creative space for its side design. We see that this The side lines of the watch are very sloppy, the lugs are slightly sagging and the transition is natural. The elegant lug angles are perfectly ergonomic and make everyone completely forget its true thickness.

 Generally speaking, Maltese watches are rarely transparent, but if the tourbillon is not completely transparent, it is too unreasonable. Fortunately, this watch not only penetrates the bottom, but also thoroughly. The whole case back Occupied by this barrel-shaped movement, it can be described as a peeling stuffing.

 Last year, the certification standard of the ‘Geneva Seal’ began to increase the requirements for the production of the case. This watch can be said to implement this new standard quite well, and the performance on the case back is even more outstanding. Not only can the case back be engraved. The place is engraved with words, and the exquisite Maltese cross is also affixed to the sides of the lugs and the case back. Of course, the Geneva mark representing quality and excellence is even more memorable. The case back is its most dazzling.

 The design of the dial is simple and stable without any extra decoration. The cream-white sandblasted dial is very rich in texture. The scale, hands and cross are all made of 18K red gold. The 12 o’clock position is displayed with Roman numerals. The tourbillon device is located at 6 o’clock. In order to make the tourbillon the first visual landing point, the hour and minute hands also adopt an eccentric design.

 The bright top of the pointer shaft is exactly on the same horizontal plane as the hands and blends into one. The most delicate thing is that the size of each K gold scale is all set according to the trend of the dial, and there will be updated insights at every glance!

 Since it is a tourbillon watch, of course, the movement is the most important. This watch uses a 2795 wine barrel-shaped tourbillon manually-wound movement entirely developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. This wine barrel-shaped movement is also inherited. Vacheron Constantin’s deep understanding and understanding of the barrel-shaped watch, the overall layout is also simple and clear, the shape and style of the three plywoods are elegant, the posture is beautiful and the order is neat. The hand-chamfered clouds flow like clouds.

 If you look closely, you will find that whether the position of the screws on the splint, the matching and quantity of ruby ​​bearings, or the simple cut-out, or even the placement of the inscriptions, are carefully thought out and carefully arranged, it looks so neat Harmony, the possession of the possession, the exposure of the dew, you would never expect it to have 246 parts, this is the realm, a realm with a deep understanding of the connotation of the movement.

 Of course, the most important part of this movement is the iconic tourbillon device. The shape of the tourbillon frame is derived from the brand’s Maltese cross logo. You must know that this frame has a complex shape and countless chamfers, but Vacheron Constantin I made this metal frame crystal clear and translucent, and it was just a god. Every time when it rotates with the balance wheel at a swing frequency of 18,000 times per hour, everyone will be impressed by the light it emits.

 In addition to the tourbillon frame, the process of fixing the beams is equally challenging. It takes more than 11 hours of manual processing to meet Vacheron Constantin’s strict grinding standards. The production process is divided into two parts. First, the left and right parts of the beam must be filed into a semi-cylindrical shape, and then repeatedly polished with tools such as stone, polishing wheels, wooden nails, and sanding boards. Finally, the beam is repaired to a positive result. The core also passed the stringent requirements of the new standard of the ‘Mark of Geneva’.

 Summary: It is the so-called details that determine the success or failure. This is particularly vivid in this Maltese tourbillon watch. Under the seemingly simple appearance, there are countless details hidden, and Vacheron Constantin has dealt with every detail perfectly. 258 years The deep skill of this really cannot be questioned by anyone!
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