Month: May 2016

Glashütte’s Three Most Preserved Watches Recommended

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 Ms. Jiao Mei, Vice President of Glashütte China

 The attitude of the German people to time is very strict. The brand slogan of Glashütte is: superb craftsmanship, made in Germany. This emphasizes two concepts. Glashütte’s watches are all hand-polished, showing the accuracy and durability of Glashütte’s watches while showing the art of time. On some models, the calendar must be turned at the moment the second hand passes 12 o’clock. This is Glashütte’s special attachment.
 Ms. Jiao Mei, vice president of Glashütte China, told people that “Our watchmaking factory is located in a small town near Dresden, Germany, where it is named Glashütte, there is no entertainment place around, Entering the factory quietly without any noisy sounds, our watchmakers are fully engaged in the carving of various precision craftsmanship, many of them are white-haired old men, carving time here in their lifetimes, creating Germany The best watch. & rdquo;

 Surrounded by strong Swiss watch brands, Glashütte, which represents Germany’s highest watchmaking skills, can be described as unique and unique. Its sacred and rigorous attitude towards time makes it a natural benchmark for Germany’s top watch industry. Thus Glashütte has also become a watch with value preservation. Here are three of Glashütte’s most valuable watches.

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