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Interbrand, a world-renowned brand consulting company, just released the list of ‘2015 Best Swiss Brands’. This list is based on the company’s financial statement comprehensive evaluation of the brand market valuation (but not the company’s total assets, nor represents the group assets) as the main data, ranking Swiss domestic brands, to get the list of the 50 most valuable Swiss brands single. WatchTraveler organizes this important ranking.
   In this 50 best list, you can see many Swiss watch brands. ‘Watch Traveler WatchWatcher’ found that there are actually 16 Swiss watch brands on the list, accounting for 32%, which is one-third of the strongest! It is the top 50 brands in the industry. This shows the position of fine watchmaking in ‘Made in Switzerland’.
   Among them, Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe and other well-known brands in China are among them, and are ranked higher. Rolex is 4th, Omega is 11th, and Patek Philippe is 18th.
   (The chart below is compiled by WatchTraveler based on data released by Interbrand. Reprint or use requires contact with the publisher for permission. Note: MIO.CHF in the figure is the valuation unit of millions of Swiss francs. May 18, 2015 , 1 Swiss franc is 6.776.)

   There are 16 Swiss watch brands on the 50 list, among which Rolex, Omega and Patek Philippe rank in the top three in the watch industry. Famous watch brands are mainly concentrated between 24-42.
   In the past year, the rankings of famous watch brands have mostly improved, and their valuations have basically increased. Among them, the most significant increase in the valuation of Patek Philippe (15%), Longines (9%), Vacheron Constantin (9%) and Breitling (9%). Comparing the 2015 ranking with the 2014 ranking, Rolex rose from 5th place in 2014 to 4th place, and Patek Philippe rose from 21st place to 18th place in 2014.

   ‘Watch Traveler WatchWatcher’ found that among the 16 Swiss watch brands on the list, the world’s largest professional watchmaking group Swatchgroup Swatch Group accounted for 6 brands, powerful, several major gold-absorbing brands Omega, Longines, Tissot, Swatch, Radar and the most important high-end brand Breguet are all included. At the same time, the three traditional and well-known Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and several independent watchmaking brands such as Rolex, Chopard, and Breitling (patek Philippe also holds this identity) among the Swiss watch brands are on the list.
   At the same time, from 2014 to 2015, the “Best Swiss Brands” brand has the largest increase in brand value, 8 of which are luxury watch brands.

   The following is a list of the 2014 ‘Best Swiss Brands’ for reference:

   Swiss watch brands account for a large proportion of the ‘Best Swiss Brands’ list, which shows the status of Swiss watches in Swiss manufacturing, and also shows the global influence of Swiss watches. However, the Swiss watch manufacturing industry is not the most important in Swiss GNP, at least behind precision instrument manufacturing and medical and pharmaceutical industries. Switzerland’s finance and insurance industry is also extremely developed and is also one of the pillars of national production. The Swiss watch industry’s total exports in 2014 were a record 24 billion US dollars, which is the entire industry’s export value. For Novartis or Roche, sales of more than $ 50 billion each in 2014.
   Therefore, the watch industry is a small industry, but it has a great impact. Watches and clocks are not only a favorite practical product, but also cultural, historical, technological and artistic value. It is practical, playable, enjoyable, easily collectible, and can be passed down for a long time. Few other things have special value like clockwork.

Updated: 14. January 2021 — 4:47
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