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Pure White Seduction Five White Elegant Watches Recommended

Many people like pure white, not others, because it symbolizes purity and beauty, and it also symbolizes tranquility, peace and child freedom. If you can control white, you will be the focus wherever you go. When black, brown, and gray are diffused, once in white clothes, gently raise your hand to lift the wine glass, and timely expose the crystal-like white jade watch on your wrist. Obviously, it can add a lot to your color. .

  Chanel J12 Series H0970 watch

   Watch series: J12
   Movement type: automatic machinery
   Case material: Ceramic
   Strap Material: Ceramic
   Domestic public price: ¥ 51,700
   Watch details: Comment: Chanel’s J12 series is its classic watch series, automatic winding movement, pure white watch appearance, with it like a human spirit, black Arabic numerals , Ceramic strap, also has a date display function.

Radar ‘True’ R27695712 watch

  Watch Series: True Series
  Movement type: Quartz
  Gender: Men
  Case material: Ceramic
  Strap Material: Ceramic
  Domestic public price: ¥ 12,500
  Watch details:
  Comment: The high-tech ceramic material used by the Radar Watch Real Series watches is its unique feature. The quartz movement is presented in a soft and beautiful line. The dial is set with 4 diamonds as hour markers and the date is displayed at 6 o’clock.

Dior DiorVIII33mm Automatic CD1221E4C001 watch

  Watch Series: DiorVIII
  Movement Type: Automatic
  Gender: Ms.
  Case material: Stainless steel with diamonds
  Strap Material: Ceramic
  Details of the models: Brief review: automatic winding movement, power reserve of up to 40 hours, case set with diamonds, white round dial, Dior’s personality logo at 12 o’clock, sword-shaped hands, the overall design is simple and stylish. The pure white strap is simple and refreshing.

Bvlgari B-ZERO135mm BZ35WLSL watch

  Watch Series: B-Zero1
  Machine Type: Quartz
  Gender: Ms.
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap Material: Leather
  Watch details:
  Comment: Quartz movement, white round dial, the hour markers on the dial are indicated by a triangular shape. White leather strap with 30 mm diameter and sapphire crystal.

Hermès Ronde HR1.210.130 / UBC watch

  Watch Series: HHour
  Movement type: Quartz
  Gender: Ms.
  Case material: Stainless steel
  Strap Material: Leather
  Watch details:
  Comment: Quartz movement, white round dial, lugs are unique H-shaped, Arabic numerals, and the dial is divided into 12 equal parts, more conducive to reading. Sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters.

  Summary: The white watch is more suitable for the bride to choose as a jewelry at the wedding, because it brings its dazzling elegance, round, square, platinum, gold, diamonds … Come with unique elegance. In the past, white watches seemed to be only a daughter’s business, but just as boys and girls can look good in white, all-white watches can also show the charm of big men, especially those that have a lot of sports cells in their design elements. Style.

Tiger Heuer Closes Russell Street Boutique In Times Square, Hong Kong

Due to reduced passenger flow and high rents, Tag Heuer announced the closure of the brand boutique located on Russell Street in Times Square, Hong Kong. Jean-Claude Biver, head of the watch department of LVMH Group and CEO of Tag Heuer confirmed The news.
   However, Jean-Claude Biver also pointed out that other brands of the LVMH Group still have plans to continue expanding in the Hong Kong market. ‘In the next two years, Hublot will open one or two new boutiques in Hong Kong, and Zenith will usher in the opening of a new boutique.’ Today, both Hublot and Zenith have opened in the Hong Kong market. There are two stores.
   Hong Kong is the world’s largest Swiss watch import market. Imports reached a record 426.1 million Swiss francs in October last year, but local retail has been in trouble since then, and imports from Switzerland have stagnated and even declined month by month. In June this year, Swiss watch imports in the Hong Kong market were only 256.2 million Swiss francs.

Engraving The Legend In The Name Of A Star – Zenith El Primero Chinese Name Collection Order

Since 1969, the legendary chronograph movement El Primero, as the first integrated automatic chronograph movement in history, has always been the best spokesperson for the unique creativity of Zenith.

The name El Primero originates from Esperanto, meaning ‘first.’ To celebrate its 45th anniversary and the upcoming 150th anniversary of Zenith, and to pay tribute to Chinese watch collectors and enthusiasts of fine watchmaking, Zenith will launch the legendary movement El Primero on June 17th. Chinese name collection activities to select Chinese names that can perfectly fit the brand concept and its legendary status. In this event, a creative review team will be formed by a number of watch industry opinion leaders. The final plan adopters will receive a 2014 new El Primero flagship watch series! We look forward to leaving a significant sum in El Primero’s legendary history, sharing responsibility and glory!
El Primero Chinese Name Collection
The Zenith EL PRIMERO Chinese name collection participation method is as follows:
Solicitation time: June 17, 2014 to July 13, 2014
1. Add Zenith WeChat public platform: ZENITH Zenith (WeChat: ZENITHCHINA)
2. The reply message includes the best Chinese name of El Primero in your heart, with a brief creative description
3. At the same time reply your real name, contact phone number and detailed address before participating in the selection

Selection methods and rewards:
1. 20 El Primero Chinese names are selected by Zenith in the public submission. All finalists will receive a special thank you gift from Zenith.
2. A professional jury composed of authoritative representatives from the domestic watch industry, and evaluated 5 Chinese names of El Primero from 20 finalists; the 5 finalists will be invited to participate in the final final selection live event at the end of July
3. In the final final selection live event, the professional jury and Zenith brand voted for El Primero’s best Chinese name based on the on-site interpretation of the selected candidates.
4. In the end, El Primero’s best Chinese naming name will be presented with a 2014 new El Primero flagship series watch, and will officially name Zenith’s legendary movement El Primero movement.
* If the plan is the same, consider WeChat response time as the criterion

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