Peony Bloom Girard Perregaux Cat ‘s Eye Bloom Watch Appreciation

Girard-Perregaux’s Cat’s Eye series, a top Swiss watchmaker, is luxurious and elegant, and the elegant oval case can be seen at a glance. It is the favorite choice for women who are noble and complicated timepieces; the new model Bloom, Peony, which debuted this year For the first time, the flower theme appears on the dial, and the exquisite craftsmanship is especially worthy of appreciation.
GP Girard Perregaux specially planted several peony flowers symbolizing the wealth of Cat’s Eye Bloom stainless steel watches.

The peony flower is native to China and has been planted thousands of years ago. It is said that peony is the first domestic flower transplanted from the wild by human beings and is closely connected with the history of human civilization. The peony flowers are rich in Thai shape, the petals are abundant, the colors are changeable, and they are of great decorative value. The ancient Greeks believed that peony had healing properties, and medieval European Benedictine monks also planted peony in the monastery garden.

 Today, the beauty of the peony, the king of flowers, is on the Cat’s Eye Bloom watch: the hand-polished beige or off-white mother-of-pearl dial is covered with a fish net background, and then covered with peony lace, gorgeous and delicate; GP Girard Perregaux In particular, a famous crochet technique is used. The outline of the peony line is composed of seven layers of yarn to create a three-dimensional texture. The last two layers of yarn are coated with gold or silver powder to create a shiny effect, which is comparable to three-dimensional painting. See Girard Perregaux’s unique innovative spirit.

 The bezel of the bright stainless steel case is set with 64 sparkling round diamonds, and is set with a dense anti-glare crystal glass. From the transparent case back, you can see the structure and steel pendant of GP03300 self-winding movement developed by GP Girard-Perregaux. GP logo texture carving, plywood and bottom plate are polished at a glance; the movement can display hours and minutes, and the power reserve is about 46 hours.
 Grey or almond crocodile leather strap with steel folding buckle for a refined elegance.

Technical specifications
Case: stainless steel case with 64 round diamonds, approximately 0.95 carats
Dimensions: 37.84 x 32.84 mm
Dial: Beige or Off-white Mother of Pearl
Table mirror: anti-glare crystal glass
Case back: 4 screws inlaid with anti-glare crystal glass
Water resistance: 30 meters
Girard Perregaux GP03300-0097 self-winding mechanical movement
Diameter: 25.60 mm (11 1/2 French minutes)
Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)
Power reserve: 46 hours or more
Gems: 27
Function: hour, minute

Grey alligator leather strap with steel folding clasp
Number: 80476D11A701-CK7A
Almond alligator strap with steel folding clasp
Number: 80476D11A801-CK8A

 The above watch home brings the cutting-edge information of Girard Perregaux at the 2014 Basel Watch Fair. For more details about the 2014 Basel Watch Fair, please pay attention to our special report webpage.
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Present On The Dial Now Think About That Hundred Years Of Space

This year’s August 15th is not only a Mid-Autumn Festival, but also another milestone in the history of China’s manned spaceflight. The successful launch of the Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory is a matter of joy and happiness. Although the history of human aerospace is less than a century, the aerospace dream of mankind lasts for more than a hundred years. The Wanhu of the Ming Dynasty once tried to fly to space with the help of rocket technology. As for many of our watch friends, why not take this opportunity to look at several watches with aerospace elements? Speaking of it, thinking about the century-old aerospace on the dial is definitely an interesting thing.

Omega Speedmaster Moon Side Dark Watch

Product model: 311.
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Ceramic
Dial size: 44.25 mm
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch price: 88700 yuan
Watch details: ‘Side of the Moon’ engraved on the ceramic back of sapphire crystal, to pay tribute to the glorious tradition and charming design of Speedmaster.
 In history, human beings have completed six missions to the moon. Each time they accompanied the astronauts to the moon, they were all Omega Speedmasters. When you see such a watch, it will naturally remind you of this historical lunar landing story.

Breitling Aviation Chronograph Astronaut Watch

Product model: AB0210B4 / C917 / 447A
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Dial size: 43 mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch price: 76300 yuan
Watch details: On May 24, 1962, American astronaut Scott Carpenter successfully circled the Earth three times in the ‘Aurora 7’ space capsule. He was wearing a Breitling equipped with a 24-hour scale. The Navitimer can easily recognize day and night, making it the world’s first chronograph to travel in space. This pioneering timepiece for conquering space became the Breitling standard model and was named the Cosmonaute.

IWC Large Pilot ‘Little Prince’ Special Edition Watch

Product model: IW500916
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Calfskin
Dial size: 46 mm
Water resistance: 60 meters
Watch price: 99500 yuan
Details of the watch: Watch comment: The 46mm stainless steel case makes the dial look wider and more powerful. The soft iron inner case can effectively resist the influence of external magnetic fields. The deep blue dial design is exquisite and deep, with an elegant and exquisite calfskin strap, it is even more profound. The classic big three-handed design is convenient for taking time. The date display window is at six o’clock, and the power reserve display sub-dial is at three o’clock. The IWC 51111 movement can power the watch for seven days and 168 hours. reserve.
 Compared with the previous two watches, although this watch does not have any special experience on the moon and leap into space, it has a unique memorial significance-the little prince wearing a coat and carrying a sword engraved on the bottom of the watch But it came from a distant alien planet, and the author of the book, Anthony Saint Exupery, was a pilot who had participated in World War II. Not only that, the author expressed his concern and concern for humanity through the mouth of the Little Prince. Reflection is especially worthy of commemoration and memory in future generations.

In summary: the first watch was almost equal to the entire moon landing history of human beings. Six human moon landing missions were accompanied by it every time. The second watch is the world’s first chronograph to travel in space, once flying around the earth three times, this world’s first time is also very memorable. Although the third watch has no space experience, its story is a little prince from space. Its morality is particularly worthy of attention and reflection from later generations.