Month: March 2014

Observing The Moon

Since ancient times, observing the moon has been called the longest-lasting thing for human beings. It can be said that human science started with observing the moon. In ancient times, people were scared by the lack of the moon. In modern times, we find that no matter where the moon moves, it uses the ‘same face’ to face the earth, and the area is constantly 59% of the moon’s surface. These add mystery to the moon and make it the best sci-fi theme.

 Wang Wenshengyi, the moon phase display is a small window like a moon bud on the dial, mostly set at twelve or six o’clock, through this small window to display the new moon, first quarter, full moon and second quarter of the moon phase changes It shows the state of the moon on the moon phase disk according to a period of 29.5 days. There are two moons on the moon phase disk, with 59 teeth on the edge. After being pushed by the transmission wheel, the moon phase wheel advances one tooth every day. At this time, the changes in the profit and loss of the moon phase can be timely displayed on the dial. The 59-tooth moon phase wheel comes from the moon phase profit and loss every 29.5 days as a cycle average. Since the precise rotation period of the moon is 28 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds, the error of the moon phase display is about every 33 months. It will reach 24 hours, so it must be readjusted after 3 years.
NIVREL succession series automatic mechanical chronograph men’s watch N522.001AAASS

See here, don’t yell out, calm! These are all necessary skills for experienced watch fans! The most basic way to adjust the moon phase table is to operate according to the instructions, but if you do not have the instructions on hand, you must use brain cells slightly. The adjustment is based on the fifteenth lunar calendar of the lunar calendar, and the moon graphic of the moon phase table is aligned in the middle, and then adjusted according to the lunar calendar at the time. For example, if you want to adjust to the second day of the lunar calendar, the end of the lunar month of last month is On the 29th, adjust 29 minus 15 and add 2 to it, but if the lunar calendar has 30 days, add another 1 day. This is usually operated by the quick-adjust button located on the side of the moon phase case , Or adjust by turning the long head.

 The moon phase table is very cold. It has its own adjustment theory and its own sensitive adjustment time interval. Since the mechanical watch is from 8 pm to 4 am daily, the gears of the quick dial are in a tightly fitted state, and the use of the quick dial will easily cause the mechanism to malfunction. Therefore, the hour hand should avoid the clock from 8 o 4-point interval. Xiaobian friendly reminder: some special watches are sensitive time zone is 12 o’clock. So, to sum up from various intervals, we can completely choose the time to dial back before 8 o’clock or after 4 o’clock, and then use the quick adjust button to adjust the date or moon phase.

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